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Interview with characters "Butterfly Lovers" composer Chen Gang: to music life, music to the soul of the newspaper

Article source:Deep Bay Club

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    Mr. Chen Gang was born in 1935 into a family of musicians. After entering the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, he collaborated with He Zhanhao in 1959 on the violin concerto "Butterfly Lovers". After that, the "Golden Stove", "Miaoling Morning" and "The Sun Shines on Tashkurgan" and other "Red Violin Series" created in the seventies and the violin concerto [Wang Zhaojun] created in the 1980s have also become famous Chinese violin music literature. Violinist Piyankovsky wrote to him: "I have heard many works of Chinese composers, but none of them give me the feeling of being as brilliant as your music. Create history, and my heart is so close to the soul of your music. "
    Mr. Chen Gang also created a number of works such as symphonic poem, chorus and chamber music. His first Chinese oboe concerto 【Huoma】 is skillfully integrated with rich national charm and modern composer skills.
    Mr. Chen Gang is a professor of composition at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. He has been included in more than a dozen of "Who's Who in the World," and received the "Honor Certificate in International Culture" and the "Soka Mo Hollywood Awards."
    Mr. Chen Gang is also an excellent essayist, author of [black romance] [three ears to listen to music] [butterflies in the butterfly] anthology.
The following is [headlines today] Chen Gang teacher's personal interview:
Reporter: You bring "Butterfly Lovers" get married in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Bay Association, is based on what kind of opportunity, this event will bring members how to share?
Mr. Chen Gang: First of all, special thanks go to Xu Xia, Director of Shenzhen Grand Theater for his invitation to let me come to Shenzhen Bay Club to hold this exchange event with everyone with "Liangzhu" as the medium. Both Shenzhen and Shanghai are pearl cities in China, and the two cities are particularly clearly feeling the pulse of the times. There is a saying that there is a place of sunshine there is Chinese, where there are Chinese people have "Butterfly Lovers", the deep bay will get married, I also hope to stand in this forefront of cities, music and our outstanding city character dialogue to share creative Think, share the beauty of art.
Reporter: During your study, you and your cooperation with Ho Zhanhao violin concerto "Butterfly Lovers" world-renowned music, "Butterfly Lovers" means to you what? How do you think about its classic meaning?
Mr. Chen Gang: When we created "Butterfly Lovers" during the period of studying at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 1958, I was 24 years old and Ho Zhanhao was 26 years old. "Butterfly Lovers" is now almost a Koshien, has experienced the changes in the times are still popular with people, different people, "Butterfly Lovers" also have different interpretations and deductions, this is very interesting thing. For me, "Butterfly Lovers" is a beautiful butterfly dream, but also a beautiful symphonic dream. It is well-known that "Liang Zhu"'s story background relies on a traditional Chinese love story, but we give music soul through creation, which carries people's pursuit of love and gives people an imagination of a better life in a special era, The Chinese-style romantic spirit, so many Chinese people become the classic.
Reporter: Along the way, what do you think is the birth of the classic "Liang Zhu" era?
Mr. Chen Gang: The birth of "Butterfly Lovers" has three aspects: the first call from the times. Every country and every age needs to have its own representative voice. The People's Republic of China was born in 1949 and she deserves to have her own music. The second "Butterfly Lovers" is Lin Sister who fell from heaven. It is an accidental necessity. On the one hand, the works inherit the well-known folklore in China and show the people's pursuit and celebration of immortal love. On the other hand, Militia, big steelmaking, three red flags of the fanatical era. Special thanks to Meng Bo, party secretary of the Conservatory of Music at the time, who locked Liang's gift as a gift with "a circle" and "romanticism" with "a little" and "one" The "poor origin of Chen Gang," the pressure, and ultimately have our classic birth.
Reporter: Why was "Butterfly Lovers" presented in the form of a violin concerto instead of a concerto for Chinese folk music?
Mr. Chen Gang: "Butterfly Lovers" is a blend of Chinese and Western cultures. Liang Zhu was born in Shanghai rather than other cities, in fact, fine study is also a deep reason. Shanghai is an international metropolis. Shanghai context and background also allow us to consider creating a common exchange platform for dialogue with the world at the time of writing. Before the proposition of love that can be understood by all mankind, we must also choose a world accepted Carrier, which is why we write "Butterfly Lovers" as violin concerto instead of erhu concerto.
Reporter: "Butterfly Lovers", you have also created a series of works of red violin and violin concerto "Wang Zhaojun." Someone once said that "Butterfly Lovers" are innocent, red violins are passionate, "Wang Zhaojun" is affectionate, and Chen Gang's life does not create a "love" word. What is your specific interpretation of the above creation?
Mr. Chen Gang: From a creative perspective, the music is lyrical. Human feelings are common, love is the root of human beings, human beings, and music is the best medium to communicate emotions. In addition, the music is the experience of the use of love, the birth of a track, once for the creation, the second play, the third is to listen, but music gives each experience, different people's experience is different; then the music is "love As Li Bai once referred to the moon in more than 100 poems, but each has different artistic conceptions, just as listening to Liangzhu at different times feels different, so good music The work must be full of affection, and this is why good works resonate.