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Life Rammed in Basis of Silver Screen Building British Spirit - from the creation of "Jiang Zhiying" talked about life in depth Acura hero sentiment

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Guts original energy, energy originally from energy. Creation of energy in life, life of the mother holding a large oil field, only to drill in, to find billowing crude oil. This is what I learned from the "entrepreneurial" screenwriter Zhang Tianmin who went deep into the Daqing Oilfield. Only digging the sentiments hidden in the masses can provide a unique truth-finding experience. I am determined to go to Changchun Guangji to see. Yan factory manager to inform the factory car classes to ensure that screenwriter interview car, with the go.
Into the Changchun Institute of Optics, saw a variety of optical instruments, interview two days, legs crossed the question mark. Jiang Chuiying is engaged in optical transfer function theory and colorimetric research, I am a science blind, simply do not understand, can not understand, my heart began to stink. I would like to get started with books such as optical manuals and find some conversational terms that I do not understand at all. Worried at me and distressed once wrapped around reportage master Xu Chi, he came out with an experience: "I do not understand science, but I can understand people and know how to be scientists, and I can write a bit of science."
Understand people, people familiar, focusing on writing! Science and technology, I do not understand I am afraid most of the audience will not understand. And people are most interested in a thing, that is people. So, I want to peek at the character and character feelings to interview. German writer Lessing said: "All things that have nothing to do with the character, the writer can be ignored, for the writer, only the character is sacred, to strengthen the character, distinct character, is the writer in the process of characterization of the performance The most important point with pen. "
The depth of character mainly depends on the intensity of personality. I wholeheartedly pounced on this rich personality and copied many of the profound memories he left in people's minds to me. At Changchun Institute of Optics and Electronics, I was like a diver who took water and collected pearls and interviewed many people looking for flashes Character luster details of the hero, like pearl picked up ...
Chiang Ching Ying British, French, German, Japanese, Russian five foreign languages. At the party, Mrs. Curie's poetry was recited in French. He often translates the latest foreign science and technology information and puts it in the reference room for your reference. He saw a drunk driving car on the road dancing Yang came to a halt, could not stop on the ground to pick up the bricks on the bricks. His meddlesome is notorious, and seeing the wrong words written on the signboard, it is necessary to correct it. He saw a 5-cent coin on the ground on the bus and told the conductor to pick it up and the conductor ignored him. He wanted to help mothers and children get in the car for a woman with a child to get out of the car. As a result, he quarreled with the car conductor. He is jealous, dare to justice, unhealthy dare to fight. To slash an old scientist for a house, slash the glass on the desks of the property office. He is a tall man with a height of 1.82 meters. His work is fast paced. People call his style of living and the stairs go one step at a time. He can make good cooking He is a very attentive person. Every time he goes on business, there are always women who let him take clothes from Beijing, Shanghai. He is very convinced of his aesthetic sense and he is always able to satisfy everyone. In scientific research, he is more excellence, he engaged in optical detection device is a national first-class, and some devices are designed to install their own. He went abroad twice, in order to save foreign exchange, go abroad with a lot of mustard, and save the cost of living, bought a calculator for the laboratory ...
To live to energy, the emotional energy of the infinity buried the hearts of the masses, it is important to discover, found that the premise of the invention. As a result, I bought a bicycle myself and traveled through Changchun by bike and interviewed everyone who knew him. Chang Ying Once a camera lens fell into the water, asked him to help test the lens, to ask him to eat a meal at noon, did not think he took lunch boxes, bring their own lunch. Chang Ying mechanics talk about it, thumbs up to me.
Write the protagonist in the movie, you must find that influence his ideological beliefs, like the sun shining Japanese lotus red, otherwise the heroine extraordinary achievements and noble behavior, the lack of credibility. Mr. Jiang Daoying's mentor, Mr. Wang Daheng, is one of the founders of the cause of optics in New China. He has two bombs and one feats expert, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, member of the International Academy of Astronautics, and one of the initiators of the "863 Program." Early years studying in Britain, regardless of high-paying foreign employment, resolutely invest in the embrace of the motherland, created the Changchun Institute of light. Chiang Chik Ying is a native of Hangzhou. After graduating from Physics Department of Peking University, he insisted on the optical career. Then he applied for Wang Daheng's graduate student and decided to go northward to Changchun. However, Hangzhou girl, who had fallen in love with him for many years, broke up.
I went to interview with Mr. Wang Daheng at home and touched me by the teachers and students. Later, in Changchun, he once again added an interview with Mr. Wang Daheng. He uttered a very profound remark: "I can only improve the human being if people are more than all for me. Only in this society can there be spiritual and material accumulation." The Chinese optical science and technology leader, devoting himself to science, "burning himself and illuminating others" is the spiritual portrayal of the two teachers and students in China's optics career and the theme of the script. To live to energy, art of energy is feeling. Diderot said: "There is beauty in the place of affection." The purpose of literature is to know the great people emotionally, and Jiang Zhirong is an affectionate person. Everyone I interviewed mentioned his study and love of science, "A candle ends up, busy research, busy family, work pressure, family burden." His joy and sadness, pain and hope are turned into a strong emotional magnetic field to attract me. I interviewed his wife Lu Changqin six times, talking about Jiang Zhuying's fear of going to the barbershop for the delay, buying a barber's hair clipper and giving her a haircut at home. A haircut flirting couples feelings, to go on a business trip to Chengdu, he cooked eggs, buckle in the bowl to two children left, he did not eat. Road long piano 39-year-old lost her husband, reminding me memories of past events yesterday, tears suddenly, I was moved tears.
Lu Changqin received nearly a hundred reporters interviewed, think of the screenwriter can be so emotional, the more I know more and more as a pioneer for the Czech Republic's first scientific and technological talent for death, for his illness after the family situation, full of sympathy. When I took out the three letters that Jiang Zhimin, my father Jiang Qiuming, wrote to me, it was a burning history. Chiang Chye-ying's entire life pursues joining the party and says joining the Communist Party is his destination. Because of his father's participation in the history of the "Three Youth Corps" in his early years, he was sentenced to labor reform and he was too late to join the party until his father rehabilitated. When he just filled out the form and did not swear by the party, he sacrificed his life to his optics career.
I am a member of Chiang Kai-ying, a loyal Communist Party member without a party, and died in the country's aerospace optics career, feeling worried. Touch touched me, moved to make excited, excited only creative impulse. From Changchun to Beijing, I went to Chengdu and interviewed more than 60 people. I wrote more than 200,000 words in my notes. In the past year, like a big tank full of crude oil, how can I extract into fascinating stories?
In-depth life easy, refined life difficult. Structural story depends on the ability of thinking, art practice and kung fu. Chiang Ching-ying section of life a lot of stories, there is no one in the end the big event, how to build a complete good-looking story?
I am stuck! In-depth life is a stupid kung fu, the structure of the story does not seek clever effort. Someone advised me to give up, do not put myself tired into Chiang Ching Ying. When I looked through the interview notes, these gold particles, picked up from life, shine in front of me, mold in my heart, and suffer from heart-warming furnaces.
To be able to live. Writing the script is actually a test of the art of the author's faith, and sometimes perseverance is more important than intelligence. Once again, I went to Changchun Guangji to look for Changqin and searched for the key to opening the story of life. At times, the real characters are far more dramatic than the ones we made hard. When the road Changqin memories, Jiang Zhixing 43-year-old suddenly died of an accident, Changchun Institute of light machine's party, how to deal with this funeral? It is necessary to hide her, can not tell Chiang Ching-ying has died, but also escorted her safely to Chengdu. One is hiding, one is guessing, the audience is pushed to the height of knowledge, a terrible crisis is waiting for our heroine, and suspense comes naturally.
Changchun Institute of Light Machinery party to arrange the road mother and child Benfu quite a brainwave, Jiang Chuiying friend Shiguang Hui to convey the message, using a false telegram, said Jiang Chuiying "sick hospital" and let the road to the care of Qinchuan, and quickly leave Changchun . Then send two people with another departure, the sky to go away on the ground, mother and child can not meet. 3960 kilometers of journey, road Changqin set foot on the journey, guess, think, in accordance with Chiang Kai-shek's character reasoning, along the way, showing her journey with the soul of Jiang Chui-ying's memory. Let the good woman (Xi Meijia ornaments) bring me five complete memories of Jiang Zhiying. As the train approached Chengdu and approached the bad news, the crisis reached a climax. The final audience saw the triumph of the soul of a Chinese excellent middle-aged scientist!
The whole story is designed on the way to the road funeral ...
Life not only gives energy, life has given me the ability. When I was alone, quietly in the pen to release the energy of life, as if I heard Jiang Zhuying stand behind me, the sound of the breath, the heart will be God Note, in-depth only higher than this feeling can only really reproduce a soul At the moment, we know each other.
Chiang Ching-ying from unfamiliar to familiar with, never met with full of heart, one year and two months, when the script to the hands of Dean Yan, he unexpectedly surprised, asked the script immediately submitted to the National Film Board. I recommend Song Jiang Bo director of the film, and soon the Film Bureau allocated funds for funding. At that time, the process of film creation was strict, and Wei Zi played Jiang Ch'iu-ying but also went deep into life. Director Song Jiangbo also invited me to the play group to read the script.
The release of "Jiang Zhiying" aroused widespread concern, a strong spirit of the times, a distinctive character and personality, dedication of the patriotic spirit of the Red Candle, touched hearts. "People's Daily" overseas edition of science and technology experts and scholars in the field of literary and art circles to see the discussion, Ding Hengao, Jiang Xinxiong, Gu Songfen, Hu Chaoyuan and other scientists to participate in writing. On July 1, 1993, the full-page publication entitled "The Spirit of the Red Candle Was Shaken up by the Heart and the Ideal Song Ended Up" Summary of the Symposium I only quoted space expert Liang Sili (son of Liang Qichao, deputy director of the State Science and Technology Commission of the State Aeronautics and Space Administration, Academician):
"I seldom watch movies." Jiang Ch'i-ying "This movie is a movie that I have rarely seen in many years and I think the film is very good and very moving. I have not seen such a good movie for a long time.
"Jiang Ch'iu-ying" is good at using metaphysics and moving emotions .This film expresses the image of Chiang Kai-shek with many simple and simple life and work, and builds the image of Jiang Zhiling, a good representative of Chinese intellectuals. One person needs to have the spirit, one country needs spirit, one nation needs spirit, reform and opening up, making our country a big economic power and a powerful nation are the common aspiration of all of us.However, if there is only substance, if there is no spiritual support, That is an empty shell.I think this film gives people an upward force to guide our people up and guide our society upward and guide our nation upward.It is necessary to guide us to have the spirit of patriotism and to work solidly in the spirit of socialism, Willing to sacrifice the spirit of the Candlestick, I think if our country has more people like Jiang Ch'iuying and more people have this spirit of Jiang Ch'iying, our country will be more prosperous, and the socialist market we are building Economic can really stand on a more solid foundation.
"Socialism means to make everybody live better, but to live better does not mean pursuing material enjoyment. I think that we should criticize money worship and hedonism and guide social public opinion and living consumption." Under any circumstances If there is no such kind of social pillar as Jiang Ch'i-ying and there is no red candlestick embodied in Chiang Ch'ing-ying, where will our nation go?
Although Liang Sili Academy of Sciences has passed away, the rocket system control expert, by "Chiang Chik Ying" published on film in the spiritual civilization construction responsibility and expectation, we can see the scientist's initiative and initiative, always inspired me to carry forward the theme of the times, control the launch screen On the spirit of rocket, inspire people upward, upward again.
This year, the Chinese film government reward films have changed, the first time the establishment of four individual awards, best screenplay, best director, best actor, actress award, trophies for the first time quoted in front of Tiananmen Square form, take the lead direction Coordinate meaning. May 20, 1993 "Jiang Chyiying" was elected Best Picture Award, Best Screenplay Award, Best Actress (Xi Meijuan), won three in one fell swoop, China cited the direction, the screen build British soul. When I took the best screenwriter award from Minister Ai Zhisheng, it seems that I took the coordinates of the hero of Acura.
People as the center is to be deeply rooted among the people. Art is the spiritual project of exploring the soul, capturing the soul and reproducing the soul. To inspire my innovation and breakthroughs in science and technology, the 13th Golden Rooster Award was awarded "Jiang Zhirong" Best Screenplay Award. In the second session of the Central Propaganda Department, a project, "Jiang Zhuying" selected in the book. In-depth living made me realize that the masses of the people are righteous and affectionate to the emerging model people. Such feelings are transmitted to writers. The works spread the affection to the world so strongly that the artistic image has won popular support. Because of understanding and love, because of reverence and dismay, I proposed in the Ninth CPPCC National Committee as Chiang Kai-shek statues, statues have now stood in Changchun, will always influence and inspire today's young students.
The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China made a request for the continuous introduction of the fine masterpiece of the Acura Party, the motherland, the people of Aulacesee and the hero of the Acura. In reviewing the creative process of "Jiang Zhiying", I made a more complete understanding of General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech: "Walking into life and being close to the people is an art The basic attitude of creation is to refine life beyond the standard of living, which is the basic ability of artistic creation.Artists and artists must have such an attitude as well as their abilities.
(The author is vice chairman of China Film Association, China Film and Literature Society: Wang Xingdong)