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Wang Xingdong: The movie's crisis is the script, the script's crisis is life

Article source:China Art Newspaper

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Small-scale Iranian movie "salesman" won the 89th Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Director Asha Fahati is a school screenwriter origin, his film and the former "one-off" award not by high cost, high investment, high technology, not by big stars, but by good stories, good content .

The film "Salesman" directed by Iranian Asha Fahadi once again won Iran's best Oscars for Foreign Language Film this year; the 84th Oscars for the Best Foreign Language Film was last time directed by him, The cost of only 320,000 US dollars. Asha Fahati is a screenwriter born, the two films not by virtue of high cost, high investment, high technology, not by big stars, but by good stories, good content.

In September 2016, Liu Qibao, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau and secretary of the Central Propaganda Department, emphasized in Changyong's research that it is necessary to strengthen the building of creative ability, give top priority to the writing of scripts, enhance the original ability, enhance the value and vividness Tell stories and write good scripts for the times and the people. Why emphasize the creative writing at the top?

The lack of the script is a common crisis in the world movie, the script is the script, foothold, the Chinese film to go out and become a world movie power, we must build a strong contingent of theatrical team and strong script basis. Article 14 of the CPC Central Committee's Opinions on Prospering and Developing Socialist Literature and Arts requires: "To enhance the original literary and art abilities, and to give priority to supporting original and basic links such as literature, scripts and composition, focusing on personalized and creative creation and avoiding over-simplification . "Article 12 of the Film Industry Promotion Law states:" The state encourages the creation of screenplays and the innovation of themes, genres, forms and means, and encourages film academic discussions and business exchanges. "

1. put the script creation in the first place, because the screenwriter to undertake the entire movie's first.

The story and literary image pioneered by writers and screenwriters have always been operated and operated as a big business of intellectual property trade and are the "foundation of the foundations" for the development of film and television industry. The core of the cultural industry is content is king, creative victory. Screenwriter is the original content of the explorer from scratch, is eating fresh silk, brewing story founder. The first step can not follow the footsteps, copying is not allowed to imitate, can not follow suit. The first is the discovery of immersive, literary thinking of the reproduction. All characters are screenwriter labor with childbirth. Great dramas provide great roles, great characters contribute to great actors, and the film's performance is essentially an expression of script ideas. Some films without the authorization of the screenplay trample arbitrarily trampled the law to give the script the right to modify and protect the integrity of the work, director change, producer change, actors with messy gunmen. We can not ask the script users to "protect the complete rights of the works" unilaterally. However, it is the legal principle that the original author should authorize the right to modify the texts. Any unscrupulous manipulation of the basic design of the drama will inevitably result in the overall collapse of the whole. The first result is not respected, the original ability is bound to frustrate, with less personalized creation, too much repetition will be more adaptation.

2. put the script creation in the first place, the script writer is the movie's head.

The copyright economy is dominated by the original creators. From the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Art World in the world and the Copyright Law in China, the original author is the supreme legal person, and the filmmaker must purchase the right to use the script before the director can use the script , The actor can play the script. Literary script with independent copyrights, unauthorized use shall not be used, which is recognized as the world law.

Script is the first movie, the author is the movie leader. According to Liang Xin screenwriter's movie "Red Detachment of Women," adapted the ballet of the same name. At the age of 85, he appealed to the court to defend the right of signature and payment of remuneration. In the end, Liang Xun won the suit. When Joan Yao v. Copied his original Plum Blossoms, the court ruled in favor of Qiong Yao and banned the copying of the Palace Lock Citylink "and compensation 5000000 yuan, but the apology is just refusing to enforce. A society that does not respect individual intellectual property rights can not prosper and develop a knowledge economy market. Can not safeguard the source and foundation of industry, the industry can not be sustainable development.

3. The script creation on the first position, the script position to lay the author's chief position.

The chief position of the original creator is stipulated by the copyright law, which is determined by the production process. However, the signatures of films and posters nowadays often fail to find out where the writer's name is hidden. Before the screenwriter press on the "master plan, director system, the president of the preparation, the general counsel, the chief producer," and some directors also signed their own personal works, this contempt for the original, the cart before the horse in the movie industry has accumulated evil habits, Strange.

The right of authorship is the right of personality and property. Since writers are not involved in the later stage of production, it is not uncommon for them to be arbitrarily excluded from denying the signature of a screenwriter or even arbitrarily joining others' signatures. Film Premiere, the media often do not promote screenwriter, highlight the director, actor hype, weakening the first position and influence. Citizens of the rule of law society should cherish the feeling of drinking water while enjoying the cultural achievements, and they must not forget to hit the wells in the draft. Just as people listen to the symphony, only let you remember conductor and actor, let you forget the composer Beethoven.

Intention to push the first creator down the chief position, contrary to the play the primary position of the law of reciprocity, the more offensive whistle football, the face of television "illegal offside" signature procedures, unmanned control, indulgence, resulting in crossing the river bridge, The fish should forget the negative ecology. Should be said that the script to create the most difficult spiritual engineering, the script of the boutique from the elite play, to protect the playwright's chief position, in order to firmly tied the script creative professional elite.

4. The script writing on the primary position, comment drama should be on the first choice.

Regardless of whether the "one-off" or "salesman" won the Academy Award, it is not a high-investment, not a science fiction blockbuster, but a unique story about Iran's real life. General Secretary Xi Jinping called on critics to study the spirit of Mr. Lu Xun's courage in "smashing apples" at the forum for literary and art work. We are hard-pressed to criticize critics for plagiarism and plagiarism. Few critics rely on films written in literary script commentary to explore the source of the poem. Instead, they put the scores in the director's basket , There is very little analysis on the dramas. When the criticism can not be regarded as the first choice for the dramas, the innovative content from life, the high-quality plays are being tampered with or rough and the videos are rubbish. Responsible. Only by criticizing the procedure for rooting, approving and inspecting the original quality of the film can eliminate second-rate scripts and promote second-rate creation to achieve high-quality films.

5. The script is the native copyright of the movie and the publication of the script is the primary protection of copyright.

Now I do not know where to read a good script? If there is no Shakespeare, Tang Xianzu's script is published, can we staged "Othello" and "Peony Pavilion" today? However, Shakespeare's script still survived, the world still feel from the playwright Shakespeare and Tang Xianzu's emotions, the world can continue to share their published cultural heritage.

Forty years ago, when I was studying film screenwriters, I read the scripts published in the periodicals of the movie literature magazines, so as to master the writing skills of the film scripts. However, there is no now, can not see a good original script. I have repeatedly proposed that when the state takes out some funds, it will be able to do a good job of the publication of a screenplay. There is no open platform for evaluating the quality of the screenplay without having a screenplay. The film developed countries have the authority to publish the screenplay of the publication, which carries out annual selection activities. It is suggested that a state rewards mechanism for the establishment of film scripts should be established. "Putting the writing of scripts to the forefront" can not stop on paper or verbal. "It is important not to be important, and the implementation is important."

Screenwriter is the movie's first, to take root in life in the first place.

Without the purchase and discovery of life, there is no performance of literary innovation. Article 12 of the Film Industry Promotion Law has clearly stipulated that the competent departments at or above the county level should "provide necessary facilities and assistance for film crews to penetrate the grassroots units, deepen the masses and experience life." I hope this law can be implemented in a down-to-earth manner and really help original creators and creators with practical help. The movie crisis is the script, the crisis of the script is life, the original quality of the screenplay is improved, and only in-depth life, there is no other way.

In terms of improving the quality of Chinese cinema, the core issue is the script. The primary issue is the content of the story. To enhance the quality of the film, we must restore the status of literary creators and screenwriters in accordance with the law, and maintain the original, chief, chief, preferred and top position of the script.