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Chen gang's " years are beautiful" did not even have " Liang Zhu"!

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Chen gang's " years are beautiful" did not even have " Liang Zhu"!
Reporting time: may 07, 2018
Source of report: Koehler door
Last night, the " years of youth and splendor - special concert of Chen gang's works" was played at the concert hall of Shanghai symphony orchestra. our leader Chen gang used a concert as a reward for winning the golden bell award " lifetime achievement music artist award" and also gave a review of his artistic creation over the years. The composer who is renowned for his " Liang Zhu" did not even have " Liang Zhu" at his concert. Let little Koehler stroke your wonderful scene yesterday!
The concert began with a group of " red violins" brought by violinist Zhang Le and pianist shiwen, golden mantelpiece, morning in Miao Ling and sunshine shining on tashkurgan. It was a time when there was no gold, no morning, and no sunshine. Chen gang wrote gold, morning, sunshine, and spring with his music, and planted hope in the hearts of every Chinese. In the special era when the United States was destroyed, he used such music to defend and promote the United States.
Then came Lu ma's monologue, which was an accompaniment by Qin Yi, who played Lu ma in the 1984 movie thunderstorm, invited Chen gang to write. Chen gang spent the whole night writing a piece of music. accompanied by this piece of music, Lu ma's affectionate confession was full of strength, such as crying.
The voice artist Cao lei performed this monologue at yesterday's concert. Cao lei's father is a well-known writer and reporter Mr. Cao Juren. when Cao lei was 8 years old, his father bought back many plays, including Cao Yu's thunderstorm, so his father and daughter played opposite plays at home. his father acted as Zhou servant garden and Cao lei, 8, read Lu ma's lines. Exactly 70 years later, Cao lei continued his love affair with Lu ma on this stage.
The " opera style trio" was a big surprise at the concert. For many years, Chen gang has been exploring the integration and integration of Chinese and western music, searching for treasures in the treasure house of Chinese operas. besides the trio of violin, piano and Kunqu opera " dream", he recently created yue opera style " sister Lin falls from the sky". yesterday was the world premiere of this work.
After the performance, the audience cheered. the host Yan Hua came to the stage and revealed that the " drama trio" had three pieces and a ballad singing style. he had just finished his work last week. moreover, the work was adapted from Chen gang's father Chen Gexin's old song " miss on the tricycle".
In the warm cheers of the audience, Kunqu opera artist Shen Yili, violinist Zhang Le and pianist shiwen returned to the scene again, presenting this newly released new work, which greatly filled the audience with joy.
The second half was two major works. The oboe concerto " Kumar" is China's first oboe concerto written with modern techniques and was created in 1985. The performer is Peter Cooper, an American oboe player. this work has very high demands on the performer. there were no musicians in China who could play this kind of music in those days.
Now that more than 30 years have passed, the level of Chinese oboe performance has greatly improved and the audience is growing. This piece was performed yesterday by Cheng Yue, principal oboe and oboist of the Shanghai philharmonic orchestra. he was also the fellow teacher of the first performer Peter Cooper. The close cooperation between Cheng Yue and Zhang Liang's Shanghai philharmonic orchestra seems to make people see the wonderful scenery on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau.
The last piece of the concert was violin concerto " Wang zhaojun", yes, there was no " Liang Zhu". Perhaps many audiences will regret, how can Chen gang's concert not have " Liang Zhu"? Indeed, this work is so classic that when it comes to Chen gang's association and " Liang Zhu", but after listening to yesterday's concert, you will find that in addition to " Liang Zhu," he has many excellent classic works. As the host Yan Hua said, " this does not seem to be the incompleteness of" Liang Zhu ". in fact, we have seen a more complete Chen gang. ”
" oriental paganini" Huang Mengla and young pipa performer Xie yudan performed the violin concerto " Wang zhaojun" with the Shanghai philharmonic orchestra. this is also the symphony created by Chen gang based on the story characters in Chinese traditional culture and is called " companion piece" of " Liang Zhu".
At the end of the performance, teacher Chen gang appeared in a " Hermes red" suit and delivered a humorous and affectionate speech. This outstanding composer is always fashionable and trendy. he has turned artistic life into a " course of beauty" of seeking, discovering, creating, defending and inheriting beauty.
At the end of the concert, the host Yan Hua sighed with emotion: " today's concert is called' years and youth', youth is the most beautiful period of life. because of its beauty, it is short - lived. However, through teacher Chen gang's music and life course, let's ask: who said " fanghua in a flash"? Every stage and season of Mr. Chen is fanghua. he changed fanghua from a period of time to a state, making us believe that fanghua can be around as often as beautiful music. this is what Mr. Chen gang brought us' years of fanghua'! ”
Let's find our first thoughts through the wonderful music of miss Chen and through the cultural feelings of " Koehler door". let's feel the beauty of youth, art and life!
Many fans came to the scene yesterday through interaction with us. welcome to leave a message to us. miss Chen gang can see it!