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Chopin and Chinese soul

Article source:Shenzhen danzhaoyi piano art center

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Chopin and Chinese soul
Reporting time: April 25, 2018
Source of report: Shenzhen danzhaoyi piano art center
Professor Dan zhaoyi talked freely about " the Chinese soul of my Chopin music and others."
( China musicians forum )
On April 18, 2018, the " China musicians forum ( No. 34 )" hosted by the China conservatory of music and co-hosted by the China conservatory of music's center for Excellence and innovation, the graduate school of China conservatory of music and the teaching office was held in the opera hall of the national conservatory of music. piano educator professor Dan zhaoyi brought a wonderful lecture entitled " China complex in my piano career - the Chinese soul of Chopin's music and others".
The lecture is divided into three parts. In the first part, " my love for Chinese style piano creation", however, the professor's piano career began in the latter half of the 1950s. under the era and cultural background of advocating Chinese culture and artistic nationalization at that time, the teaching of foreign music works was limited to a certain extent, which stimulated the enthusiasm of teachers and students in learning to create Chinese works. What is profound is that these experiences created the Chinese piano music complex of musicians of that era.
The second part is " looking for opportunities to go to the platform and spread Chinese piano music with all one's heart". However, for many years, the professor has insisted on creating a catalogue of Chinese works in the Shenzhen international piano concerto competition, pushing the Chinese piano concerto to the international stage and allowing it to enter the catalogue of tracks in the international competition. It also started a series of concerts dedicated to piano works by famous Chinese composers, such as Huang huwei, Wang lisan, Wang Jianzhong and other famous Chinese composers. At the same time, he independently developed and published the first set of " new path piano basic course" with Chinese music characteristics. In addition, the professor mentioned in particular the famous national brand Yangtze river piano, which is promoting the national brand piano to the international stage. as an outstanding manufacturer of the national piano brand, he has also made a significant contribution to the promotion of our own national piano brand through years of hard work.
The third part is " the Chinese soul of Chopin's music". What is Chopin's soul of music? Prof. Dan zhaoyi thinks that the Chinese people have properly grasped the connotation and essence of Chopin's music and have interpreted and interpreted the artist's personality style under the influence of the politics of the times in line with the objective identification standard. In more popular terms, the so-called Chopin style. For the Chinese, it is to correctly interpret and practice interpretation and express Chopin's music style and its connotation.
How to approach Chopin and interpret Chopin's music style? Professor Dan zhaoyi believed that he would first refuse to perform with dazzling skills. It is important to have sincere emotional input, especially to keep in mind that Chopin's skills are always simple, and the melody is the soul of Chopin's music.
Prof. Dan zhaoyi's lecture was detailed and comprehensive. finally, he concluded with a message for this lecture: the " China musicians forum" sponsored by the China conservatory of music is a great drive to promote Chinese culture and lead the development of China musicians. The " Chinese music school" built on the accumulation of 5,000 years of traditional culture will surely shine brilliantly to the world under the light of cultural confidence!
However, the professor is especially grateful to the China conservatory of music and the China music school's center for Excellence and innovation for giving this extraordinary lecture on his invitation.
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