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Children's literature writers need to be "half-hearted"

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Children's day is coming again. Parents should be thinking about what to give their children. Delivering a children's book is a good choice, and children gain knowledge while gaining pleasure, and in the process, the parent-child relationship improves. And children's books are also highly selective. Yesterday, vice chairman of the Chinese writers association, famous children's writer gao rong to speak, for Argo readers introduced how to select the "close friends", and the writing of children's literature served for more than 30 years "half-hearted".

The development of Chinese children's literature entered the golden age.

In the lecture, gao hongbo confessed that Chinese children's literature is a very young literature compared with traditional Chinese poems, novels, essays, dramas and other literary forms. "Seeing children as individuals, discovering and respecting children is a huge step forward in society, and children's literature is born. But children's literature has not been around for a long time, nearly 300 years in the world, and China is now 100 years away from the new culture movement.

The great potential of children's literature has grown so far that it is easy to see and feel. "Britain is a great country for children's literature, and J.K. rowling, the author of the harry potter book, which is beloved of children all over the world, is from Britain. I remember the British elements of the London Olympics, and there were a lot of children's literature from the UK, which also reflected their deep-rooted cultural confidence in children's literature.

"When I started to dabble in children's literature more than 30 years ago, only two publishers in the country were publishing children's literature, and now? About 560 publishing houses nationwide have 530 children's books. China's outstanding children's literature is deeply loved by many small readers. Publications such as cao wenxuan's novel "grass house" have been printed 130 times in 10 years. At the same time, the author's income list published by the media in recent years also has more and more children's literature writers among the top. The creation of children's literature in our country is at a golden age. Gao said that the demographic dividend brought by the country's two-child policy now also brings a significant number of small readers to children's literature writers.

Children's literary writers are not.

Despite the market of children's literature and publishing situation has a qualitative leap, but gao will still think of children's literature writer is bad "when", not every writer are suitable for children's literature writing. "The great Russian critic, berlinski, said in his reference to children's literature that children's literary writers should be born, not made. It's a gift." Gao hongbo said that to become a qualified and competent children's literature writer, he must have "two minds".

The child's heart is the greatest gift of nature to mankind, and is also the basic requirement for a good children's literature writer. Gao hongbo said: "in the early spring of more than 30 years ago, I accompanied my four-year-old daughter to the tiantan park, and returned to write eight children's poems in one breath." I think "is one of them. The poem soon won the first national outstanding children's literature prize, and was then selected into the fifth grade Chinese textbook. As a writer for children's writing, a child's heart is the book of creation.

"Poetry is the basic accomplishment of children's literature writers. This is also essential for any good work. Children's literature writers must have poetic feelings, be sensitive, acutely aware of the precious life poetry, and the ability to use his special way of the poetic text with conduction into the children's heart." At the scene, gao hongbo read a little boy's poem to the readers, and the naive language made everyone laugh. "Children, you know, have a special understanding of poetry."

Love is the essential character of a children's literature writer. "No love is to write or to write. Because you can't imagine the melancholic, neurotic dostoyevsky writing for young children, it's probably hard to write "the flower of evil" baudelaire. They can write down monumental and profound critical realism, but they can't write a children's literature.

In addition, there is "awe" and "compassion". "As a writer of children's literature, I have witnessed a weak literary genre for more than 30 years now entering the golden age. It is inseparable from the generation of The Times and the efforts of the predecessors. We should be in awe of all this hard-won and will be more indifferent in writing. The idea of compassion is to take reflection in writing and to lay more literary foundation for children in writing. Gao hongbo said.

Children's reading should focus on classics and traditional works.

For decades, gao cleave to his "three heart" and "divided", to create a lot of children like work, yesterday, gao also brought their own works the bobo happy pigs fly, share with the children. In an interview with reporters, gao also gave parents and children advice on choosing children's books.

Gao hongbo said that children's literature in recent years has been endless, with its romantic, naive, extraordinary children and rich imagination nourishing countless young minds. But while new works are emerging and the market is flourishing, we should pay attention to the profound significance of classic works and traditional works to children's reading. "The Chinese children's literature is deeply rooted in the cultural fertile soil of the five thousand years of Chinese culture, leaving behind a treasure trove of folk fairy tales and nursery rhymes. There are also excellent traditional literature works such as journey to the west and the mirror flower, which also have rich imagination and profound literary background, which is suitable for children to read more. In addition, the works of children's literature masters such as bing xin, cao wenxuan, zheng yuanjie and Yang hongying have been tested by market and time, and are close to contemporary children, which is worthy of being recommended to children.

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(original title: gao hongbo came to the lecture: children's literature writers need to be "half-hearted")