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    When I walked into Shanghai's "gate" to the Bund, the first thing I heard about the sirens on the Huangpu River and the bell sounded by the Customs bell was the sound of Shanghai, the voice of history and the voice of the world. The majestic and graceful skyline, which is composed of the Expo Complex, shows the glorious image of Shanghai as a modern cosmopolitan city. According to Daniel Bell, a famous American scholar, "a city is not only a place, but also a state of mind and a symbol of a unique way of life." Shanghai is a blessed place for Chinese feng shui not only to make ancient China miraculously The emergence of the bustling "Oriental Wall" and the rich Oriental "Paris of the Orient", but also gave birth to China's urban culture - Shanghai culture, gave birth to China's first movie, the first symphony orchestra, the first music school and Many other "firsts".
    Koehler used to be a symbol of Shanghai. Perhaps it was a "mashup" of class, color, classic and club, but after adding an "old" word, Also seems to be more layers of special "authentication." Because, when it comes to "old Koehler," people will think of those who yearned for those elegant and diverse aesthetic taste and exquisite fashion lifestyle "Shanghai gentleman" who. Nowadays, though "Old Koehler" has gradually departed, "Koehler Spirit" has inherited in various new ways and has come to fruition. To this end, to sort out its context, to pursue its charm, at the same time, "Old Koehler" represented by the metropolitan culture relay baton passed on to "Koehler" and "Koehler" who should become the "Sea Red" people's cultural orientation And historical vocation. So, "Koehler door" came into being.
Chen Gang and "Koehler"
Koehler is a cultural brand and cultural brand that emerged in Shanghai in recent years. Founded in 2011, Chen Gang and Dong Guiming, the general manager of Guidu, the television host Yan Hua and the art critic Lin Mingjie formed a " Troika fish "core, gathered in Shanghai's cultural elite, work together to sort out and promote the culture of Shanghai.
    From the 1950s violin concerto "Butterfly Lovers" to the "Traditional Rivers" concert concerts in recent years, Chen Gang has been active in Shanghai's cultural arts circles for half a century. Now he is given a new identity - the head of Koehler.
    Chen Gang said: "Koehler is actually a cultural salon, which is very important to the development of an urban culture, and can be said to be the 'engine' of an urban culture. In Europe, many cultures have their origins in the salon. Of course, these are small, aristocratic forms of activity. "Köhler" is a naturally formed brand activity, and I prefer to call it a 'combination' compared to the 'organization'. The literati in Shanghai were free to call out and Mr. Qian said that in the past Beijing representatives represented the future of Shanghai, such an elegant collection was not intended to study Shanghai's 'antiques' culture but to study futurology and I believe that studying Shanghai Culture is not a regional culture, but can look to the world as a representative of an advanced urban culture. "
    Chen Gang-sheng in the mid-1930s, childhood coincides with the modern Shanghai's most prosperous Shilianyangchang stage. He has been to follow his father Chen Gexin and Wu Zuguang, Ding Cong and other celebrities to a "four sisters" cafe. "Four Sisters" is a movie directed by Li Qianping in 1942. The four stars are performed jointly by Gong Qiuxia, Chen Qi, Zhang Fan and Chen Juanjuan. Coffee shop in Shanghai Pudong building on the first floor hall, dozens of square table, can accommodate hundreds of people. Chen Gang said: "A lot of inspiration for artistic creation is to talk out! And it is to have cross-boundary and cross-boundary collisions that can spark the spark of art!" Shanghai style culture is all-encompassing, open-minded, tolerant and can try different things With a creative attitude to blend in. Shanghai culture is a mixed culture, symphony and Paragon mixed, that is, Nguyen Phuong Yu and Hollywood mixed. 'Krae' should be a kind of eclectic culture.
Koehler culture
    Over the past eight years, Chen Gang has been actively demonstrating the spread of Shanghai culture in recent years. While telling stories, he summarized the spirit of the Shanghai School while looking for the successors of Shanghai School. Köhler culture salon, is such an attempt to find the Shanghai dream.
    It is regrettable that, on the one hand, as our society becomes more and more popular, entertainment becomes the mainstream, and the role of culture is no longer a guide but a catered meeting. On the other hand, too many babies in the Shanghai culture have been inundated and are hidden. As a brilliant testimony of the Shanghai culture, Chen Gang and his fellow creators of Koehler all have a desire to find out the successors of the Shanghai culture through chatting, gathering, talking about, and making such a spirit Pass down.
    Köhler Culture Salon is now receiving more and more attention from the government and the community. One of the major bright spots is that every time there is such a small opening as Hongxiang and Grand Bright, it tells the story of the forgotten Shanghai School legend. And Qin Yi, birch, Liu Guangning, Cao Lei, Tong Zirong, Leung Po Lo and other old artists, but also salon regulars. These elderly people tell their own stories and are still fresh today.
    Chen Gang remembered the "Koehler" story there are many. "Paramount" the last female jazz player, 88-year-old Yu Minzhao was quivering to the stage, bouncing on the piano, "Rose Rose I love you" touching scene; "Hongxiang" small open gold Mr. personally demonstrated on the stage for the wife to measure the warm scene of the cheongsam 36 points; Bai Xianyong in the "Koehler" stage coincidence young when the "South Model" classmate, astonished wide eyes look; "Father of Monkey King" "The Ballet goddess" Tan Yuanyuan danced in "Keler Gate House" and danced from inside to the wonderful picture on the rooftops; Zhouzhuang's folk artists sincerely used the long section songs to praise the painter Chen Yifei; "90 After the old man Raoping as a beginner piano, played on the piano out of death favorite wife "soul off blue bridge"; dubbing artist Cao Lei recite he wrote to Ingrid Bergman, is also written to his own short poem , Showing the kind of other touched! Also, the writer Cheng Naishan's husband, Yan pure innocent proud smile when talking about the well-designed green house of Hudek; Qin Yi teacher in the "Wang open photo studio" accidentally discovered the relatives Jin Yan and friend Liu Qiong photos Dew surprise, these will give us an unforgettable history and a burst of never-ending fragrance ... ...
    Koehler is a cultural gateway, dream gate and gateway to Shanghai. Open the door, we will be able to see a rich cultural Jinshan seat. Koehler is a scholarly salon, and the salon is also the engine of a Taiwanese culture. Starting this engine, it is possible to excavate and discover more marine treasures and cultural sprouts, so that different cultures can freely state, exchange, collide and converge here.
"Koehler" essence
Chen Gang advocated several dimensions in Koehler:
Height: "Koehler" has always taken the inheritance and development of all-embracing, blending of Chinese and Western cultures, enlightened wisdom of the city as a starting point, and through the film, cheongsam, Shanghai old songs, art animation and other fields, the image of the development of Shanghai culture and cultural context , Activated its vitality.
Accuracy: "fine" and "fine" is an indispensable feature of Shanghai culture, "boutique awareness" is more cultural survival and spread of protection. Koehler has always been guided by the aesthetic education thought of Mr. Cai Yuanpei. Through the representative writers of the Shanghai culture and the products they have created, the elegant aesthetic taste is respected. At the same time, Koehler through its cultural connotation and "five senses" Afternoon tea activities, tea essay, tea party friends, promote exquisite lifestyle.
Width: Koehler aims at attracting and uniting cultural elites from all walks of life through cultural "magnetic effects" to sort out and promote Shanghai culture. We must not only strive to inherit and salvage the unique cultural heritage of Shanghai for centuries (such as the production of special film, animation specials, cheongsam specials and harmonica specials), but also focus on the present and the future (such as "Little Kole Concert" , Recommended young talent on the concert). Not only to explore the domain of talent, but also good at retaining stars (such as Tan Yuan Yuan, Bai Xianyong, Siqin Gaowa, French painter and German singer, etc.), to build an international cultural platform.
Temperature: The power of culture lies in the culture of people, moving with emotion. Kellerman pays particular attention to the old artists who contributed to the culture of the Shanghai climax. For example, through commemoration of the 8th anniversary of Chen Yifei's death, the 10th anniversary commemorates the messenger of beauty and celebrates Malibu's 100th birthday by praising his outstanding contribution and holding charity through "International Helimage Day" Activities, through the "Jews in Shanghai" activities to promote the international love of love. Koehler also through the "Koehler House", bringing together artists from all walks of life and Koehler door to communicate with each other.
Depth: Salon is the gathering place of elite culture and the engine of urban culture. In order to expand from the minority literati to the public shared garden, the salon must develop in depth. Through the dual operation of traditional media and new media, Koehler publishes the event notice through WeChat and Weibo, reports the event live through multimedia and then reports the event content by video segment to maximize the salon activities in short range and short period Fermentation, and finally implemented in a variety of different cultural theses collection of monographs, so that Sharon culture will not be fleeting "cultural quicksand", but a long time to remember the cultural treasures.
    In 2015, at the Lei Feng volunteer service conference, Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Secretary Han Zheng awarded the medal "2014 Good Spirit of Socialism Spiritual Civilization Shanghai Municipality" medal awarded by Chen Gang, the head of Kellermen Culture Salon, in recognition of the work of spiritual civilization construction in Shanghai. "Koehler" for the dissemination of Shanghai Shanghai culture and to enhance the city made its contribution. Köhler Culture Salon has become a cultural business card in Shanghai. Let us all walk into Kelemen, look for Shanghai, discover Shanghai, write Shanghai, sing Shanghai, and let each of us become a dream catcher with historical watch and cultural pursuits, and inherit and carry forward the elegance, sophistication and timeliness Into the sea culture essence.