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Professor Dan zhaoyi's " new path piano foundation course" teaching method opens

Article source:Sichuan pronunciation teaching

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Professor Dan zhaoyi's " new path piano foundation course" teaching method opens
Reporting time: may 20, 2018
Source of report: Sichuan pronunciation teaching
Dan zhaoyi, a famous piano educator and professor in China, a winner of special subsidy from the government of the state Council, a lifelong professor of Shenzhen art school, a visiting professor of Sichuan conservatory of music in distinguished professor, and central, Shanghai and China conservatory of music; Member of the Chinese musicians association, he was the vice chairman of Guangdong provincial music association and the vice chairman of Shenzhen municipal music association. He is now an advisor to the piano association of the Chinese music association and honorary president of Shenzhen piano association.
He graduated from the piano department of Sichuan conservatory of music in 1964 and studied successively with professor he Huixian and professor Lin ruizhi. In 1961, he was selected by Sichuan sound to be sent to Beijing for further study. he followed professor Zhou Guangren, a famous piano educator, and laid a solid foundation for his lifelong career.
He has been engaged in piano teaching for more than 50 years and has achieved fruitful results. His most famous students, Li Yundi, Chen Sa and Zhang Haochen, have won awards in the polish Chopin international piano competition, Leeds international piano competition in Britain, claiborne international piano competition in the United States and other world top competitions. they have historical significance in the history of Chinese piano education and performance. Later, another group of his students, Zuo Zhang, Xue tingzhe, Pan Linzi, Gu Jingdan, du Tianqi, Li Min Luan, Xu qi, and others, successively won excellent results in international competitions. A total of 22 people won 64 awards in international piano competitions, of which 23 won the first place.
Dan zhaoyi has been devoted to the theoretical research of piano teaching. Apart from teaching, he has been writing incessantly. he has published more than 10 monographs, compiled more than 10 teaching materials and published more than 10 papers. He is often invited to serve as a judge in international and domestic piano competitions. All the year round, students are taking part in cultural exchange and performance activities at home and abroad, giving lectures on piano master classes and piano teaching, etc.
Dan zhaoyi thought deeply about the basic theory of piano, and made a fruitful summary based on decades of teaching experience. he also spared no effort to implement the cognition gained from his systematic research into the first set of scientific systems in China edited and published by him, and the " new path piano basic course" with national characteristics and innovative features. This comprehensive and systematic basic course will have a positive impact on the standardization and guidance of piano basic teaching and will play a role of " throwing bricks and drawing jade" in promoting China's own piano basic teaching materials.
Dan zhaoyi, who is more than a few years old, has decided to position his work in the limited life year as a " waste heat project" focusing on teacher training. he is willing to give back to the society what he has learned since he was engaged in piano teaching and share it with the new generation of piano teachers in China!