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Creation Statement

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Creation Statement

Flowers come from all over the world and give them a certain implied meaning. In China, it is more of a comparison of personality.

Chinese painting has its own theory of "whiteness is black," and the background of the painting is white. They are layered on top of each other. They only draw positive shapes and leave a negative shape; the blankness of the painting leaves enough room for the imagination of imagination. When oil and color blend, stain, infiltrate, and collide on a clean white canvas, the picture becomes controllable and uncontrollable, similar to the ink paintings of Chinese painting. On the technical level, it is intended to explore another manifestation of oil painting materials. possibility. In painting, he respects the natural form of objects and emphasizes their sense of existence, prevents stylization, writes shapes in shape, and depicts the state of flowers, the feelings of flowers, and the meaning of flowers.

In the process of painting, it does not evade the application of western modern elements such as dot lines and surfaces. It draws more on the Chinese painting's pen and ink taste and humanistic spirit, and it embodies the aesthetics of traditional culture. It uses western painting materials to re-interpret flowers in contemporary times. Expression in context.