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Wang Xing Dong

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Manchu. Dalian, Liaoning. CPC member. In 1979 graduated from Beijing Film Academy screenwriter classes. Served Yanbian Army District Propaganda Team, Changchun Film Studio, Beijing Forbidden City Film Company a screenwriter. China Federation Literary and Art Shuangxin young artists, Beijing Film Academy visiting professor, enjoy the State Council special allowance in 1992. IncumbentChinese Film and Literature Institute, China Film Association vice chairman. CPPCC National Committee ninth, ten, eleven, twelve CPPCC members.

1971 published works, in 1990 joined the Chinese Writers Association. China Writers Association Film Committee, the main creative film and television script, throwing movie 31: "Founding of the Republic" "Revolution" "Kong Fansen" "life and death Niu Yuru" "Huang Ke power case" "flying cranes" "dog adventures" Adventure "" flag of the Republic "" Xu Haifeng's gun "and so on. Due to "Jiang Zhiying" "left the day of Lei Feng" twice by the Chinese film government Walloon Cup best screenplay award and the 13th, 17th Golden Rooster Award for Best Screenplay, the first Xia Yan Film Award, the first Lao She Literature Award; "I only "Tears of the Three Tears" won the Best Screenplay Award for the Third Boy's Award; "Tengoku" won the 7th International Film Festival Award in Tokyo, Japan; "TVB Discipline Inspection Commission", "Parting Day of Hiroshima" won the Flying Award; Ten works were selected for the "Proposal of One Project" by the Central Propaganda Department; seven works such as "Watch the Village" and "Judge Mum" won the Hundred Flowers Prize of the Public Works. Drama "Peking 1949" won the Chinese drama Golden Lion Award. Along with the film derivative of "leaving the day of Lei Feng" "Founding of the Republic" "Revolution" and other works.