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"Mom taught me a song, there is no new China without the Communist Party ..."

Listening to the party's 19 major reports, with an upsurge of emotions, socialism with Chinese characteristics strode into a new era, and my ears sounded the song sung by Yin Xiumei. Remembering the beginning, bearing in mind the mission, the initial mission and mission of the Chinese Communists, is to seek happiness for the Chinese people and seek rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. This initial mission and mission are the fundamental motivations for encouraging the Chinese Communists to keep moving forward.

The song "No New China Without a Communist Party" has been sung since its creation and sung in 1943. After 74 years of stormy history, all the way to singing songs all the way. Historical verification, the Chinese Communists did not forget the beginning, the mission has always been on the shoulder. "He worked hard for the nation and the Communist Party. He dedicated his life to saving China. He pointed to the road of liberation of the people. He led China toward light." "He persisted in the Anti-Japanese War for more than eight years and he improved people's livelihood. Has implemented many democratic benefits. "This song deeply embodies the party's purpose and intention in the score, deeply into the hearts of the people, and deeply in the will of the Communists.

At the 2017 CPPCC National Day Tea Party, General Secretary Xi Jinping and the Standing Committee of the CPC Politburo stood with all the major leaders of the democratic parties to sing the song. Commanding the choir, my friend Yu Hai, he showed me the pictures of the scene, we are passionate. This song is the voice of the people, the consensus of the world. With the Chinese Communist Party, there is the new China that has risen today. This song, why can pass more than 70 years of age, but also can be sung so far? Motivate generation after generation of Communists not forget the beginning, keep in mind the mission? Author Cao Cao Xing is a kind of person? In what context did I create this song? I am determined to put this song and author's story, screenwriter to become the movie "song of Mars."

People's spokesman wrote the people's voices

In 1943, author Cao Luoxing, 19, wrote the song in a small room in the village of Xiandunling Township, Fangshan District, Beijing. At a time when the Japanese invaded Peiping, the Communist Party built an anti-Japanese enemy base in an arduous environment and under the weak and hostile enemy forces, he boldly singled out the strong voice of the soul who "has no communists and no China." Originally named Cao Zhi signed "Mars", self-confidence in a prairie fire in the private sector, a religion to teach singing, word of mouth, from Shanxi and Cha Cha spread to all over China. They all sing their voices in unison. They solemnly sing out "New China led by the Communist Party" and show the Chinese people an independent New China that has stood up. A song originated from the voice of the soul in the ditch, becoming the song of truth handed down. This song, each note full of mutual trust between the party and the people. After several years of hard work and vicissitudes of life, the first piece of the song that describes the beginning of the Communist Party, the public's recognition, the consensus of all parties, and the all-ethnic recitation allow the world to hear the Chinese people's approval and aspiration of the core forces that lead us.

Cao Martian is the people's spokesman, created the Acura's classic song. Understand Cao Martian to better understand the song, understand the song in order to better understand why the Communists won the popular won the power? I traveled all the places where Cao Mars worked and fought and searched his relatives and acquaintances in Beijing, Tianjin and Ji. After conducting in-depth interviews and surveys, I was surprised to find out that there was a simple story hidden behind those notations: a man, a song, a political party and a country. In October 1943, Cao Martin pondered a question. Could you interpret the editorial entitled "No Communist Party Without China" in Yan'an's Liberation Daily as a song? In response to Chiang Kai-shek's publication of the book "The Fate of China" in March, "Without the Kuomintang there is no China." The editorial in the Liberation Daily lays out the role played by the Communists and the people in the base areas during the Anti-Japanese War, refuting the Kuomintang fallacies, Finally, he applied the words of "China's Fate," and pointed out: "If there is no Chinese Communist Party in China today, there is no such thing as China." Cao Luoxing, who just joined the party, was thrilled by a well-founded rebuttal by the editorial. As a literary and art warrior of the party, he witnessed the fact that the CPC leading people insisted on fighting the anti-Japanese and state salvation after the arduous enemy. He wanted to participate in the controversy in the form of music and compose a tit-for-tat song with Chiang Kai-shek. "Without the Communist Party, China". Song title is based on the then "Liberation Daily" topic, so there is no "new" word.

Dramatic figures happen and buried in the mountains of life, but we lack the discovery. In an interview, Cao Hongwen, Cao's daughter, told me that her uncle, Cao Taishan, graduated from the university and joined the KMT as a hardcore KMT member. His elder Cao Martian was ten years old and his two brothers joined the two parties during the war of resistance against Japan. In particular, Cao Marting made this song, arousing the ideological conflicts, personality conflicts and faith conflicts among brothers, and finding the contradiction between the two brothers who focused on the events that constitute the most dynamic drama situation. Cao Mars's father was killed by the Japanese invaders, his brother is a Kuomintang member, this unique social background and character relations, especially the brothers and sisters in the two parties, because of the song what kind of conflict? When the Kuomintang retreated to Peiping in early 1949, her mother told Cao Martian to persuade his brother to stay and her brother eventually retreated to Taiwan along with the Kuomintang. To tell a good story in China, we should follow the principle of "one person, one mind and one mind" in traditional Chinese drama. A 19-year-old literary young singer named Cao Martian, a spokesman for the people, wrote a song entitled "No CCP Without China" and wrote the hearts of the people. Later, in the long years of dissemination and identification, he verified that the Communists won popular support The truth of winning the government.

Root-seeking originated from the people

He insisted on the Anti-Japanese War for more than eight years and he improved the people's livelihood. When he built an enemy base area, he practiced many democratic benefits. "I chewed the lyrics, like chewing soybeans, missing the land where the lyrics were grown, source. The purpose of literary and artistic creation is to guide people to find the source of ideas, the source of strength. Once again, I came to Pingshan County, the hometown of Cao Marting, and visited the sites of the CPC Central Committee of Xibaipo County and the site of the Jinchaji Anti-Japanese Base in Fudan County, Nanping, to feel and understand the origins of Cao's creation. The Communist Party "He has improved the people's livelihood," the lyrics can be indexed to the black and white photographs of the gallery. The Communist Party announced the outline of the Land Law, giving peasants a share of the land, and farmers who have their fields and smiling happy. They also implemented rent reduction and interest reduction to help peasants produce self-help and build water conservancy. Under the cruel war background, the Eighth Route Army under the leadership of the Communist Party always improved Farmers live in the first place, eating the most difficult period of elm leaves. The Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei Military Region ordered the leaves of the village to be left for pick-up by the villagers and ordered the troops to find leaves in the mountains. Before this photo I stood for a long time ......

The Communist Party "He has implemented many democratic advantages" and the pictures of "bean selection" one by one have truly recorded the initiative of the Communist Party in implementing the people's rights as the masters of their own affairs. "Bean selection" was a unique invention of democratic election. At that time, the anti-Japanese base areas were commonly used. The illiterate people voted in the candidate's bowl and finally decided the candidates for the village government according to the number of beans in the bowl. It was easy and sufficient Reflect public opinion. The bean selection process makes it difficult for outsiders to judge who the voter has voted for in the end so that the candidate can not influence the voting of the voters. Its purpose is to ensure that voters can freely exercise their democratic rights. In order to promote democratic election, Cao Mars wrote a song called Electoral Minor.

Older Cao Wenshan remembered what was going on in the democratic election at the time, and we sing the election ballads in front of us: "Willow twins, Willow Ye Long, a few good village chiefs. Black wolf. "Singing is the voice of the voice that the people's hearts. Cao Mars spread the Communist Party's purpose as a seed in people's hearts. The lyrics, like the fact of holding their fingers, reveal the relationship between the Communist Party and the masses in fish-water relations. All for the people, all depends on the people, the mass point of view is exactly the starting point and the end point of the Communist revolution. From its inception, the Communists firmly believed that winning popular sentiments was the largest political affair. Popular sentiments required emotional appeal, and they needed easy-to-understand truth and real accomplishments. The simple and simple lyrics of "No New China Without a Communist Party" is a big truth of the people. It is a very clever way to sing this kind of actual portrayal of songs and songs to the hearts of the people. Classical literary and art works are all creative works that come from the masses to the masses. One by one, can get into people's hearts and popularize the public.

Mars illuminate a road, mountains and rivers of the people. In honor of this musician who sang the hearts and minds of ordinary people, his hometown built the "Cao Martian Memorial Hall" in 2006 and Comrade Li Ruihuan inscribed the name of the museum. As the Shijiazhuang Expressway passes through Xibaipo now, there are not many people who visit the memorial hall. However, as a literary worker, I especially listened to General Secretary Xi Jinping's several important speeches on literary and art work and hoped that we would strengthen our cultural confidence and use literature and arts to boost our national spirit. "Cao Martian Memorial Hall" For our later literary and art workers, it is of great significance to extract the essence, draw energy, learn from the older generation of literary and art workers, and maintain a high degree of confidence in our own cultural vitality and creativity. Here, we can understand the meaning of "no new China without a communist party." Once you sing it, you will have confidence in the literary and art direction we hold to it. Without a high degree of cultural confidence and without cultural prosperity, there will be no great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Sing again, you will understand the requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping made in the 19th National Congress report: "we must adhere to the people-centered creative orientation, in the depth of life, rooted in the people worthy of the era of literary and artistic creation.To prosperity of literary and artistic creation, Adhere to the ideological and profound, superb art, well-produced well-unity, to strengthen the creation of realistic themes, has introduced the Acura party, praised the motherland, Aulacese people, Acura heroes masterpiece.

Songs gather the flesh-and-blood ties between the party and the people

What is the character of Cao Mars? His daughter said: "The father is a party called what to do what people, discipline, rules, people doing things very reliable." Daughter Cai Qin said: "Dad this man, life is particularly simple, The clothes broke their own fill, when the president, the director never engage in special, was locked into the "bullpen" criticism, "liberation" a few years after the salary replacement, he turned over to the party dues. "The 91-year-old Comrade Xiao Yunxiang talked about many of his past events with Cao Marting. Cao Martian played a female role in the drama club, and the organization called Qian Shao did not grievances, leaving the hair to braid. At that time, the conditions were tough, no musical instruments do their own work, do goblins with gourds, do their own cello ... ... "Lao Cao this person is a very obedient, honest kindness during the Cultural Revolution, he volunteered frankly his Kuomintang brother went to Taiwan, You think about it, he alone! "

Abide by the rules, discipline, loyalty to the party, not bullying the people, this is the outstanding personality of Cao Martial ideology. As a member of a literary and art workers, he himself advocated and advocated must do it. I went to Xibaipo this time to understand more deeply the "two musts" put forward by the Second Plenary Session of the Seventh Central Committee of the Party. There was an anti-corruption anti-corruption pavilion added here to showcase the corrupt tiger, hit by "sugar-coated cannonballs" There Zhou Yongkang, Bo Xilai, Xu Cai Hou, Guo Boxiong et al. Fight corruption and advocacy, thinking of the mind, the people's heart. In the report of the 19th NPC Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping explicitly demanded: "The whole party must maintain the style of working hard and guarding against arrogance and rashness." In Xibaipo, the rules and discipline promised to the Chinese people before the Chinese Communist Party came to Beijing . Pingshan came out of Mars Mars, has always spread the good style of the party, abide by the rules of party members and artists, the party and the heart often exist, the party has the character to "no Communist China no new China," this song to promote the construction of party style, " Effort to save China and work hard for the nation "has become a tremendous force that brings together the hearts of the party and the people. This song is the litmus test of the party and the people. Where the Communist Party went and where it can hear spontaneous singing shows that the Party's work has taken root in the masses. What kind of song is this? Is a Song of Songs full of culture and self-confidence, a song that inspires the hearts and minds of the masses to fight for the ideal, is a song of exhortation that warns the entire party not to forget the heart of the world and keep its mission in mind. Today, we have stepped into a new era. This song inspires the people to aspire to a better life following the Communist Party's victory in building a well-off society in an all-round way, capturing the great victory of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, realizing the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, Continue to struggle song. I want to create a movie script "The Songs of Mars" for this song, which I have thought for many years. In the process of carrying out the investigation of the special investigation team of the CPPCC National Committee with its "firm confidence in culture and stressing the story of China," I told the members of the delegation about the story behind the song. We strongly favor writing a movie so that it will sing The people of this song understand this story and use the works of literature and art to sing the flesh-and-blood relationship between our communists and the masses of the people. From the historical dimension, we can prove that only the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party can unite the peoples of all ethnic groups in realizing the dream of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Sing the first song of song party, did not forget first duty. In his 19th NPC report, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that leading the people in creating a better life is the unswerving goal of our party and must always put the interests of the people in the supreme position. "All work of the party must be based on the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people as its highest standard. We must persist in treating the minor issues of the people as their own major tasks, starting from what the people care about, starting from what the masses of the people are satisfied with and leading The people continue to create a beautiful life. "Entering the new era and shouldering a new mission is the original intention of the" no new China without a communist party "and the beginning of the party.