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Wang Xingdong: moving stories hidden in life

Article source:Nanfang Daily

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On April 27, Wang Xingdong attended the start-up activities of the Guangdong script supermarkets. Later on, in the south screenwriter's salon, Wang Xingdong specially explained the sentiment about the current film and screenwriter creation and accepted an interview with Nanfang Daily. Wang Xingdong is the vice president of China Film Association, the president of Chinese Film and Literature Institute, and a writer at the national level. He has been a screenwriter for more than 40 years. His screenwriter's films include "Founding of a Republic", "Revolution of 1911", "Flying Crane" and "Huang Ke Gong Case". Huabiao won many awards, the Central Propaganda Department "five one" project award. "Jiang Zhiying" "Leaving the day of Lei Feng" twice won the best screenwriter award Huabiao Awards and the 13th, 17th Golden Rooster Award for Best Screenplay. In his 20 years as a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, he repeatedly called attention to film writers, focusing on originality and attaching importance to copyright.

Storytelling ability is also a national soft power

  The script is a play of this. Over the years, Wang Xingdong has been calling for attention to the script, emphasis on originality, because the script determines the fate of the film, "the play so that the director has a job, the script has the actor a role, the show has investors to find the project, there is no script All of film and television. "

   Wang Xingdong called for the development of Chinese cinema to return to its origin and originality. Cultural products are the content king, and creative winners. The screenwriter is the original creative developer.

  This year Oscars won the best foreign language film is the Iranian film "salesman", director Asha Fahadi is a playwright, he did a very good movie, his play theory is: "the daily production of complex , Spiral rise, interlocking, the truth in the hands of writers. " Wang Xingdong said Asha's film award is not based on high cost, high investment and high technology, but on good stories and good content. "The ability to tell a story can also measure a country's soft power level. Of the soul is casting the soul of the project, the film has the function of spreading faith.Therefore, to improve the quality of Chinese film, we must first respect screenwriter ".

  At present, the script original crisis is the lack of self-discovery capabilities. If you do not find a good subject, you will not be able to make a good movie. You will find that it is half the story if you find it more difficult and more complex than ever before. Wang Xingdong believes that "the astonishing core is the novelty, the surprise, the extraordinary, the mysterious and the unusual event, which can promote the development of the story to make the attractive event.Enthusiastically wants to know the ending, can simply summarize the focal events and the character relations and has A theme lurks inside. "

  Wang Xingdong stressed that the quality of the conflict determines the quality of the nuclear theater. No focus, drama is scattered. The most important thing in the drama is to grab the focus and grab the attention it attracts. The focus is at the center of the two parties that have a stake in the conflict. The shorter the time span of the story, the easier it is to keep the story focused.

  Good at digging fresh themes

  Wang Xingdong believes that the lack of good script is due to the lack of ideas. Lack of the power of thought, the film will become anemic and pale, there is no soul and can not touch the hearts of people.

  The theme is the soul of a movie story. The theme is the script put forward the main issues and basic issues. The idea is the attitude and position held when expressing the theme. The idea is to control the entire journey of the ticket. "The purpose of literary and artistic creation is to guide people to find the source of thought, the source of strength and the source of happiness, and the spring of Qing Dynasty is always worth more than the mud, and the light is always more deserved than darkness."

  In the theme of choice, Wang Xingdong said that a good movie to explore other people did not show the subject matter. "In the creation of a move should be fresh, do not rush into a swarm of people without me, gifted me turn, the success of others is your grave. Phenomenon and the image of the choice of images, events and characters in the selection of characters, many characters choose dramatic The character. "

  There are six main elements of a good original story: a main character, the target needs or direction of a character, a difficult situation, an opponent or antagonism, a threatening and terrible crisis, a particularly wonderful surprise outcome.

  Wang Xingdong said that in the time of creation, we must accurately locate and think for a long time. "Moving story buried in the bottom of life, we lack the theme of discovery, unattended, often will make our dreams. Aiming for a long time, not easily" pull the trigger, "a subject, to repeatedly pondering is not the only "Aim" for a long time, do not write it all at once.You can try it in a small area and tell the story to others. If the friends around you are interested, think about it.

  ■ Wang Xingdong dialogue

  Script supermarket stimulate the vitality of Guangdong film and television

  Nanfang Daily: How to stimulate the vitality of Guangdong Film and Television, can you please support?

  Wang Xingdong: Guangdong did indeed shoot a lot of good films before. For example, Cai Chu-sheng, a pioneer of Chinese film art, took "The South China Sea Tide" in Guangdong, "The Ebb Tide" by Pearl Film, and "The Heart of Ezekiel" all shot in Guangdong, especially in Guangzhou. In the drama, "Love Pearl", "working girl" "Heroes no regrets" are good, more importantly, "how the steel is made", these are taken in Guangdong. In the tide of reform and opening up, Guangdong took a lot of leading films. How to further stimulate the vitality of film and television in Guangdong, I think we should start from the following aspects:

  First of all, there must be a group of original writers who value the original. Talent is the wealth of wealth creation, Guangdong script supermarkets should focus on cultivating screenwriter talent. Each year by holding a screenwriter salon and lectures, find and nurture screenwriter. I think that the Guangdong script supermarket platform to be fine, to categorize, focus and focus on training, rather than sprinkle the net, for example, can have the potential for screenwriter, to find a few to train, writers to guide the famous writers. Art is characterized by one when the ten, one by one, not more than a work of fame on it.

  Nanfang Daily: You also write a lot of realistic themes and themes of the work, for the young screenwriter, if you want to write the real theme, how to grasp the art of creativity and authenticity?

  Wang Xingdong: When the playwright is very young, it's hard to write a good script because he has to get in touch with life. Realistic themes must be touched in life. There are touched only touched, moved only excited, there is excitement creative impulse. For example, to reflect the theme of Shenzhen's reform and opening up, it is necessary to have a sense of reality when it comes to studying and understanding in real life. Before, I would like to write Foshan Shiwan ceramic sculpture theme, interview in Foshan, the investigation of a dozen days. But how to make it a story, I am also brewing, not yet write.

  Real life theme, there is no investigation without the right to speak, did not find in-depth life, there is no unique feeling, it is difficult to write a good work. General Secretary Xi Jinping said that it is important to deepen life as the basic attitude that refining life is the basic function, attitude and function that can be combined into a literary warrior. Must go to life.

  Guangdong script supermarket to lead the writer to the treasure house of life, to experience life and explore life. For example, the script supermarkets mentioned the organization of writers to explore the theme of Guangdong, Guangdong tell a good story, Guangdong to establish a good living library. There are many good topics in Guangdong, did not fully demonstrated. For example, Sha Fei, the pioneer of Chinese revolutionary photojournalism, is a very great and dramatic figure who has recorded and witnessed the Chinese people's war of resistance against Japan. Another example is the Whampoa Military Academy is also a major theme in Guangdong. We should consciously choose the "well position" of life, let the playwrights go deep into the drill, extract the crude oil of life, and then process and make the best film and television energy products.