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Wang Xingdong: Worthy of the movie best representative of the Chinese table cup first person

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Consumer Daily News (Reporter Meng Xiangshan) "to enhance literary originality and promote literary innovation," inspired by the spirit of the 19, "Karamay - for the Chinese original writer cheer" activities held recently. Has always insisted on the original well-known screenwriter, China Film and Literature Institute, China Film Association Vice Chairman Wang Xingdong speech at the opening ceremony, won the applause of the audience. He said: "Crude oil is the energy source of all industrial products and the originality is the energy source of all film products. Our film is to create a literary and art creations worthy of the times in depth and rooted in the people." One inch of territory is safe and the pen is upright and the pole is protected by the national culture and every Chinese spiritual pillar is molded.

The video background of his speech shows the pictures of two hands holding the Huabiao trophy and the Golden Rooster trophy twice in the creation of "Jiang Zhiying" and "leaving Lei Feng's day". In 1993, in particular, Minister Ai Zhisheng of the Radio and Television Department personally awarded him the photo of "Best Screenplay Award of Jiang Zhiying", arousing people's attention. According to the investigation, since 1957 the Chinese government has rewarded movie art achievement, only the award-winning film, there is no individual. In recognition of the 1992 Film Awards, the studio started to set up screenwriter, director, male and female actress four individual awards, and for the first time Tiananmen Square before the Chinese form as a trophy. Wang Xingdong won the first best screenplay award on behalf of the Chinese film government awards. "Jiang Chui-ying" also won the Best Film Award Hua Biao Award, Best Actress Xi Mei-Juan winning. In the same year, "Jiang Zhirong" won the 13th Golden Rooster Award for best screenwriter in Guangzhou, stating that he insisted on engaging in original works in depth, and was satisfied by the government, experts and the masses. Only four years later, Wang Xingdong won the 96-year award winning screenwriter award and the 17th Golden Rooster Award for best screenwriter for "leaving Lei Feng's day". This was his four trips to Tieling in Liaoning Province and his discovery of Lei Shan's comrades Joe Anshan. Structure into a moving story, won the temple nod, the applause of the masses. Drama novel point of view, write Qiao Anshan due to a car accident caused by Lei Feng sacrifice, Qiao Anshan inherited Lei Feng spirit, this movie popular all over the country, became a classic movie promoting truth, goodness and beauty.

After Wang Hsien-tung took the first Wah Tui trophy from "Jiang Chui-ying," he received the trophy from the government in succession for "Staying in the Village," "Kong Fansen," "Leaving the Days of Lei Feng," "Conscience," and "Judge Mum." In a real life story of a breakthrough in the movie, the English model written as a touching story of the movie, many people would like to know the secret of which writers. In his speech "Karamay cheer for Chinese original screenwriters," he was full of affectionate talk: "If I do not have the opportunity to contact the oil field, I will not see these award-winning films. , The first lesson is to "start up" screenwriter Zhang Tianmin as an assistant, in-depth Daqing Oilfield, live and dry base for four months, from exploration to drilling, oil refining to fertilizer plant, interview drilling workers, and sometimes live in field drilling team Zhang Tianmin is a China PetroChina pass through all oil fields in China, including Karamay, so he wrote an "entrepreneurial" film that reflects the spirit of the Iron Man. More than 800,000 words were written in his interview notes.

When Wang Xingdong asked Zhang Tianmin, when screenwriter needs such strenuous? Zhang Tianmin pointed to his feet and said to him: "The earth of life contains endless energy, no less than the drill can not hit, playing 10 meters is a well, lay a kilometer to produce crude oil. The same is true for the script, only to open the world to life, energy to life, ability to live, life is the source, the character is the root, no source is not root, everything is fainted.

The movie script is written in feet. Wang Xingdong wrote more than 60 people for his interview with Jiang Zhixing. From Changchun to Beijing to Chengdu, he spent more than a year interviewing more than 200,000 words. He said with deep feeling that the paper was always superficial, to the fiery life, to the bottom of the masses. He said: "Touching is moving, moving with excitement, excitement, and creative impulses. Each of my scripts can find a place to live, and I am 'just changing bits, not changing wells' I wrote Jiang Zhuying, Kong Fansen, Qiao Anshan, Niu Yuru, Xu Haifeng, Liu Changchun, Thunder days, Zou Bihua, the national flag designer Zeng Liansong, "Judge Mum" was a man in the end, until the oil was drilled, drilling to this person's soul! Shang Xiuyun, these figures are drawn from life out of thanks to the oil workers taught me to 'drilling oil' approach, energy is not dry, ability is strong, there is energy to have the courage of innovation ... ... the presence of young writers are Listen carefully, take notes. Wang Xingdong behind each trophy are in-depth life, strong evidence of close to the characters, to open the world of life, to hot practices to explore, to explore the soul of the characters, in-depth life is to adhere to the original premise, do not chew others chewing Of the 馍, do not split other people's old sweater re-woven again, do not engage in too much repetition.

Refueling for the sake of originality means carrying forward the iron man spirit of the oil worker Wang Jinxi. If conditions permit, we should also create conditions without conditions. See Wang Xingdong wrote "Jiang Zhiying" talk, he always passionately sang the hero of the times, "Jiang Chui-ying," let him get the first Chinese Table Cup, inspire him to adhere to promote the theme, dare to write the era of heroic figures, good at speaking a hero Because these heroic figures emerge from the masses and are the most benevolent people loved by the masses and full of love and humanity. People-centered creations mean writing people who advocate and love. Recalling Wang Xingdong's main theme works, all enthusiastically sang Communists and Acura heroes. Therefore, his main theme is positive energy, the real use of a pen in the spirit of Chinese people hold up the waist pole. Only in such a practice can we think in this way. It is only with such a responsibility that we pay attention to the style of the work.

66-year-old Wang Xingdong, battles in the film industry more than 40 years. He had a pass with the movie actor, director's career. In 1974 he was 23 years old in the Yanbian Army Division propaganda team as an actor, Changchun Film Studio to remake the "plain guerrillas", the army recommended him, the trial did not reach the standard. However, this experience made him interested in the movie and began to collect the screenplay. He also realized that "the script is like a symphony orchestral score. All the show is but a sign under the score." "So, I began to worship playwright who wrote the declaration of life on the screen." The opportunity came again, Chang Ying Chang expand production to recruit troops, when there are no graduates in college, but in the selection of workers and peasants and soldiers. He should be admitted into the long shadow, quit active service, was assigned to the director room. But he was determined to become a screenwriter, and eventually went to the script editor's playroom as an editor, this has to follow Zhang Tianmin learning screenwriter that period of experience.

Drilling oil to the earth of life, in-depth ground, courageous first, this is the starting point of Wang Xingdong script writing. He discovered in Qiqihar Zha Long in 1980, artificial breeding cranes, interviewed the couple Hsu Tietui and Huang Yaozhen Yang Huan, created the screenplay "flying crane", the film directed by Chen Jialin, the first story of man and crane onto the screen , People crane dance, the United States moving world. When the film won the Ministry of Culture 1982 Excellent Film Award (Government Prize), stepping on the trophy him and Wang Zhaobin into long film creation group, edited by the editor into a screenwriter. That year he was 31 years old has been screenwriter "answer you tomorrow," "birch forest post", he always shoulders the audience's eyes, to open the earth to drill, when he flew into the Changchun No. 1 Auto Depot, in-depth life In 1996, he went to the frontier of Yunnan border to interview officers and soldiers who fight back in self-defense and wrote "Army Trainee Officer" and "I Only Teared Three Tears," 1986 - In 1987, the Ministry of Radio and Television awarded the government award, "liberation" and "I only shed three tears" list, get the government rewards. Life is not worthy of respect for the life of the screenwriter, the world of life to provide them the art of processing crude oil. "Chiang Ching Ying" was his third film award after the government, Minister Ai Zhisheng personally presented Wang Xing Dong Wah Award for a single screenwriter award, we can see when the screenplay respect.

No restricted area of the subject, the writer has a position. Wang Xingdong is a member of the party. He believes that the film is not a simple commodity, nor a conceptualized propaganda product, but a spiritual product acting on people. It should spread correct values, outlook on life and world outlook. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the anti-corruption and anti-corruption television series won the first prize of the "Five First Prize" (1991) by the Central Propaganda Department and participated in the " At the prize meeting, he was interviewed by Minister Ding Guangen and encouraged him to be a good soul engineer for the construction of spiritual civilization. Since then, he participated in the screenwriter's works 10 selected Central Propaganda Department five project award: the first "Commission for Discipline Inspection", the second "Chiang Ching-ying," the fourth "stay village observation", the fifth "Kong Fansen" The Sixth "Leaving the Days of Lei Feng", the Seventh "Conscience", the Tenth Broadcasting Drama "Affectionate", "Life and Death of Niu Yuru", the Twelfth "Founding of a Republic" and "Revolution of 1911" The most selected authors.

Involved in the film screenwriter, 5 won the popular movie Hundred Flowers Award: "Stay in the village look", "Kong Fansen", "leave the days of Lei Feng", "life and death Niu Ru", "Founding of the Republic."

Although Wang Hsien-tung struggled to create a film promoting the main theme, writing art films was also very handy for him. In 1993, he was directed by Hong Kong director Yan Hao "Heavenly Tune", won the 1994 Tokyo Japan International Film Festival Film Awards and best director award in 1994, Japan Film Playwright Association Mr. Suzuki Shang Zhi, special cable Congratulations to him, the son sued the mother's story, he personally found the son interview, at the same time introduced to the director. Do not own the first-hand life, there is no real feeling, Wang Xingdong will not write down. Writing "Founding of a Republic" is his personal experience as a CPPCC member for many years. He personally went to a place interviewed by Chengnanzhuang in Hebei Province and went to Shanghai and Nanjing. He also interviewed Vice Chairman Lei Jieqiong, Long went to the United States to interview Zhang Sujiu, the daughter of General Zhang Zhizhong, head of the Kuomintang peace talks. Because the Kuomintang-Communist peace talks broke down and all the Kuomintang delegations participated in the CPPCC session, this is an important plot that shows the power of the CPPCC united front and exalts democracy And the two major themes of solidarity. Wang Xingdong, with convincing photographs and permission to project the documentary filmed by China Film, told people that "art is a course practicing honesty." At the same time, he unmasked Dongmou, a writer who wrote the founding mission of the founding of a nation, saying that he is a deceitful deceitful writer, Screenwriter is a typical network pickpocket.

Wang Hsong-tung said emphasizing in-depth living and relying on closed doors is not a simple method of creation because the latter will plagiarize the former, except for legal responsibility. We revisit the requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping, "It is the basic attitude of artistic creation to go into life and to approach the people, and it is the basic ability of artistic creation to refine life by living above the standard of living. , But also have such ability. "

In 1998, Wang Xingdong was elected as the Ninth CPPCC National Committee, until the twelfth, in these 20 years, he insisted "write a proposal for the crowd to write the script", began his "shouting for the screenwriter's rights and interests" The "Long March", has submitted "on the film and television screenwriter rights and interests in accordance with the law to protect the use of the script to get the right to remuneration", "Proposed Film Hundred Awards to increase screenwriter award, awards to reflect the original original core values", "Film Industry Promotion Law" Proposal on the Copyright of Scenarios, Proposal of SARFT for Standardizing Subtitles, Proposal of Film and TV Project Strict Implementation of Scripted Authorization System, Proposal of Applying Project Funding System to Deploy Life in Major Themes, Legitimacy of the legitimacy of film and television, administrative review should be based on law to protect the legitimate rights and interests of copyright "and other proposals related to the rights and interests of screenwriter.

In order to urge the Film Act to promote the original screenplay, Wang Xingdong, the fourth session of the 12th CPPCC National Committee in 2016, spoke outrightly and criticized "the cinema's health and fire protection are all written into the law and exclude the script that the film depends on. We must rectify this practice of seeking the ends, "won an applause from the General Assembly. The final "Film Industry Promotion Law," Article XII, adopted as "the state encourages the creation of theatrical script and the theme, genre, form, means of innovation," the content.

Wang Xingdong has criticized the "current" speculation over the production, production of slander the original, get the fish to forget, cross the river to break the bridge 'is the Chinese film ignore the shortcomings of the screenwriter, a few years later the Chinese film because of the original weakness without rice pan worry. ", As a CPPCC member screenwriter, can leave a number of systems for the construction of national culture, may be more valuable than leaving a script. "" The first round of competition in the film is the original play of competition, content is king, the script first. The original quality, the movie will lose its core competitiveness. "

In order to screenplay rights, he criticized "some films will screenwriter name and driver and tea together, is it reasonable?" In the "Golden Rooster Award, it is best not to set up the mayor cup" proposal, direct blasting " The 'Mayor's Cup', which was specially set up by Mu Sui, exudes a musty taste that runs counter to the world of art ?, culminated in the cancellation of the mayor's cup. He made a speech in the General Assembly of the CPPCC "four major difficulties and solutions for China's film industry". "The film is based on the box office. It depends on the number of people moving the heart, leaving the unemployed, out of school, lovelorn, lost, watched movies , Give them the power to live. "" The current movie less original, more adapted, away from the network near, far away from life. Even buy foreign copyright label affixed to China, the film industry is the copyright economy, only the original With copyright, it has a competitive power. "

Standing on the rostrum of cheering for Chinese original screenwriters, the Chinese film screenwriter's leader changed from a demobilized soldier to a playwright, especially the writer's "Revolution of 1911," and the Revolution of 1911 abolished the feudal monarchy and founded China Republic of China; screenwriter "Founding of a Republic", Mao Zedong advocated the convening of the CPPCC, to achieve the great cause of nationhood, overthrow Chiang Kai-shek dictatorship, the establishment of the People's Republic of China. It is impossible for these two major historical repertoires to write history for the country, establish their heroes for the public, cast up national statues without long-term accumulation of thoughts and without many years of practical experience. Behind every script of Wang Xingdong are the profound memories of the times. His successful experience is to open the earth to the living, oil production and refining is the basic skill of the screenwriter. The original hard, the happiest success, there is no happiness without happiness, the screenwriter is to control the two wheels driving forward. "