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Let the Chinese film be full of self-confidence - An interview with Wang Xingdong, member of the CPPCC National Committee and vice chairman of China Film Association

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Speaking of Wang Hsong-tung, he is bound to mention his screenwriter's movie "Leaving the Days of Lei Feng," a film released in 1996 that caused a sensation at that time and won the 17th China Golden Rooster Award for Best Screenplay in 1997. Twenty years later, this theme film is still on the watercress was rated as high, indicating that young people love, is a classic. This is the second time he won the top prize for screenwriter countries. In 1993, the 13th China Golden Rooster Award for Best Screenplay was also won by him. His work is "Jiang Zhiying."

He is the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth CPPCC National Committee members, vice chairman of China Film Association, China Film and Literature Institute, a screenwriter. He was selected by the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles in December 1997 as the first young and middle-aged artist with double art in Germany and Germany. Enjoy the special allowance of the State Council. Twenty years since he joined the CPPCC National Committee, he has persistently urged to make proposals and proposals for the film legislation, especially his proposal of persistently making the film classification system. Recently, he accepted the correspondent's interview on the Film Industry Promotion Law.

The movie industry train into the legal orbit

Wang Hsong Tung has been the legislative drums and call for the film industry, unshaken. Reporter asked why he insisted so, he mentioned a predecessor, famous director Xie Tieli. He said: "Actually, the film law was drafted in 1981 but it has been stopped and stopped. When I entered the Political Consultative Conference in 1998, Xie Tieli, a famous director, was a member of the NPC Standing Committee. In the face of the slow state of film legislation, he told me It seems that the film legislation needs to be batoned down from generation to generation until the Chinese film has the law to follow, which shows that he knows the film legislation difficult, the weight.

He went on to say: "We have not had a law on films for years and only the administrative regulations, so we lag behind. Especially in recent years, the entry of Western films into China has brought many unfavorable contents to young people and promoted pornography, murder, Drug trafficking, violence, gambling, etc. Infringement and piracy, the phenomenon of spoofing the box office, seriously jeopardizing the order of the movie, can not be dealt with by the administrative regulations and must be promoted to the legal level. The law is the highest standard, the regulations are only prescribed by the government, and the penalties are not enough The rapid growth of China 's film production, has taken the Mercedes - Benz motor car, must be in the form of legal norms of creative production management in order to be able to travel on the legal track, not overturned.

Therefore, the "Film Industry Promotion Act," the implementation of great significance. Wang Xingdong commented on this reporter. "The Film Industry Promotion Law, implemented this year, is an important measure to comprehensively promote the administration of the country according to law. It has played an important role in legislation in other fields of literature and art, including literature, music, art, performance, opera, Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the Party Central Committee has emphasized that power should be put into the cage of the system. Movie legislation means putting the power of the film into the cage of the system, creating it according to law, safeguarding its rights in accordance with the law, and administering according to law The creation of quality works under legal guarding is the vision of generations of Chinese filmmakers. "

Four "unexpected"

Although he has been involved in the discussion of the Film Industry Promotion Law for three years and is familiar with the changes before and after the change, Wang Xingdong told reporters that the Film Industry Promotion Law still gave him a lot of surprises. He summed up the four "unexpected". He said: "The first thing we can not think of is to write in the core values of socialism, but also to be specific. For example, Article 8 states that filmmakers, directors, and other filmmakers should stick to their virtues and laws, respect laws and regulations, respect social ethics , Abide by professional ethics, strengthen self-discipline and establish a good social image .Therefore, the specific provisions are indeed aimed at the reality of our country and show according to law. "" The second one is the 14th article, and the cooperation with foreign filmmakers did Clear restrictions: that is, they must not cooperate with overseas organizations that engage in activities that harm the dignity, honor and interests of our country, endanger social stability and hurt national sentiments, or hire individuals who engage in such acts to participate in film production. "In terms of this provision, He gave an example of "a film about the performance of educated youth and grasslands and wolves in Inner Mongolia. He has vociferously hired a French director who has filmed anti-China films and praised the Dalai Lama for promoting" seven years in Tibet. "The film blatantly separates Mongolian and Han nationality Expressed as the relationship between wolves and sheep, the blatant violation of the Constitution can not provoke ethnic relations undermine the spirit of unity This is in violation of this law in terms of behavior. "

Up till now, Wang Xingdong has written 31 films, including "Flying Crane", "The Adventure of the Dogs", "Army Trainee Officer", "Pigeon fancier adventures", "I only shed three tears", "Jiang Zhiying" , "Kong Fansen", "Leaving the Days of Lei Feng", "Conscience", "Flag of the Republic", "Judge Mum", "Life and death of Niu Yuru", "Founding of a Republic", "Revolution of 1911". As a source of creation that insists on living, going deep into the grass-roots life requires an interview with a screenwriter of collecting the wind. His third "beyond expectation" is Article 12. "The competent department of film under the people's government at or above the county level, in accordance with the needs of filmmaking, The creative personnel provide the necessary facilities and assistance to penetrate grassroots units, penetrate the masses and experience life. "He told reporters that with this weapon for the protection of the body and future interviews with the border areas or to the countryside and interviews in prisons, Level government agencies. According to the law to facilitate the creation of grass-roots level, there is no reason to refuse.

The fourth "can not think of" is a public service show in rural areas and free viewing at school. As a CPPCC member who has long been concerned about the protection of minors and has written seven children's films, Wang Xingdong told "Article 28: Education and film departments of the State Council may jointly recommend movies conducive to the healthy growth of minors and take measures to support them Compulsory education students to watch for free, arranged by the school organization "deeply touched, he told reporters," In the past, primary and secondary schools often organize students to watch movies, students elated, and now very few, because on the one hand you can let Children's watching movies less, on the other hand, our organization recommended is not enough to train the next generation, the role of the film can not be underestimated. "In his" days away from Lei Feng "schools, trade unions have organized to watch, have excellent social benefits .

 Fight, fight for, and then fight

As a screenwriter, Wang Xingdong talks about the "creative freedom". He cited an example of his own work. "In 2014, I created the" Huang Kageon Case. "This is an incident that has had an impact on the history of the Communist Party of China: Huang Ke-kung was an old revolutionary who took part in the Long March. Yanan was a cadre at the regimental level. He took a fancy to a girl student, Married her, but the woman did not want, he forced the marriage, the woman is not from, he even shot dead her .In the time of war will be how to trial? Kill or amnesty? After democratic open trial, he was sentenced to death. The letter not to forgive him and asked all Communists to take Huang Kegong as a precaution, such a classic case written into the history of the party, telling the story of the Communist Party in Yan'an, full of positive energy, without permitting in 10 months, Someone with the power of law, with personal likes and dismissal of such films, after multiple complaints, 20 working days should be issued by the administrative license, dragged on for ten months was forced to pass. To the film creation to bring much difficulty and loss. So , According to the law to protect the freedom of creation, is to require any individual can not be included in the law and administrative review and approval of legal management and supervision, the law gives creators the freedom to navigate the compass, too Precious. "

To protect the original rights of the script, Wang Xingdong told reporters that "the film draft legislation began to seek advice, I participated in countless meetings, proposed to write in the scriptwriting of the movie, fight for, fight for, and then finally this time into the film law, Article 12 writes: "The State encourages the creation of screenplays and innovations in themes, genres, forms, and means," and my years of hard work have produced results. The incorporation of screenwriter status into the law has been guaranteed. "

"Film Industry Promotion Law" for the protection of the freedom of film creation, which greatly improves the film writers who are creative, Wang Xingdong is no exception. When asked about his current creation, he disclosed that he was creating a film titled "The Song of Mars," which is one of the best stories about the Chinese Communist Party. He said that "Without the Communists No New China "and author Cao Marting. In 1943 he wrote the song, and after 73 years we still sing in unison, embodying cultural self-confidence and expressing the aspirations of all the party members." He said he wrote this script We want to reveal the truth that "people have the heart to win the hearts of the people", indicating that Communists should not forget their initial thoughts and uphold their faith in cultural confidence. He disclosed that he had conducted a large number of interviews with Cao Martian at his birthplace, Pingshan County in Hebei Province, Tianjin, Hebei and Beijing. At present, the film script has been completed. He finally said, "There is a song called" Mom taught me a song. "This is the song I sing, and I wrote a movie for this song and Cao Huo star."

Enhance self-confidence to participate in international competition

In the interview, Wang Xingdong repeatedly spoke of "cultural self-confidence," "Film Industry Promotion Law" to enhance the cultural self-confidence of Chinese film industry. When a reporter asked him how China's film went out and raised its international confidence, he put forward five elements.

The first is the script, he said, "thousands of miles of the trip, starting with the foot, the script is also called a script.Our film to go out, the first is to grasp the script, the original screenwriter must first go out to familiarize with foreign markets, the world view, write World. "

The second is the story, he said, "a good story is long legs, will be involved in miles .Anderson's fairy tales spread all over the world, we see this year's best foreign language film - the Iranian movie" salesman "are good stories. It is an integral part of a nation's cultural capabilities and a soft power to conquer the mind. "

The third is to create a new image. A good art image is long-winded. "The United States makes a rat as a mouse and outputs cultural images to the world. China is a big country of cultural resources. We must strive to develop our national resources to create a touching image of our national culture and participate in the world competition."

Fourth is the spirit of China. He said the episode "The March of the Volunteer Army" is an episode in the movie "The Stormy World," and the famous black bass singer Robert of the United States gave a record in 1940 to sing the battle song of China's anti-fascist war. why? It is because this song is sung in the spirit of China and the spirit of national independence. National spirit is the flower of the soul of blooming world cultural garden.

The fifth is to protect the copyright according to law. He told reporters: "We must legally go with the world and must legally protect the original and protect intellectual property." If Harry Potter's random piracy plagiarism will create tens of billions of dollars in output, the essence of a knowledge-based economy is the legal economy. Film legislation and law enforcement and justice fundamentally protect the copyright economy and promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry. "Chinese film law and order guards will certainly be able to participate in international competition."

Wang Xingdong soberly realized that now the film is "the internationalization of the domestic market and the internationalization of the domestic competition. The international market and the domestic market are integrated with each other. Throughout the competition, we must strengthen ourselves to be responsible and keep our land invincible." However, he believes that under the protection of the "Film Industry Promotion Law", representative works representing the national spirit of China will definitely be born. The story of China about China's story will surely be spread to the world.

(Correspondents / Du Jie)