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"Music and Dreams" Spring Festival New Year's Concert

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    December 28, Shanghai is still quiet in the holiday atmosphere of Christmas. Like day and night, crowded streets, warm and bright windows, Christmas trees covered with presents ... the "Music and Dreams" New Year Concert is held as scheduled in the fantastic Yamaha Concert Hall. This concert is the first time that Yamaha (China) Company holds special children. Many fans of Liu Mingkang also came to the scene to experience different concerts. Shanghai Hotline, Sohu News and Phoenix and many other media have made full coverage of this concert.
    The Spring Festival New Year's Eve concert, Yamaha (China) Company invited a number of music festival to join the big coffee, they are both music celebrities and love ambassador. Participating guests were Prof. Chen Gang, Chairman of Haikangbo Public Welfare Foundation, famous composer, and winner of the "Lifetime Achievement Award for Music Artist"; Xueying Jia, a famous pianist and winner of the Yamaha International Piano Competition in Belgium. They are not only guests, but also the performers of this concert. On the stage and the "Hai Kang Bei Star Art Troupe" children together to give wonderful performances! Liu Mingkang was awarded the "Yamaha - the future artist."
    Professor Chen Gang not only addressed the concert, but also performed "Butterfly Lovers" and "Congratulations Congratulations" on the "Piece of Butterfly Lovers" with his idol Liu Mingkang. It is noteworthy that "Congratulations" is the debut! This track is an early work by the late generation of musician Chen Gexin, known as "Gexian". This melody of the first dust seal half a century sounded again is the first world premiere of the song since its publication, of extraordinary significance. During the concert by Liu Mingkang, "Adilina at the water's edge," "Little Calligrapher" Yang Chengwei made a splash on the spot. A piece of "music and dreams" calligraphy presented to Yamaha.
    At the concert, Yamaha also invited a mysterious guest to participate. He is the only winner at the YAMAHA International Piano Competition. The famous pianist Fu Cong wrote in his book the feeling of playing for young pianist Xue Yingjia, "All of the harmony and clauses change, and he understands it. This is my most satisfaction." Evaluation of his performance " A lot of music, very convincing, very good, really good. "
Xue Yingjia today with their superb skills for everyone to bring two tracks "Choi Chasing the Moon" and "Liszt:" devil. "
At the same time, the concert scene ushered in another VIP, that is, Shanghai Special Olympics President Dr. Shi Derong. Dr. Shi Derong, as a witness of Liu Mingkang all the way, expressed his admiration for Liu Mingkang, a special child. "On Liu Mingkang's body, I saw the whole society's concern about children with autism. His success has greatly encouraged our nonprofit publics. I hope a success story like that of Liu Mingkang will continue to emerge." Dr. Shi De Rong Say.
    Yamaha is not only a world-renowned musical instrument manufacturer, but also a company that is passionate about charity and fulfills its social responsibilities. Since 1988, the Yamaha Music Promotion Association (YMF) has launched the "Yamaha Asia Music Scholarship" program in Tokyo, Japan, for more than 20 years. Since 2000, in mainland China, YMF and Yamaha (China) co-sponsored full-time students at ten conservatories and their affiliated high schools and more than thirty general teacher training colleges in China. Grant scholarship. To date, more than 400 Chinese students have been awarded scholarships. Many of these students chose to continue their studies abroad after graduation and achieved good results in international competitions overseas. After returning to other countries, I went back to major music schools in China for education and passed on music education in China. In 2017, Yamaha (China) also joined forces with Sichuan Provincial Department of Education and Guizhou Provincial Department of Education to launch a large-scale charity donation project called "Music and Dream". While donating RMB 2.16 million worth of crossover pianos to primary and secondary schools in poor areas, Domestic music education specialist trained more than 400 music teachers locally. At the same time, Yamaha in order to better promote professional music culture, carefully created Yamaha expert service center, set the grand concertina, music performances, professional services as one of the integrated space. After years of hard work, Yamaha Concert Hall has become a venue for musicians and musicians to hold concerts and music performances.
    The Spring Festival New Year Eve is the first time since its establishment Yamaha Concert Hall opened to special groups, but also the world's first open to the autistic community embrace the professional concert hall. The purpose is to enable these "special children" to have a platform to show themselves and to get on top of their own art stage like an artist. Yamaha hopes to promote positive energy while holding "Music and Dreams" - New Year's Eve concert. It also appeals to the whole society to care for these lovely children together. Destiny mercilessly closed the gates of these children to the outside world so that the "love" of the whole society set them up for the ladder of hope. This concert is not only the transmission of love, but also the responsibility of enterprises. Yamaha is willing to go hand in hand with the Foundation on the path to growth. Liu Mingkang is an autistic child who has never been hopeful and has been touched by the world by opening his extraordinary life after encountering the piano. His music has now inspired the confidence and courage of countless families of other autistic children both at home and abroad. Through this concert, more people are willing to feel, influence, and pass on the magic of the music. "
Speaking of "marriage" between Yamaha and the special population goes back to 2015. At that year's China (Shanghai) International Musical Instrument Exhibition, Liu Mingkang, acclaimed as the "genius of music" for autism, was invited for the first time at a Yamaha press conference. It is this Yamaha (China) company matchmaking, so that Liu Meikang saw the idol in mind - Maxim, and together with the media interview. Maxim expressed his admiration for the "genius". "Music is the common wealth of mankind, a very powerful weapon, and through music, special children may find ways to communicate with the outside world," Maxim said. It is also because of this bypass, so that the music industry to understand the autistic groups, but also let the world feel the immortal Legend of Liu Mingkang.
    The success of Liu Mingkang and ultimately the help of people from all walks of life, even less public welfare organizations such as Shanghai Hai Kang Bei Foundation donated to him. At the same time, Liu Mingkang is also a grateful child. This year, under the leadership of the foundation, Liu Mingkang not only attended various charity dinners many times to raise funds for autistic children but also ran the "Hokang Bei Star Art Troupe." For children with autism set up a warm harbor.
    With the concept of "love and art, lit up the stars", Shanghai Hai Kang Bei Foundation will help children with autism out of loneliness, improve their life and integrate into society by means of music and arts, and at the same time arouse the public to have a more tolerant attitude To treat children with autism. In addition to the routine organization of autism integration activities, the Foundation encourages children and families of autistic subjects to bravely face the reality and get out of loneliness and communicate with each other. The Foundation also issued loving passes and improved the quality of life of many autistic families. In the meantime, the Foundation, in-depth community paired with a number of schools for secondary education, explored autistic children with talent and interest in the arts. Under the guidance of professional teachers, the foundation not only organizes music, painting, art and other art studies but also organizes occasional performances. After three years of unremitting efforts, these children with autism have begun to gradually open their hearts and reach out to the crowd, which has greatly improved the symptoms of autism. Haikangpei public welfare fund hopes to use these valuable experiences to help more "stars children "Light up the sky of your life!
    Yamaha in hand special children, with music and dreams - together to create moving!

(Editor: Zhao Chunxiao, Du Yanfei)