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The night is dyed with drizzle and the sky is hung

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Wen/Yang Shulian

It was a long time ago that I did not know where to read a very plain and elegant magazine-the Quartet table. The cover is a low-key, unadorned gray-blue, quaint and stately. The book begins with an essay from Mr. Kai, "walk through the quiet harbor", the text is fresh and natural, narrative indifferent and affectionate. The passage of a paragraph of the impression is particularly profound: "Suddenly looking back, has passed Lshon, Fang know that the world has its own trajectory." Although the effort, but only in the time of the tunnel spiral back to the original point. At this point, I understand that the most important thing in life is not to know what you can do, but to know what you can not do ...

This is an outstanding artist after a long years of sharpening the sentiment.

This March, the interview with Mr. When the moment of meeting, unexpectedly déjà vu feeling. Sir Shape Seiitsu, face Choulans, temperament elegant, eyes mild, such as an elegant Yi, Ji seclusion in the noisy city, dive peace, natural weather.

Mr. Zhangzhiqi was born in 1943 in Jiangyou Qinglian, Mianyang City, Sichuan province. Because of the nostalgia for his hometown, Mr. Kai has always had a stamp on his hand, entitled "Qinglian". According to Mr. Recalls, love of painting may be an arrangement of Providence. Since he was five or six years old, he has been fond of painting on paper alone and quietly. In 1960, Mr. Kai was admitted to the attached school of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, where he received strict training. After graduation, assigned to the provincial library work. In the provincial library, he engaged in propaganda, editing, research work, finished is 31 years. In this long period of time, he not only like to smell the huge library full of books stacked in the rich book fragrance, and adhere to meditation Linte, painstaking painting, reading, pen, in the pen paper ink exploration and thinking has been moving forward, never slack. In the 70 's to the 80 's, Mr. Zhangzhiqi created more than 30 best-selling national excellent comic books, hundreds of literary illustrations, numerous national competitions and awards of Chinese painting works. One of the "Leifeng Pagoda" won the first Chinese Outstanding Art Books Silver Award and the national Second Prize of comic. In the early 70 's, he in the creation of comic book "Ding Youjun", in order to understand the life and growth of Ding Youjun martyrs of the environment, in the creation of strokes, composition, folklore, architecture, vegetation can truly restore the historical truth, at that time, only the eve of Mr. Zhangzhiqi to Xichang folk songs. "That era of folk songs, is really for artistic creation and in-depth field interview Ah!" Zhangzhiqi memories of the past, regrets sigh. At that time, the Xichang urban area, poor and backward due to traffic congestion. In the Hexi district of Xichang, young Mr. Kai lives alone in a shabby, dilapidated mules shop, living in a courtyard with a caravan, mule, and horse coming and going on the tea-horse road. The voice of the mules shop is noisy, the crowd is bustling, the human beings get along, primitive natural. During those days, he had only two meals a day with the locals. In this environment, every day in addition to hard to find information about martyrs, the study of geomorphology and environment, sketch accumulated material, for Mr. Zhangzhiqi, the memory of the most profound is the three things: at that time, the moon is brighter than the street lights, the Xichang of the sky is very bright, and the quilt of the evening covers very dry and comfortable, and the wet quilt of Chengdu is completely different, every night Xichang, moon, stars bright, like another strange world. It was these wonderful memories that made a deep impression on Mr. Kai. He returned to Chengdu after the creation of the comic book "Ding Youjun" with exquisite strokes, real scenes, affectionate picture and swept the country. Since then, his "Tang Dynasty" "Zhu Yuanzhang" "Midnight" and other more than 30 comic books from the 70 's to the 80 's, the total circulation reached Chichodovan. In the age when the cultural books were scarce, only the comic strips brought rich spiritual food and visual enjoyment to the whole two generations. "I personally think that the 15 years of painting comics that the long experience, for me is very important, although the road is lonely, but for my composition, pictures, figures and other painting comprehensive quality of the promotion has laid a solid foundation." "Since Mr. Kai sighed.

1990, Mr. Zhangzhiqi to the Central Academy of Fine Arts Seminar, Division from the Japanese painting giants Cassander and made. This is the second important stage of his artistic career. "During the study of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Cassander and we talked more instead of ink, composition, technique, but thought. Teachers and students often get together all night, in the minds of fusion and understanding. "The further study of the Central Academy of Fine Arts has inspired the performance and construction of modern Art expressionism, Romanticism, Cave murals and Cubism," he said. Subsequently, Mr. Zhangzhiqi completed the famous meticulous figure "drunken drama Qiu", this work with exquisite exquisite strokes and unique simple character modelling, won the first Asian Games Sports Exhibition Silver Award, the eighth Chinese Ministry of Culture, "Star Award" silver, since the Kai was invited cessation to attend the opening ceremony of the Asian Games. In the 90 's, he concluded that "tradition is evolving and developing in harmony, perfection and balance, and it is an art theory that constantly pushes itself into a new situation in motion." After the 90 's, since the creation of the passion of the unstoppable, creating a series of unique composition, ink delicate, elegant color, the implication of the extraordinary fine brushwork works, renowned national art world.

After more than 50 years of artistic career, Mr. Kai, who is now in his old age, never ceases to think and practise. He insists that the change and innovation of Chinese painting is the norm, and it is the first foundation of art. Innovation is not a repeat, but a natural evolution in poetic nature and spirit. In the cycle of the Four seasons, Sir, he thought about the profound connotation of "Lin Quan's ambition" advocated by the literati. The Ancients of the "Quan Zhi, hazy companion, dream in Yan, sitting in the poor spring" retreat nature, perhaps, we ordinary people understand that there is a "masquerade" intention. But from the perspective of Mr Kai, it is not possible to conceal the intrinsic subjective spirit by external objective image, the Ancients "Lin Zhi" is the meaning of seclusion, but now artists need to consciously from the bottom of the heart to close, love nature, so that physical and mental and natural close integration, so in the clouds, Shanguo game, Chine, million wood drunk in the autumn, Capture the most beautiful picture.

Over the years of his own Mr. Kai, creative passion is more wanton and unrestrained. A mind of the meteorological artist, no matter when, it is difficult to cover up in the vast years of the deep accumulation of art and pen and ink release. Since the start of the years after the creation of a series of landscape works, the ink, color overlapping, inking overlap in the combination of the impact of a difficult to use words to depict the extraordinary mood. For example, "First snow": light brown Buildings reveal a corner, in a large area of light gray and ink blending in the bushes, snowflakes flying in the branches, the slender trunk, diffuse snow, the screen in the artist's transmission of the reality and romance, nature and the present, quiet and presence of a dream-like beautiful snow come. His work, "Banana shade reading Map", composition of the atmosphere and wonderful: a stone, a bundle of giant banana, banana forest, a lying on the quiet reading of the little urchin. Heavy, strokes sound, thick and revealing seiitsu. The Banana Lin Maushuren, the small urchin modelling lovable, seems may from a Zhang Zhang huge like shade, clumsy natural banana leaf, sniffs the painter to pass out the thought core. Works "Sheng Makeup": A classical beauty, sitting elegant, headdress complex, ink moist, unique shape, the characters noble, mellow quiet, the picture is full of "no intention to draw, painting from the text" of the aesthetic. It is based on this art concept, based on such a profound accumulation of broad-minded and passion, based on the wind and rain of the thought and exploration, since the Kai in more than 50 years of painting career, experienced the portrait, murals, flowers and birds and other themes of brilliant.

Since Kai in the inheritance of Chinese painting in the premise, has long been out of the program, the standard piece of the rut, later years of work is full of the age of vitality. Along with his artistic career practice, his works, whether it is portrait painting, Flower and bird paintings, cave murals, landscape paintings, and so on, permeate a wide range of aesthetic interest, so in the traditional balance of evolution, constantly put their own works of art to new heights. Since the spirit of Choulans, Chinese painting works deep feelings. In creation, he cared for the release of the image beyond the reality of the fetters and life fragments, showing the characters or landscapes in the local or the whole, surface communication and the essence of humanistic spirit of the art of penetrating power. He is reticent but thoughtful, sensitive to the line and tired of noise. He developed a new, pen and ink, half a century of pen and ink experience and exploration of Chinese painting inheritance and innovation, the two complement each other, blending and line, drawing a rich outstanding paintings. In his two travels to England, he traveled in London, Yorkshire, Oxford, Manchester, Eastbourne, and so on, taking a year to complete a roll of over 20 meters of the magnificent long scroll "British notes." With the ink and composition of Chinese painting, depicting the rich alien sentiment, shocked Sichuan painting, but also let the academic community to appreciate an important point of view: In the exploration of the harmony of ink color, the demonstration of the various possibilities of Chinese paintings.

Today's septuagenarian, although the wind, but the breeze, like Toshihaya, hidden in the city of painstaking creation. More than half a century of artistic career, his vast and rich works, like the vast expanse of autumn rich color and fruit.