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Looking to the foundation - but teaching Sichuan piano department thematic open classes

Article source:Shenzhen piano art center, Dan zhaoyi

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Looking to the foundation - but teaching Sichuan piano department thematic open classes
Reporting time: may 04, 2018
Source of report: Shenzhen piano art center, Dan zhaoyi
On may 4, 2018, sponsored by Sichuan conservatory of music, professor Dan zhaoyi's piano theme open class hosted by the piano department was successfully held in the small concert hall. however, the topic of the professor is " how to improve the performance quality of the works - examining the problems related to the foundation from the high-end track processing". the purpose is to improve the piano performance quality by analyzing the high-end track and looking back at the level of the piano performance foundation, and to give classes to 3 attached high school students and 3 undergraduate students. The small concert hall with limited capacity is packed to full capacity! The theme open class is a favorite teaching method of professors, which is different from the traditional track-centered master class. it is a discussion of the same topic in different works around a core issue of piano teaching and performance and core theories in the teaching process. Especially in recent years, we know that, but the professor has held many open classes on themes such as " interpretation of Chopin's music style" and " application of sound technique principles".
However, the professor once summarized his piano teaching concept into three key levels: " pay attention to foundation", " pay attention to sound" and " pay attention to music performance". Among them, " voice" is the logo of his teaching achievement. In 2009, however, through repeated practice - summary - thinking - derivation - practice, the professor finally formed his own " voice view" expression - the sound skill principle of piano performance, and dedicated a special academic lecture to the 70th anniversary of the founding of his alma mater with " on the application of the sound skill of piano performance in piano teaching and performance". Originally this open class, but the professor planned to make a practical application of the sound technique theory under the topic " teaching and application of the sound technique theory - selection and processing of classical and romantic music sounds". After learning more about the songs played by the master class students, he decided to change the title to " how to improve the performance quality of the works - examining the problems related to the foundation from the processing of high-end songs". he believed that the sound technique itself was included in this topic, which could include and teach more important contents.
At the end of April, however, the professor was methodically and clearly describing the different touch keys between the two sounds in the " new path teaching method" training course in Kunming. he suddenly said this sentence touching the bottom of his heart: " before, some media asked me what is the secret of my teaching. if I have to say what is the secret, the regular things summarized in these teaching ( such as Legato, level, sound principle, small connection, pedal ... ) should be some secret." Different from the expression of " three stresses" in the past, this is only a very important message, but it tells us that the most regular and expressive thing in the piano teaching of the professor is his systematic and comprehensive basic education view, as well as rich and detailed research literature: there are nearly 100 serial articles in his early years, a handbook on teaching and tutoring children's pianos, and a large number of contents closely related to his basic education, such as " new piano introduction and advanced" and " new path piano basic course" recently published. In this way, it is time to focus on his basic teaching, which is the way to unveil the " Dan's teaching method". This is also some of my interpretations and speculations about the temporary adjustments made by the professor to the teaching topics.
We can feel from this whole class that each student's performance but the professor can accurately grasp the space that he may need to improve and optimize on the basic link according to the student's performance, and reasonably express it, and can actually bring good changes to the performance. If we open the teaching memoir of Dan zhaoyi piano ( Shanghai music publishing house ), what we hear from his teaching memoir is often not an esoteric sermon, but rather to trace the core " root" of the performance to the basic level, comb it up one by one, and " irrigate" it one by one. Perhaps it can be said that even the most difficult track in professor Dan's teaching will solve the problem from the basic level of piano performance.