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West Lake Landscape Series Creation Readme

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West Lake Landscape Series Creation Readme

"The water is bright and sunny, and the mountains are empty and the rain is also bizarre. For the West Lake to be a child of the West, light makeup is always appropriate." The ancients have defined the beauty of the West Lake as the beauty of women. As is true, West Lake is like a pleasant young woman, Minghao is very popular, and blue is very good.

Therefore, it is not appropriate to depict the West Lake Yihe.

One day to see a scene, a realm of the day.

Think in my heart, in my dreams, in the daytime, in the pen, in the temperament, in the paint, and in my heart.

For a long time, the object image has been transformed into a form of painting.

In this process, it does not evade the application of the western modern elements of the dot-line surface. It draws more on the Chinese painting's pen and ink taste and humanistic spirit. It also coincides with the aesthetics of the garden culture and uses Western painting materials to reinterpret the West Lake landscape in contemporary language. Context.