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Chinese writers association " to the people" red literature light cavalry activities into Guizhou Bijie

Article source:Chinese writers network

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Chinese writers association " to the people" red literature light cavalry activities into Guizhou Bijie

 January 30, 2018 07: 39 source: China writers network

 From January 27 to 28, Gao Hongbo, vice chairman of the Chinese writers association, and a team of three members of the Chinese writers association " to the people" red literature light cavalry team into Bijie, to carry out literature public lectures, creative symposium and related theme practice activities.  Activities by the Guizhou writers association party secretary, vice chairman Zhang xuhuang presided over.  Bijie city Federation chairman Liu qunfeng, Bijie city writers association chairman Yang Chunming attended the relevant activities, Bijie city, hezhang county, Bijie national tax Federation, writers association and the surrounding area county literature lovers more than one hundred people to participate in the activities.

 January 27 to 28, the Chinese writers association " to the people" red literature cavalry team into Bijie, literature public lectures, creative symposium and related topics of practical activities

 27 in the morning, Gao Hongbo to " literature at the beginning of the heart is still period" as the topic, in hezhang county state taxation bureau held a literature public lecture, " my literary road, from the experience of living in Guizhou, especially during the youth sick leave to the library to borrow books and return books experience makes me unforgettable.  It can be said that the conscious reading, achieved the literary dream of our generation, but also the cultivation of our initial literary heart ... " on the spot, Gao Hongbo combined with their own creative experience, to" I and Guizhou " and" I and literature " as the topic, small angle cut into, in-depth and shallow about the relationship between literature and life, literary creation and the cultural reserves and the times chance, outstanding literary works should have the spirit of the dimensions, etc., for the audience brought a special literary lecture.  He encouraged the literary workers present not to forget the first heart, adhering to the faith, cherish the current writing environment, create more eulogizing the people, caring for the times, full of cultural self-confidence of outstanding realistic works.  In addition to poetry writing, children's literature and other content and hezhang grassroots writers and literary lovers to carry out in-depth exchanges and interaction, many hezhang county poet, children's literature writers on-site recite their poems and nursery rhymes, please Gao Hongbo on-site guidance and comments, the atmosphere is very warm and active.  In the afternoon, Gao Hongbo and his party also went deep into Bijie national tax writers' association, which has made outstanding achievements in the construction of grass-roots culture and carried out active literary activities, visited the writers of the three generations of senior middle-aged and junior writers of relevant industry systems and held a discussion and exchange.

 It is reported that on the eve of the 2018 spring festival, the Chinese writers association organized 15 red literature light cavalry " to the people" deep revolutionary old areas, ethnic areas, border areas, poverty-stricken areas to carry out public literature lectures, literary appreciation and interactive exchange activities, aimed at vigorously carry forward the spirit of wulan muzhi red literature light cavalry, with practical action to practice the duty and mission of literary workers in the new era, to convey the party's voice and concern, to carry out the people loved, easy to participate in public literature activities.