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Children's literary writers need to be quiet and creative

Article source:Guangming daily

Release time:Jun 01, 2016Page view:112

Children's literature is a precious plant breeding in the fertile soil of human thought. Therefore, no matter how The Times change, the children's literature writers always retain the poetry and romance, constantly expand the imaginary space, and comfort the children's mind. Famous children's literature writers and Chinese writers association, vice chairman of gao said: "for children to create a warm spiritual world, no matter from the perspective of family or ethnic is a top priority. The cultivation of the true and the beautiful, the artistic edification, all need to lay a solid foundation from childhood. A child of good artistic feeling, the development space of his spiritual world must be broader.

As a unique kind of art in literature and art, children's literature is mainly aimed at teenagers, so its aesthetic, ideological and transcendence of reality are more outstanding. Gao hongbo pointed out that nowadays, it is a time of pursuit of speed and information explosion, while writing is the exact opposite. It requires a calm state of mind and an elaborate perseverance to write a commendable work. If every writer needs to be awed by "words", then children's literary writers should draw the line. Children's literature writer should abandon impetuous, calmly, writing, and never give up the text of artistic quality and the high pursuit of truth, understand children, understand the world, to understand time as much as possible, for the China story and do his best to describe the Chinese children's childhood.

Pau, tibor scitovsky Soviet famous writer in the classics Jin Qiangwei wrote: "in life, the poetic understanding of everything around us, is that childhood's greatest gift to us." Today, it is possible to "build a warm and artistic spiritual world for children, which is the best gift for them". Gao hongbo said.

(zhu tini, our reporter)