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New rattan and people: When there is only one writer, is to write down

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For the first time, I met Mr. Shinto Kazuhito, a Sino-Japanese film and television playwright exchange seminar held in Changchun Film Studio in 1986, at which time his screenwriter's "Blackboard" was shown. He said at the meeting, I have been unforgettable. He said: "All the plot and the conflict of the movie are for the ending, and the picture at the end of the film is not allowed to be changed anymore. If someone changes, I will try my best because I ended up thinking about the whole situation and the end has changed. All the previous episodes were invalidated. "The 66th Japan Daily Film Awards announced the winners of the awards on January 17, 2012. The highest award," The Japanese Film Awards, "was presented to" Shinichi Fujitsu's "" a postcard " . On April 22 of the same year, Shinto and others welcomed their 100th birthday. When he held his birthday party in Tokyo, he said: "This is my last word, thank you, goodbye." 2012 At 9:24 on the 29th of May, Neo Fujimori died at home. Shinto Shinto has directed 49 movie productions for his life and has written more than 220 movie scripts and over 60 television scripts. He has worked as a painter for more than 50 films and has written many books about dramas. His published novels and essays are numerous.

"He wants to stab the heart of drama

98-year-old self-directed film won the award, wrote 220 film scripts throughout his life, directed 49 films, and he is entirely self-taught. He was born in a run-down family in Hiroshima, did not enter the film college, there is no apprenticeship, self-awareness. This miraculous end of life will naturally attract people to explore the process of his growth and the reasons for success. "The new rattan and person screenwriter" (published by the World Book Publishing Company) This book is a series of keys to open all the questions of new rattan life and drama. The new rattan and person play style is unique. He is a film writer who is constantly trying to explore. He sticks to his discoveries and sentiments, and firmly expresses his views on Japanese society and the disaster of war. He never follows the imitation of American films. Therefore, he enjoys uniqueness in international cinema Position. "The new rattan and person screenwriter" is the movie writer real life thought record, but also his true feelings in the creation of the film expression. This book is different from the dramas that the American playwright theorist Syed Field et al. Published - they analyze other people's scripts and have less practical experience and lessons in writing their own scripts. This book is much different from the domestic published rhetoric about the writer's theory of how to write - those who did not create a successful script but are teaching other people's playwright methods, the lack of credibility. As the new rattan and self-learning screenwriter, so he attaches great importance to summing up themselves, to study other people. In the early years, China published "The Structure of Screenplay" by Neo Teng and his entourage. This booklet gave me a lot of creative inspiration. For example, he summed up his advice to director Kenji Mizoguchi thing: "In the early years I took the script to find Mr. Mizoguchi guidance, Mr. Mizoguchi gave me the script is very harsh reprimand, said the play is too slow.He said that while asking questions You should sharply reveal the core of the issue, go it alone, go straight to the public and reveal the wonderful part of the drama sharply.

"When there is only one writer, that is to write down"

It is useful that I read one hundred and fifty percent of the script of Shinto Shinobu and believe that his experience is good. I always put "a knife in the center of the drama" as a necessary part of my opening scene. For example, I wrote the script "Leifeng days away", the opening 6 minutes let Lei Feng was knocked down by the car immediately put forward "the protagonist knocked Lei Feng, how to do?" This issue, stabbing the theater of the core, build strong Drama force point. There are a lot of people writing scripts, but not many people understand this principle. Common script narrative into the drama slow, thick skin, as eating salted duck eggs, the key is to eat the egg yolk, can not take the chopsticks slowly stabbed, put the duck eggs on the chopping board, knife split, see Huang spilled oil, This is a good beginning. Mr. Shinji took out the key to unlocking his play and handed it over to others. And after I tried it, I was able to validate it, and from then on, it was more practical to trust his lessons than those professors who were short. Write a script need to coach it? "The new rattan and person writing screenplay" in a true record of the new rattan learning process, following the period of Kenji Mizoguchi, he benefited. Master with a disciple, to undertake predecessors, so far are the tradition of Japanese film writers. Shin-Tadanori is often engaged in training courses and lectures as the head of the Japan Screenplay Association. In other words, screenwriter after the basic quality of professional school training, still need the guidance and heritage of the teacher. Shin-rattan and others came in contact with the screenplays accidentally from the work of the printing workshop and were captured by the script at once. He knew that this was the foundation of the movie's birth. So, writing the script became his life's goal. How did he study screenwriter? In the book, Neito Fujimoto replied: "First look at the film .Because it is to write the script, so watch the movie is the foundation.Also see the movie magazine, read the movie script above.And through these, I learned the general structure of the movie and There are many scripts written by Taro Yagi and Tadao Ikeda, there was also a drama literary movement and many movie dramas, but in short, only one is written.

"Movie script is written out of the foot"

The road of the play of the new vine and the party confirms the creative concept of "living in depth and upholding the realism" advocated by us, that is, the script of the movie is written in feet. Original play must be in-depth life, can not be behind closed doors, to be immersive, in order to feel the true mood; to be close to the characters, to be familiar with the characters; to figure out people in order to understand the characters; to dissect the characters in order to create characters. Without touching, there is no excitement; without excitement, there will be no creative impulse. Character is the script, create a good character is the screenwriter's greatest skill. The new Fujimori, who had a war experience, was extolled from the movie factory to join the army and felt the cruelty of the war and the human nature after the defeat. He realized how the war changed people. He has written many anti-war scripts, such as "orphans under the atomic bomb" and "a postcard," describing the human nature of the war fairly. Through the "new rattan and person screenwriter" can draw a conclusion, screenwriter's experience is to support the intensity of the play levers, writers without ideas is not able to create a good script. He learned a profound way of revealing human nature from Kenji Mizoguchi and used the money of steel to reveal the essence of human nature. Neito Fujimoto said: "The same is true of interpersonal relationships. No money, relatives no matter who will leave you. Really very isolated. In the end, my mother put the money hidden under the pillow to sleep. It was not Balzac, but I wrote the film on the basis of these memories.

"Reality is more moving than imagination" is the real feeling, or groan? The writer's attitude determines the quality of the script, while characters and conflicts are the soul of the movie. Can authors discover and be familiar with characters, create characters that have unique personalities, rather than using plastic molds that are mechanically suppressed? Mr. Shinnet affectionately wrote the screenplay "The Story of a Wife," commemorating the first deceased wife, and for the first time put forward his insistence on directing the film himself. His reason is that only he can express his true feelings about this person. Director irreplaceable, anyone shooting may distort the image of his beloved, premature wife. "I want to try out the forces that have been laid out by the fact that is, his wife vomit blood can not speak, so he wrote a blood to her husband 'I will not die, you do not have to worry.' This plot with the imagination is to write But they say it does not exist in reality, but this is the truth. "Because of the success of the film" Wife ", the new vine and then embarked on a self-directed way, and created a self Guide the world wonders of 49 movies. "The new rattan and person writing screenplay" is actually a vivid method by Japanese filmmakers. He expressed his own state of struggle in the hardships of social competition and national wars in the form of a movie. The book runs through the voice of the new vine and people: no matter in any disaster, I have to live.

"Passion for life"

"The new rattan and person screenwriter" is centenarians left to the world's screenwriting industry's true Truth, very precious. A careful study of the experience gained from Mr. Shinito is of great benefit to the development of today's Chinese screenplay. Neito and others are very friendly to screenwriters of Chinese movies and co-founded seminars of Chinese and Japanese movie dramas with famous movie and TV dramas of China and Japan. Every year, a Chinese screenwriter to Japan, he will come out to meet with you, or invite screenwriters to visit his modern film association.

The book wrote a new vine and people In order to accept a tanker script, came to Changchun, China, "Manchuria Pictures Co., Ltd.", met the director Sato Uchida dream, the results of the script did not succeed, his wife was sick in Japan vomiting blood He died, he did not get back to Japan funeral. Reading here, I suddenly think of the new Fujitsu people come to Changchun Film Studio in 1986 to exchange the script, I was engaged in the production of screenplays in Changchun film studio started, read the new Fujitsu presentation of every process of film production. Print shops, art shops, even magazines that publish screenplays, submissions, and more, all of which have been pushed into the dustbin of history as the digital age arrives. "The new rattan and person writing screenplay" records the great playwright's creation of the characters and stories in the movie, the selection of movie themes, the observation of life, the exploration of human soul, and in particular, Diligent writing attitude, do not follow the dust of the United States after the commercial film, stick to their own independent thinking, self-expression and other creative. He created artistic life with the passion of life, touched people and encouraged people.

"The most painful than writing the script"

"The new rattan and person screenwriter", I feel the biggest and strongest stimulus is not how he is a good screenwriter, but the new rattan people in the film age can do it self-directed, free and complete self-expression. Now that there is no gap in any industry in China, entering the digital age, all the young Chinese who are determined to engage in the production of screenplays must be self-directed sovereigns who truly express themselves and who will not be distorted by anyone Idea concept. Neo-shin and others this model has Zoran stand in sight.

Wang Xiaozhi told me that Shin-tsuneo had said to the screenwriter Hashimoto Nobuo of Rachomon: "The play made the director have a job, and there was no movie without the script." The content is king and the script is headed. For the script writing bitterness, the new rattan has such a statement: "I was in the Takarazuka Naval Air Force ushered in the defeat, where I was forced to undergo a variety of training, to suffer over my mouth, fans fanned me both stars , Beaten by sticks and hit the buttocks, and they demanded that we use our bodies to resist them when the enemy landed, but that's all a lot easier than writing the script. "

The writer Wang Xingdong, a famous screenwriter, member of the CPPCC National Committee, vice chairman of China Film Association, China Film Literature Association.