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Chen gang, who appeared on the scene in a " Hermes red" suit, conveyed the soul of the Shanghai school culture with elegant and popular music.

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Chen gang, who appeared on the scene in a " Hermes red" suit, conveyed the soul of the Shanghai school culture with elegant and popular music.
Reporting time: may 07, 2018
Source of report: Wen hui
" years and splendor - special concert of Chen gang's works" was played at the concert hall of Shanghai symphony orchestra on the evening of may 6. The " red violin" selection, " Lu ma's monologue" piano recital, the oboe concerto " Kumar" and the violin concerto " Wang zhaojun" outline Chen gang's adherence to the " Shanghai style" with notes. the world's first opera trio embodies the composer's eclectic creative philosophy.
Chen gang, a professor at Shanghai conservatory of music, won the golden bell award last year for " music artist for life achievement." he said in an interview with Wen hui before the performance, " after winning the award, I want to use a concert as a response to this honor. These music will also express my understanding of the culture of the Shanghai school: haina baichuan, the integration of Chinese and western cultures, and the common appreciation of elegance and customs. ”
Piano recitation: " Lu ma's monologue" ( selected from Cao Yu's drama thunderstorm ) recitation: Cao lei piano: Chen gang
During the performance, Chen gang appeared in a suit of " Hermes red" color, which also echoed many of his music works. " composers should listen to the times and the audience. The years are sentimental and the youth is infinite. I hope to write new youth in the new years. " said the 83 - year - old composer at the curtain call.
After the performance, IP kwok - hui, head of the music composition department of Shanghai conservatory of music, told reporters, " teacher Chen gang's music contains feelings for beauty and also permeates the characteristics of Shanghai school culture and traditional Chinese music culture. ”
It is worth mentioning that Chen gang personally designed the cover of this concert program book. " I wrote the words' years and youth' and chose' Hermes red', which is slightly orange in color. it represents a life full of bright colors in my heart. " this composer feels that he will always be trendy and fashionable, and will turn artistic life into a" course of beauty " of seeking, discovering, creating, defending and inheriting beauty.
Common appreciation of elegance and customs enables more people to understand and like " Shanghai style"
As one of the composers of the violin concerto " butterfly lovers" ( hereinafter referred to as " Liang Zhu" ), Chen gang said that Shanghai's eclectic urban cultural characteristics gave birth to such a work which combines the tune of yue opera with western symphony and has been playing around the world for nearly 60 years. So, how can contemporary writers and artists communicate the vigor and vitality of Shanghai through music? Chen gang believes that one of the major characteristics of Shanghai school culture in music creation is that it dares to try different things and then merges new ideas with creative attitudes. This needs to have an international perspective and a forward-looking vision, and to combine the contents of ancient and modern China and foreign countries. However, the bigger issue before the creators now is how to achieve common appreciation of elegance and customs so that different interesting audiences can like and understand it.
Chen gang's father Chen Gexin created the popular song rose I love you in Shanghai and the modern song spring flower autumn moon when. " it is not difficult for some people to understand a piece of music because it is especially elegant to write, and it is more convenient to do it in a vulgar way. However, it is not so easy to make people of different ages, identities and educational levels accept it. Father wrote many songs and Liang Zhu did it. Chen gang said that the emotion conveyed by the literature and art works nurtured by the Shanghai school culture is very exquisite, refined and refined, which may also be one of the secrets of " Liang Zhu" to impress countless people.
For decades, Chen gang has been exploring how to write the music of " haina baichuan, integration of Chinese and western cultures, elegance and common appreciation". For example, in Liang Zhu, the composer organically combines national elements with symphony narrative methods. The entire work uses a standard orchestra, with the exception of the tambourine instrument. Chen gang said: " in the paragraph of" resisting marriage ", the percussion instruments in the orchestra are not enough to express the emotional intensity of" shouting everyday should not be done, calling the ground is not effective ". they have to be beaten into the hearts of the audience with tambourines. ”
Later, Chen gang wrote the violin concerto Wang zhaojun. The work also combines the Chinese national sentiment and contemporary composition skills. one piece of music depicts Zhao jun in the ice and snow through the pipa, missing his native land and loving his new home. " nationalized music has its own characteristics and limitations. if it is to be combined with symphonies, it must not be copied mechanically. ”
Accept everything and get creative inspiration from traditional operas
Apart from violin concertos or solos such as " Liang Zhu," " Wang zhaojun," " morning in Miao Ling," " golden mantelpiece," " sunshine shining on tashkurgan," Chen gang also wrote China's first harp soloist, " fishing boat singing night," the first oboe concerto, " Kumar," symphonic poems, chorus, and other works.
In recent years, his creative steps have not stopped. for example, the series of " opera style trio" - such as the Kunqu style trio " dream fright" and the yueju style trio " sister Lin falling from the sky" combine opera with piano and violin. It is not only Chen gang's uninterrupted efforts but also his high hopes for young composers that how to accept everything, especially to continue to obtain creative inspiration from the broad and profound operas. " the violin concerto" Liang Zhu " uses the tune of yue opera with the same name, and the development of yue opera is closely linked to Shanghai's historical context. " Kunqu opera, Peking opera and other operas can sing all over the country and even go to the world. Shanghai is also inseparable from the big stage. At present, Chen gang's creative tentacles have extended to Kunqu opera, yue opera, pingtan opera and other operas. in the future, he also plans to compose music inspired by Huai opera. " I hope that more musicians can be mobilized to write works that draw nourishment from operas. ”
Over the years, Chen gang has also devoted himself to promoting the Shanghai school culture through various forms. He has compiled and published several albums and records such as " Shanghai old song classic", " Shanghai lingering sound" and " modern Shanghai". The " Koehler door culture salon" established by him regularly introduces the haipai culture to the public in a special format. Chen gang said: " it is the responsibility of me and the musicians who live in this land to continue to focus on Shanghai's history, explore the context of Shanghai and present Shanghai culture to the world in the artistic language of music. ”
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