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The creative process of "I think"

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The children's poem "I think" was created in the early 1980s. That time period in my memory in the good and nervous, the poor but full, the joy full of the bustle of the busy.

My daughter, a typical "after 80", she was born to make me to become a father, in turn, children's writing as a poet, can be said to be the birth of your daughter made me realize that some sort of responsibility, in the face of her and her contemporaries, a group of since the reform and opening era of "lucky", I'm delighted accompanied, started the fountain type of children's poetry writing.

Writing was used "fountain" word, because a period that Vince is fluent, poetry, often is a poem a poem creation, such as "I think" is the product of this state.

I remember that it was a Beijing early spring, because there was only one room, and the wife was a gynecologist in a hospital. She returned from the night shift and needed a rest. I took my four-year-old daughter to Beijing's tiantan park for a full Sunday.

Our father and daughter two people sat on the grass in the spring, enjoy the sunshine, the spring breeze and birds to take to person's joy, we hide and seek, fly a kite, to listen to in the park and enjoying the amateur led syndrone sing Beijing Opera excerpts of diferent schools; Ice cream, sugar gourd, white rabbit sugar. The grass was just green at that time, and the tiny buds of the leaf-leaf were rising out of the ground, but the yellow spring flowers were blazing with enthusiasm. My daughter, with her little feet, ran wild in the park, a four-year-old boy, a father of thirty-four. In this way the poetry collided with the spring.

Back home at night, the inspiration, I can oneself, a sigh of relief to the eight questions, total title is "spring bookmarks" and then wrote "spring bookmark" in succession, "the beautiful aunt", "me", "beauty" and so on eight little poem, saying is "gradually", just one night, I use a girl's point of view, expresses the beauty, the beauty of poetry and the beauty of human nature, like the spring bookmarks, wrote: "I am under the peach pink, / picked up a few petals. / red peach blossoms smile at me, / laugh at my beautiful clothes. / I picked up a few petals under the tender yellow flowers. / the flowers spread their wings/fell on my heart. / I am under the snow-white magnolia tree, / pick up a few petals. / big big magnolia flower, / like a fan of spring breeze. / I use the blue handkerchief, / the spring petals/the old grandpa in the patient, / as a delicious bookmark... "This is actually my depiction of spring observations in the park, and several petals are real, and what I do is to integrate and construct the image of" petals ".

"I think" is the fourth of the eight poems, and it should be admitted that the eight poems are pouring into my pen, and the writing is certainly uneven, but the real situation is so. Such as I have seen in the park unethical behavior of individual tourists, also borrow the daughter in criticizing perspective, this is the beautiful aunt, I wrote about the flowers in the beautiful aunt, suddenly broke off a peach blossom photography, the little hero to dissuade, "I love small peach trees, / to dissuade the aunt. / the beautiful aunt was angry, / the big eyes were full of anger! / as if I were a cold snap/blowing away her interest. / I feel sad and wronged/why is the aunt unreasonable? / isn't it beautiful to be selfish? / no, such a beautiful thing is ugly. Like this little poem, it was written in great joy and relief, but it was examined in the long river of history. Obviously the thought is bigger than the image, the poetry and the childishness is much weaker than "I think".

Writing "I think" is very fluid, a few hands is a yawn. Because is also into the spring, going into the park a little girl's point of view, let the little girl's body directly into the spring, using the full range of synaesthesia expression, also follows naturally, naturally. Poem conceived from the beginning of the "hand", hand to "click on the peach tree branches," and the "feet", to "pick up" on the willow roots, then the "eyes", to "pack" on the kite, three children most familiar parts of the body, and the spring plants "peach", "willow" and common "kite" the poetic touch, again with the help of a bud, the sunlight, the song of the spring, the soil, nutrition, green awning, until soft white clouds, bright sun and blue sky is my classroom "for, completed the design of the first level.

The second level to dig canal level progressive type, let little hero simply put the "I", in the spring of the earth, into the grass, flowers, or flying catkin and dandelions, imagine XiTeng, dungeons, should be a kind of typical characteristics of children's thinking, I will seize this characteristic, let the poetic control the imagination, let the inspiration course synaesthesia, finish the poem point fine pen: "however, fly to distant places/want to consult with my father and mother... "Imagine coming back to the reality, the small fire of heaven and earth has become a good baby again, complete the creation process of the whole poem in the humor, also achieved the purpose of the poem.

French writer Victor Hugo is I like novelist, I remember he was in the book "paper to learn", page 119 of the view that "the poet's two eyes, one eye on human, first look at the nature. His first eye is called observation, and the latter is called imagination. To use Hugo's words to demonstrate the creative process of "I think" is an apt comment.

Need to be added, I to the creation of the "I think", specifically choosing loud, catchy rhyme, rhyme and in the end, no rhyme and rhyme, this design from children's poem is easy to read, more easy to remember and recite, unexpected is that spring night created eight poem, "I think" has become one of the most prominent, she just won the China writers association in 1987 the first prize of national excellent children, went on to become part of the fifth grade book1&book 2 schools are teaching materials, these consequences are unexpected.

Children are the most respectable human beings, and writing for children is a glorious and sacred mission. To be afraid of poetry into children's mind, for their splendid childhood add how much joy, is the goal I have been fighting for, only now in the children's poem is a long time, so miss all the writing "fountain" status, it was a good memory of youth, but also the carnival of vigor.

This is the background and creation process of "I think".