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Zhangzhiqi (2014-2017) Art activities

Article source:Chengdu Classic Sinks

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1999 was named in the literary arts in Sichuan province, the double scented artists

21 pieces of work into the Beijing Art Circle Investment newspaper editor Sichuan Art Publishing house published the "Chinese painting the most powerful painter" large album;
Works exhibition:
The art of the Chinese Dream in Chengdu
"Southern Silk Road theme painting exhibition"
"Beautiful Chengdu Village Fine Art Works exhibition"
"Hibiscus Blooming Art Works exhibition"
"Chengdu Art near modern excellent works of Tianfu painting nomination exhibition (First time)"
Sichuan University, "the first exhibition of internal and external art literature of Haina College"
"Chongqing Chengdu Calligraphy Spring and autumn Bashu six people painting exhibition"
"Vivid portrayal of 2015 portrait Invitation Exhibition"
"Sichuan Chinese Painting Portrait Works exhibition"
The famous Chinese painting and calligraphy family folk songs activities "into Kaijiang"
"Famous paintings of Chengdu art Works exhibition"
"The annual exhibition of art works in Chengdu" (first time)
"The second annual Haina College Art Literature Exhibition"
Chinese Art Newspaper special Edition reports "Zhangzhiqi Chinese painting Art"
Won the title of "National Master of Art" by Chinese Art Research Institute and Chinese Artists ' newspaper, and it was compiled by China Federation International Publishing House "National Art Master" large collections
"The annual exhibition of art works in Chengdu (second time)"
"The first exhibition of outstanding works of Provincial Alliance of Chinese fine Brushwork"
Sichuan Association of Calligraphy and Painting Institute, "Keep Mo Ding" art Works exhibition
"Zhangzhiqi Chinese painting Art" in the final edition of "Modern Art"
My opinion on "inheritance and innovation of Chinese Painting" published in the publication;
Art achievements in China Federation publishing house "1912-2017 Chinese Art Anthology"
"The second Chinese painting of the Provincial Union Excellent Works exhibition tour"
"Sichuan meticulous painting a generation of art works exhibition"
Sichuan Economic Daily at the end of the introduction of "Tian Xiang night dyeing and drizzle to Hong-Zhangzhiqi/famous painting Library"
2014-2017 Creative "urban Feelings" "Shushan" "South Yunnan Smoke Cloud" series of Chinese painting works near hundred.