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The relationship between the animal world and the movie scriptwriter - wang xingdong's writing class

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The content of the "ocean" through a natural phenomenon, which has a distinctive character and the most simple story to express the deep philosophic theory that the world general, through the objective facts to express the author's subjective thinking, this is a movie. So movies are fairy tales and fables for adults. Now some movie scene of the grand, special methods are high, the characters of numerous, speak truth is so shallow that the true charm of the movie is supposed to be thought, lack of the power of thought, there is no soul cannot move people.

Wang xingdong is speaking at the forum of classical artists.

"The film scriptwriter should be the mulberry silkworm that feeds on mulberry to death. It should be seen as a reflection of the sun's brilliance with a drop of water. "Said wang xingdong, vice President of the China film association and a famous writer of the famous writers' forum in chengdu. Classic art masters forum is hosted by Chinese art newspaper and other units, chengdu classic culture communication co. LTD. In wang xingdong pulpit pushing 2017 Oscar best foreign language film "salesman", he thinks, in pursuit of big production, big scenes of the film, should be as low cost, focus on the dramatic "salesman" in the life focus, to strive to improve the value of the script, to attach importance to the thought of writers, as the supply side of the film industry reform.

The film USES objective reality to express subjective thinking.

Wang xingdong once writers "flying crane", "canine adventures to screen the horse" and other films about animals, he said he was not write animal experts, but love animals, observation and research and writing any subject must first to do the research. Thought is the soul of the film, what is the idea in the movie? Wang xingdong, who wrote the screenplay, used an animal film to show the magic of the script and how to penetrate the screen. There are three passages in the French documentary "the sea" and wang xingdong thinks that there are some elements necessary for the film script. First paragraph shows sea great migration, a total of five animals, shows the whales, sharks, dolphins, sardines and gulls, because big ChangMianRen Marine migratory wonders have never seen, and curious to the unknown domain, so that wang xingdong, the script first to create such a spectacle. The hunting and the great escape of sea creatures created emotional emotions, and the script used plots and emotions to create the emotional passages of Beethoven's ninth symphony. "The important function of emotions is that even if the movie is black and white, it can bring tears to the audience as long as there is emotion," wang said. "In the paragraph is the second paragraph people hunt sharks, people take shark fin cut the shark's fins and tails, and put no tail shark to back the sea, the creator using details which never forgets anything, illustrates the human is cruel than the beast. After the third paragraph is to show small turtles hatch from the beach to the ocean, the process of continuously have the birds dive away small turtles, at this time just hatched little turtle limbs weakness is still very weak, they fled to the sea, taking the shortest straight line in this section of the road is not away is victory. Wang xingdong asks the audience to monitor their psychological process: "see the small turtle, the sardine encounter, what do you think? "Different audiences think different kinds of subjective thinking. Middle-aged people may think of their children being sent to kindergartens or nursery schools, and college students may think of their own scripts. "Full of crisis, the law of the jungle, it shows a world full of competition", wang xingdong think, first of all animals chase scene is the most simple everyone can understand it, then the content of the "ocean" through a natural phenomenon, one of the most distinctive character and the most simple story to express the deep philosophic theory that the world general, through the objective facts to express the author's subjective thinking, this is a movie. So movies are fairy tales and fables for adults. He said: "now some movie scene of the grand, special methods are high, the characters of numerous, speak truth is so shallow that the true charm of the movie is supposed to be thought, lack of the power of thought, there is no soul cannot move people. "

Two little animal stories illuminate the mind.

Mr. Wang xingdong, the head teacher of the Beijing film academy, was a participant in the speech of yan 'an literary and art symposium. He appeared in yan 'an as a Lenin figure and directed the marriage of xiao erblack. At that time, he and his students lived in the same corridor in the dormitory of zhu xinzhuang, where he had nothing to do. Wang xingdong and his classmates used to talk to their teachers. One day, wei was interested in discussing the selection of films in Yugoslavia. Two small films, "owl" and "chicken selection" were selected. Two films inspired wang xingdong to become a film scriptwriter, and persist to this day. The first one is called "owl" : in the morning of the forest, an old crow feeds four little crows in the tree, and after feeding the first little crow, there is no food, and the mother crow flies away to feed. At that time, lens, next to the tree, an owl, aggressively, "snapped" to fly, hold a small crow, a past strangled, tore the meat to eat, the other three little crows scared "gaga" called. Then we see, after the crow mom feed back, found that disaster rimmon in the home, rushed up to protect the child to cope with the owl, the owl is stronger than it, a few quick snip the crow mother ran, then calmly and haughty pounced on the little crow, use your mouth bite, leisurely to eat the meal, the other two young ravens frighten "gaga" called. At that moment, the mother of the ravens in the sky circling, singing, struggling. When the lens into the sky, staring a crow heard aggregation, to the owl in the some began to dive, you, me, beak to take turns, owl parry not under intensive offensive, by forceps with blood, no hair, drop under the tree, dead. It's over. "The moral of the story is that you can only fight when you are united," wang said. The story of the film has an image that is stimulating and enlightening. The short film that the teacher tells, wang xingdong knows a reason, the movie is the vision, can a line not use. The film is the most profound lesson with the smallest element. "It impressed me so much that I wrote down two small stories that night, and the notes are still there. "

Wang xingdong once said to the teacher, "the two animal stories you told me have lit up my mind, and I have an animal story to tell you. I have been a border guard in the border line, the military dog is the most familiar, I write a soldier and the dog, and the story of the fiancee. The dog is the most loyal to man, the soldier is the most loyal to the motherland, the fiancee to the frontier soldiers disloyal story, to borrow the animal's fable to tell the story. "Dry teacher was very happy to write a good story and encourage wang xingdong," for me he planted the seeds of a style, for heaven and earth, I opened up a side characters + animal = fable style movie subject areas. "Wang xingdong lovingly recalled.

And the moral of "owl" in contrast, is one of the 1981 Shanghai art studios animated film "three monks", its story is very simple, a "monks, two monks carry water, three boys who are not willing to do. It reveals the aspects of human nature. The simple theme is universally recognized in the world, and won awards in several countries. Some people can design the system for this point and find the essence of change from the perspective of human nature. According to general secretary xi jinping, "the purpose of literary and artistic creation is to guide people to find the source of thought, the source of power and the source of happiness. "The power of good film thinking can inspire people," wang said. "

The characters that make the audience sympathetic are the elements of the play.

Wang xingdong thinks that all plays should arouse the audience's sympathy, which is simple but often ignored. For example, the small turtle is weak, the audience is very anxious, see the little turtle is carried away will be anxious to yell out. The little turtle is a sympathetic image that captures the sympathy of the audience. Wang xingdong said, "as the core of a play, it is necessary for a character to arouse the audience's sympathy for him. The sympathetic character is indispensable to the play. Luo guanzhong's "the romance of The Three Kingdoms", the author makes the reader sympathize with who? The Three Kingdoms of wei and shu are disputing the whole world, and the opening chapter is about the three meanings of taoyuan. You can see that the feeling is very sympathetic to liu bei's side. One of the actors told me that I had acted in dozens of TV shows and didn't become a star, and I said she didn't know how to choose sympathetic characters. There is always a character in a play that is most sympathetic, and the writer's pen and ink is particularly focused on the character. "Desire" liu huifang is a sympathetic character, 50 episodes of her pain and suffering, so kelly became famous overnight. "Want to let the audience sympathy for characters, put forward the writer wang xingdong to do" heart kind hand speed, namely more sympathetic character more to torture him, the more he disaster, so the more can stimulate the audience's sympathy. "Deliberately pushing people into a pit to let him climb, to see the painful process of his climb, to climb up is a comedy, not to climb up is a tragedy. "

Wang xingdong proposed that the quality of the conflict determines the quality of the drama core, and the situation of competition, life and death, and sinister situations in the script is often the most popular. The story of survival instinct can cause the audience to think deeply about the society and transmit the values. He gave an example of another short film, "the chicks," which Mr. Wei told him. Yugoslavia, a modern chicken hatchery, hatch eggs by electricity, a group of small hatch chicken "ji ji ji ji", a beautiful girl in choosing a chicken, the distribution using the other farms, choose a strong, healthy chicken, put aside the paper box. There was a conveyor belt at the bottom of the platform, about two meters long, and at the end of it was a cement trough, in which the eggs, dead chickens, and the dead chickens were washed away by the sewers. After learning about the environment, the film began, and two white chicks had been selected in the carton, which was very healthy. Then came a white chicken, the girl looked, enough standard, in the box. Another, sick and weak, with a push of the hand, down the conveyor belt into the cement trough, was eliminated. At this time, a little black chicken came up, grow very robust, "ji ji ji", choose chicken girl without thinking to hit below the belt, it obviously her choice is small white chicken, don't black chicken. Then she went on working. The little black chicken, however, did not fall into the cement trough, but instead climbed back up the conveyor belt, clambered up and called for survival. The girl saw a trance, eh, how could it climb up? He shot it down with his hand and went on with the white chicken. The little black chicken struggled not to fall off the conveyor belt, and continued to climb, step by step, of course, its close-up, proving that it was strong and strong. When the girl found out, how did it come up again, and push the little black chicken, the little black chicken finally rolled into the concrete pool... I heard the splash of "wow," and it ended. Wang xingdong tells the story, the audience knows the fate of the black chicken was both surprised and sorry, wang xingdong see behind something more: "the vitality of the little black chicken everybody saw, but because a standard screen out, white, black, not it is alluding to racial discrimination. "