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Wang Xingdong: go deep into life to accept life soak

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Life is fair, there is out there, in-depth can be higher. In-depth life, immersed in the life of the saucepan is a "bitter" effort, but also irreplaceable "clever" Kung Fu
Radish asked pickles, pickles and their homosexual, but why the acid and salty do not? Pickles pointed sauce tank, soak in more than a month, radish turn into pickles. In-depth living means immersing oneself in life, feeling the joys and sorrows of the people, carving out the hearts of the people, and getting in touch with the masses, obtaining the chromatograms expressing the feelings of the masses, obtaining the evidence for creating different characters, and using them inexorably Creative passion.
Someone asked me, how the writer "left Lei Feng's day"? Life answers everything. Joan hill, a closest comrade in arms with Lei Feng accidentally ended Lei Feng's life in a car accident. How did he live in these years? Behind the accident is the story. I hand-held a pointer to life, found Joan hill, interviewed him, familiar with him, understand him, unlock the truth of Lei Feng's death was not disclosed. I further questioning life, in Liaoyang City, found the former three comrades in front of Lei Feng Punchun Xue, Yu Quan, Tianshan Mian, a detailed understanding of Lei Feng sacrifice process. The story is like a mine of emotions that needs to be mined. Only to understand the life of Joan Mountain, experience the bitterness and salty in his heart will have feelings, touched, there will be creative impulse - Qiao Anshan from the evolution of real characters into my penny struggling role, Liu Peiqi Played as the real character of life won two best actor award, created the "one" figure for Chinese screen, got the audience's universal approval.
Life is fair, there is in-out there, in-depth can be higher, from body to heart into the heart soak sauce into the tank. Without the discovery of the real person, there is no invention of the literary image. Without the inner excavation of the person, there is no story after the accident. Clever woman is no straw, rice is the deciding factor, where is rice? Not among others' leftovers, between the teeth of other people, but among the paddy that is harvested by ourselves on the earth, this is the most delicious food for brewing the Chinese spirit.
I asked "Wrestling! Father "Indian publisher Passat Shetty, how long did the script work? He said the script was authored by director Nitesh Tivari and three screenwriters based on the true story of the wrestler Mahavin Singh Perga, who wrote for more than two years. The box office returns for the final movie far exceed the total investment. Art has its hundred truths unchanged: fax does not pass pseudo, only sincerity can impress people. This Indian movie also proves this truth, from the story of life and people, is the movie's most credible, most powerful fulcrum. In particular, in order to reproduce the story, the performer spent a year and a half on the wrestling court receiving rigorous training to sense the ups and downs of the wrestlers. When performing the filming, they did not have to make a stand-in for the sake of reality. On the screen, real life experiences were passed on to the audience. The twists and turns the dad and daughters experienced in realizing their dreams broke through the barriers of language and culture with their strong emotions, strong movements and real details, and watched our heart before the screen. This is the artistic appeal. Art appeal first of all need to be creators themselves in real life perceived, and only open their own to accept the soaking of life, to appreciate the complexity of human nature and emotional ups and downs. There is no real feeling of life to do the fulcrum, only the rootless duckweed, disease-free moan, soulless body.
Chinese and foreign successful literary and artistic works are telling us that life is the basis of this book. Whether creators can live in depth is not only a matter of creative methods, but also a matter of conviction. People-centered creations are spiritual projects that come from among the masses and go among the masses. I follow the older writers in-depth learning to create life, I insist the script is written out with the script, you can not be immersive on the rare artistic conception. When I came to Xinxiao Town, Anhui Province and supply and marketing cooperatives that still in the fertilizer warehouse, the people around who would never think of China's first Olympic gold medalist Xu Haifeng had sold fertilizer here, "Xu Haifeng I wrote "Kong Chih-ying," interviewed more than 60 people, notes write 200,000 words; I write Kong Fansen, Niu Yuru, national flag designer Liansong Song, writing judge mother Shang Xiuyun, as far as possible Deep into the frontier where people once lived ... Even if we write revolutionary historical topics such as "Founding of a Republic", "Revolution of 1911" and "Cases of Huang Ke-kung," I went to look for historical relics in my life and tried to perceive the times as much as possible. Find the unique feeling of creation. In-depth life, sinking life saucepan is a "bitter" effort, it is irreplaceable "clever" Kung Fu. In order to come up with original products, we must find characters, contact people, study people, and create characters in our life. Faith is the life of art. Life is the source of creation. To me, this is a creed. Looking back 40 years of his career as a screenwriter, General Secretary Xi Jinping echoes the speech made by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the 9th opening ceremony and the opening ceremony of the Federation of Literary and Art Circles: "Walking into life and being close to the people is the basic attitude of artistic creation; refined above the standard of living Life, is the basic ability of artistic creation.Artists and artists must have such an attitude, but also have such capabilities. "I am embracing such an attitude to improve this ability, but also hope that this in-depth life baton delivered In the hands of young people.
(The author is a member of the CPPCC National Committee, president of the Chinese Film and Literature Institute)

(Editor: Tang Shi Yao, Chen Yuan)