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Bounce from Liang Zhu - Chen Gang Music Salon Mr. Gang Chen's Music Salon

Article source:Deep Bay Club

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    On December 30, Chen Gang, a famous composer who was over eighty years of age, was invited by his wife to visit the Deep Bay Club to show everyone the love and beauty of "Butterfly Lovers".
    Mr. Chen Gang is one of the most famous musicians in our country. He created a series of well-known music works in the 1950s and 1960s. Among them, "Morning Miaoling", "Sunshine Shines in Taxkorgan", "Gold Stove" In particular, the violin concerto "Butterfly Lovers" is attracting countless Philharmonic hearts in nearly one Koshien. "Where there is the sun, there are Chinese, there are Chinese places," Liangzhu "", the music will be linked to the feelings of Chinese in the world.
    The advent of Mr. Chen Gang also attracted a large number of "Butterfly Lovers" fans to come to Shenzhen, including Mr. Yu Heng, chairman of Hong Kong's "Yu Fund" and his wife. Mr. Yu Heng is the first Chinese who owns the world famous Stradivarius in Chinese history and has collected more than a dozen Italian grand piano and French violin bow to date. As a good instrument, as the arms of a soldier, Mr. Yu's good deeds have not only promoted the development of classical music in China, but also completely changed the situation that Chinese violinists did not play well in winning hands.
    Young dancer Llorie from the United States and Professor Zhang Youdan from Shenzhen University demonstrated at the scene. Laurie held more than 500,000 euros of the most famous French bows in his honor and exclaimed "The General Du Pont" of the well-known Stradivari family. Mr. Xu Hang, founder of Deep Bay Association, Ms. Xu Xia, vice chairman of Shenzhen Musicians Association, and all the audience at the venue were impressed by the sound of this bass full-bodied, sobbing, treble charming enchanting graceful piano.
This is an extraordinary music lecture and also a finalist for the Deep Bay Club 2017. 2018 approaching, Deep Bay will wish the members of friends and their lives because of music and beautiful, happy New Year auspicious!