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Gao Hongbo: October's agreement pays tribute to childhood

Article source:Yutian culture, Gao Hongbo

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Gao Hongbo: October's agreement pays tribute to childhood
Yutian culture, Gao Hongbo, 2017 - 10 - 10
Tribute to childhood
About the author
Gao Hongbo, pen name to Sichuan. Children's literature writer, poet, essayist.
Successively published " elephant judge", " goose goose goose", " stone crocodile", " the secret of shouting spring", " I like you, fox" and other fourteen children's poetry; " Persian cat", " drunk", " life anecdotes", " Gao Hongbo army prose", " ink interest and inkstone rhyme" and so on more than 30 prose essays; " the secret of the bird stone", " meet no rabbit" and other 11 children's fairy tales; Fairy tales on goose's back - a glimpse of Chinese and foreign children's literature, two critical collections of love words to muse, and poems of heart sail and glory of poetry, etc. In July 2009, the Gao Hongbo collection ( eight volumes ) was published. Has won the national outstanding children's literature prize, five engineering award, national book award, Zhuang Chongwen literature prize, bing Xin children's book award, Chen Bochui children's literature prize, China children's publishing house " gold writer" and other awards.
October agreement
gao hongbo
There are countless promise in life,
There are countless more agreement.
A: yes, sir
Today, October and I
This golden harvest season,
Reach an honest agreement!
I am at the age of sowing and ploughing,
I sometimes confused and sometimes awake,
Sometimes depressed,
Sometimes happy crazy!
A: yes, sir
I am like the grass on spring Yuan Ye,
More like a breeze through the grass tip.
I'm like a timid rabbit,
Also like a bold brown bear.
All of this,
Depending on my state and mood.
A: yes, sir
I like October Sky,
From spring to autumn,
Every cloud looks easy,
So, I agreed with October:
In the first month of school,
I want to finish three wishes.
Read two good books,
Tell the story to the students;
Protect the honor of the class,
Weekly cleaning;
The first to step into the classroom,
Ventilate each window.
The agreement of the three Xiao Xiao,
October, October
Please believe a teenager's firm and sincere.
Xiao Xiao young agreement, in the golden October. After the completion of the three wishes, award to you a " color dream"!
Colorful dream
gao hongbo
I have a big colorful dream,
Some long, some round, some hard.
They were lying in the pencil - box talking,
As soon as open, jump on the white paper.
A: yes, sir
The place where the tiptoe glides
Big lawn, green,
Big wild flowers, red,
Big sky, blue,
Blue - get - through - Ming!
A: yes, sir
In the wooded valley
The cedars took their hands and asked the bird to leave a song.