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--Visit the famous painter Zhangzhiqi
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2013, the famous painter Zhangzhiqi created 20 meters long scroll "The British Notes" seminar held in Chengdu, this work will not only the British most beautiful natural scenery and cultural landscape in front of the audience, At the same time, with its new ink form and the pioneering spirit of innovation to subvert the painting industry generally think that Chinese painting is difficult to express the theme of Western painting, in Sichuan painting has aroused a strong response and resonance, most of the local well-known painters use the word "shocking" to describe their first sense of the work. So what does "shock" originate from? Recently, the author of "The British Travel Notes", the famous painter Zhangzhiqi in his studio, told reporters his more than 50 years of arduous quest for the long journey of art.
The famous artists from the library
Famous painter Zhangzhiqi, 1943 born, the hometown of Sichuan Jiangyou Qinglian is a generation Shixian Li Bai grew up in the childhood, its yuk context in the history of the river, such as the spring rain moisten the sound of a generation of generations, Mr. Zhangzhiqi's strong literati temperament and his works show the uninhibited and romantic although all related to this but more to their own life experience. Like reading from childhood reading comics to the youth to read the literary classics to form a habit. Zhangzhiqi said, because often with "comic book" contact, he gradually like to write and paint with pen, and reading Chinese and foreign literary masterpieces of those rigorous modelling, skillful, unique style of exquisite illustrations became a mentor of painting enlightenment.
1960, Zhangzhiqi realized the dream of childhood, as the entrance to the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, the love of painting to his devotion and obsession almost obsessed, he has always believed that painting is a practical professional, in the hands of the understanding is to knock open the door of the sacred art of the only way, So far, though, he has never left painting in his 50 years of life. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts, Zhangzhiqi was assigned to the Sichuan Provincial library, where he stayed for more than 30 years. Zhangzhiqi admits, in the library more than 30 years, is his artistic creation career important stage. "As a library staff, I have the opportunity to enjoy the books, swim in the book, and can calm down to paste painting, pen." "Zhangzhiqi said. "If not a man who chooses painting for sheer love, the way to more or less will sprout several turn of thought, a slight deviation of the change, even in that art market is not hot in the last century will not embark on painting this road, but Zhangzhiqi love for painting just out of sincerity, no change or give up There is no discontinuity so there is no return of the brush style, no painting as the means to achieve the goal so no need to drift. It's hard to be firm. And still busy all his life is engaged in the let their own happy things, is indeed lucky. Said the commentary.
Because of this, Zhangzhiqi's painting level can be continuously promoted. Since the 1970s, he has become a well-known cartoonist and illustrator, he completed more than 30 comic books published in the National publishing bestselling, and won the first Chinese Outstanding Book Silver Award and the National Fourth Annual Comics award second prize. And the long-term comic book, illustration creation, like a marathon training, in the number of works, the composition of the changes in the form of the performance of the painting to touch, climb, roll, play all kinds of skills, for later Mr. Zhangzhiqi Creative diversity has laid a solid foundation.
1990, Zhangzhiqi to the Central Academy of Fine Arts Seminar, Division from the Japanese painting Masters Cassander and made, completed the meticulous figure "drunken drama Qiu", won the 11th Asian Games Sports Art exhibition silver medal, and was invited cessation to attend the opening ceremony of the Asian Games. The work became a milestone on his art path, and he rose to fame in the painting world.
Following the successful transformation of the drunken drama Qiu, Zhangzhiqi has created a series of fine brushwork and obtained rewarded, in which the "Torch Immortal Olympia" won the third Chinese Sports Art Exhibition Bronze Award, the works by the International Olympic Committee collection. and the eighth session of the Ministry of Culture "star Award" silver of the "Han anecdotes", is called Zhangzhiqi portrait of the peak. When Zhangzhiqi's meticulous figure painting is getting better, he again transformation, change meticulous figure painting for freehand brushwork figure, followed by 1998 Zhangzhiqi's landscape painting works "Autumn Mountain evening Map" was selected the Ministry of Culture "98 international Art Year" contemporary Chinese landscape painting, oil painting landscape exhibition. Since then, Zhangzhiqi's freehand landscape painting has shocked the viewer again and again.
Conter not exceeding the moment
Looking back on the art road of Zhangzhiqi, it is not difficult to find that after coming out from the Academy of Fine Arts, he has achieved high attainments in comic strips, illustrations and so on, and was once an excellent comic strip and illustrator. However, when the painter entered the birthdays, he chose the way of the creation of meticulous figure painting, when meticulous figure painting is getting better, he again transformation, the work for Freehand brushwork, and then transformed to landscape painting, this shows that the painter Zhangzhiqi's works form a wide range of topics inclusive of abundant, it is rare.
As is known to all, it is undoubtedly risky for a painter to constantly transform and dabble in various subjects. However, in Zhangzhiqi view, art in the unconventional, a painter as long as the ability to portray a skilled, deep ink sentiment ability, it is not subject to the limitations. It is the definition of the so-called ' Bamboo king ' and ' Plum King ' which is the most undesirable, and is not the realm of the artist. "Zhangzhiqi said.
However, this bold transformation and innovation, not only let the painter Zhangzhiqi out of the bondage of the fixed program, but also achieved the success of the painter Zhangzhiqi. He told reporters that from the comic book transformation to Chinese painting, and then in the form of first work after writing, and then from small freehand to large freehand brushwork, are "whim, shun its natural, feeling and hair" results, the freedom of the mind, driving in the arts and innovation, and to the new heights. "When the mentality relaxed, when the ink is really free, then want to draw on the painting, how to draw how to draw." ”
The reporter found that the painter Zhangzhiqi every transformation is not only a success, and achieved remarkable results. Taking meticulous figure painting for example, 1990 's "drunken drama Qiu" and 1997 "Han anecdotes", in the more uniform color tones, a variety of dozens of characters of the clothes dynamic are extremely summarized lines and moderate shadow vividly present, although the first line of color depicted thin but not to harmonizing tension, There is a sort of relaxed state of mind; in Freehand brushwork, although only a few strokes of the outline, but the figure of the mood, strokes detail properly and ink aplomb, although not as many large freehand works so domineering exposed, but there is no lack of heroic ink of the Chinese, but it appears "vertical and can be gathered, put not wild." It can be said that this kind of evidence shows the free realm, is not only Zhangzhiqi to meticulous and freehand brushwork of the understanding, but also the painter skillfully superb skill embodiment.
If the meticulous figure painting and freehand figure painting, is the painter Zhangzhiqi art creation of the first two peaks, then landscape painting is his artistic career in the third peak. Wei Xue, vice president of Sichuan Museum, said Zhangzhiqi's landscape painting has the tranquil artistic conception, the idealized modelling image, the thick impression display and the light and the color effect's graceful, hazy various aspects characteristic, not only does not lose the traditional painting the pen and the ethereal structure connotation, but also overflows the new form beauty.
The reporter discovered that Zhangzhiqi this kind of modern thinking to understand the tradition, and use the new artistic expression technique to carry on and deduce the tradition, not only has promoted the Chinese landscape painting the thorough development, has promoted the artistic style rich and colorful, but also has accomplished his very individuality painting artistic style. Visible, Zhangzhiqi in the painting career in a leap, is not only his decades of exploration and accumulation of results, but also he is familiar with a variety of painting language, and continue to extract the essence of the real embodiment.
Color Ink opens a new journey
Reporter found that painter Zhangzhiqi is not only a successful transformation of the painter, but also a dare in the Chinese painting on the constant pursuit of innovation painter, the most representative works is that he takes a year to complete the ink scroll "British notes."
At the beginning of 2013, Zhangzhiqi's 20-meter ink Scroll, "British Notes" debut "Chengdu-London art Exhibition", in the United Kingdom caused a strong response and widespread concern, the BBC Chinese language network and the BBC British Network, such as 26 Chinese and foreign media have been reported. August 2013, in Chengdu, held in the Zhangzhiqi "British Notes" academic seminar and tasting meeting, the famous painter Ahan, Wu Shijing, Tang Yunming, Wang Yishi, Triti, Liu Zhengxing, Shing, Xu Prairie, Li Highland Barley, Yi Simin, Zhu Chang, Hu Chengjin, Dong, Mikinming, and other dozens of local famous artists to the scene, Even the venerable old printmaking artist Li Jinmin. At the symposium, we thought that "the British notes" is refreshing, is a wonderful traditional illiterate and contemporary aesthetic awareness of the docking, is the modern landscape painting exploration and innovation of the successful attempt, not only the United Kingdom's most beautiful natural scenery and cultural landscape in front of the audience, But also subversion of the painting industry generally think that Chinese painting is difficult to express the theme of Western painting views. Expand the Chinese painting techniques and the inclusion of the subject matter.
Speaking of "British notes" can be in the United Kingdom and China at the same time to get praise, Zhangzhiqi said: "This is a year, there is no slack, exploratory attempt is full of stimulation, often like boarding the desperate but also the twists and turns of the feeling." ”
"The tradition of Chinese painting is in harmony, perfection, balance of the change and development, and with the Times constantly enrich its original painting, painting theory, drawing and to a new situation." Transforming exotic personal feelings into artistic creations forces me to look for different techniques and styles. "This is Zhangzhiqi summed up the" British notes "after the creation of the harvest brought to their own.
The colours of the British notes are impressive, the same picture, not only the color of the traditional concept of ink, in terms of colors, the color of the same color, chroma changes also because of the description of the different objects and control the degree, only the same color of the green on the screen because of the needs of the scene is divided into black and blue, green, grass As Li Jinmin reviews, "Many colours have been even quite close to Western watercolor and oil paintings." "Zhangzhiqi said:" The inertia of the ink form is easy to be satisfied with the inherent mode of expression, fresh feelings can inspire the artist's expressive innovation. "The British Notes" Let me in the search for Chinese and western painting skills to make efforts to converge. Bright Color is "the British notes" had to choose the means of expression, in the exploration of ink, color harmony to prove the expression of the various possibilities of Chinese painting. ”
Zhangzhiqi said, "The British Notes" opened a new window for themselves, Chengdu and even Sichuan, there are too many can use this way to express the scenery, "Next I may have to focus on the creation of a group of local paintings of Sichuan, although not necessarily with long scroll performance, a single creation can also use ink, The skill of color unification expands the expressive force of local painting theme. ”

People profile
Zhangzhiqi, 1943 born, Sichuan Jiangyou Qinglian people. is now a member of the Chinese Artists Association, the Standing Committee of the Chinese Art Society, Sichuan Province, vice president of the fine brushwork, Chengdu, the honorary president of Contemporary Brushwork, Chengdu Artists Association consultant, Chengdu National Painting Academy Vice President and Academic Committee director, Sichuan Mo Hua Art Research Association, President of Chengdu, Chinese Network Teaching Center Research Fellow of China Art Research Institute, a distinguished researcher of Sichuan Province.
The main representative works are: "Drunken drama Qiu" won the 11 Asian Games Sports Exhibition Silver Award; "Lovers of the Ming and Qing Dynasties" won the second third of the national painting, "Lei Feng Tower" won the first Chinese Outstanding Art Books Silver Award and the National Lottery Second prize; "Flame Immortal Olympia" won the third Chinese Sports exhibition bronze medal, the International Olympic Committee collection , "Autumn Mountain Evening Map" selected the Ministry of Culture "98 international Art Year" contemporary Chinese landscape painting, oil painting Landscape exhibition "," The Han Anecdotes "won the eighth session of the Ministry of Culture" star Award "Silver Award. The works were selected 第八、九、十届 National art exhibition, the artistic achievements are embodied in "Chinese Contemporary Art (1979-1999)", "Contemporary Chinese Art", "Chinese Contemporary Painters ' Dictionary of Celebrities", "contemporary Chinese Art" and many other documents. By the Chinese Society of modern culture as "World Silver Award Artist", and won the Chinese Federation, China Association selected 97 chinese painting painting hundred title and the Sichuan Literary arts and crafts duo Xin Artists, 2010 was named the contemporary 30 most academic value and market potential (people) painter. Published in the "Zhangzhiqi collection of Paintings", "Hundred artists Zhangzhiqi Works selected", "Chinese painting elite Zhangzhiqi", "contemporary Chinese Art Famous Zhangzhiqi volume, Volume II, vol. three" and other works.