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Wang Yijun: Tangshan love of zibo ceramic master ( photo )

Article source:Bohai news network

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Wang Yijun: Tangshan love of zibo ceramic master ( photo )
2017 - 09 - 18 source: Bohai news network
In the bustling exhibition hall of the special edition of Bohai news network, Tao Bo, the characters " Wang Yijun" are especially noticeable. Compared with the first time I saw him in 2001, the " rush five" Wang Yijun has not changed much. it is still elegant hair curls, plain cotton and linen shirts, and bright and clear enthusiasm.
From the 4th to the present, Wang Yijun has participated in the 17th Tangshan Tao Bo conference in a row. In the past ten years or so, the young artists of that year have become masters of Chinese ceramic arts. they are also vice-chairmen of the ceramic branch of the China arts and crafts association and vice-chairmen of the China carved porcelain culture research association. their words are full of feelings for the porcelain capital in the north.
He was in his early 30s when he first participated in the exhibition. Wang Yijun said: " the earliest impression given by Tangshan Tao Bo was that it was built with a platform. later, it became more and more mature, more and more large in capacity, better in quality, and truly became an influential industry gathering. ”
Modern China carved porcelain art originated in zibo and flourished in zibo. Wang Yijun is one of the best among them. Carved porcelain is a combination of painting, calligraphy and carving. it is a combination of pen, ink, color and knife. it is difficult to imagine. At the fourth Tangshan China ceramics Expo in 2001, this young man from zibo stunned the audience with his exquisite carving skills. Artist Han Meilin immediately wrote a painting to praise the new artist.
The following year, Wang Yijun's carved porcelain work shaoguang won the special prize of the 10th China arts and crafts master and international fine arts exposition. In 2003, Wang Yijun was named master of arts and crafts in Shandong province. In 2010, he became a master of Chinese ceramic arts.
Every year at the Tangshan Tao Bo conference, Wang Yijun brings new works to the exhibition. He did not satisfy the traditional skills, and successively studied the comprehensive techniques of crystalline glaze carving porcelain, colored glaze virtual spraying background carving porcelain, kiln changing glaze and half knife clay decoration, ceramic art and carving porcelain. At the 16th Tao Bo conference, he brought many works such as carved porcelain plates, celadon pots, purple clay carved pots, carved porcelain vases and so on, which once again attracted the attention of Tangshan people.
For more than ten years, Wang Yijun has been invited to create many national ritual ceramic art works, widely praised and praised as " master of national ritual art". He brought elegant carved porcelain art to Tangshan and forged profound friendship with Tangshan ceramic masters fan youxiang and bi Nanhai. Top experts from the two places exchange skills together, participate in exhibitions, exchange visits, exchange visits, and frequently travel to and from zibo and Tangshan. He also took Li Xiaogang, a native of Tangshan, as a disciple and taught him the art of carving porcelain without reservation. Li Xiaogang, who was a few years old, studied art with him for more than ten years and learned a unique skill.
In 2016, the 25th golden rooster Baihua film festival was held in Tangshan. four old artists, Tao Yuling, Ge Cunzhuang, Liang Xin and Xie Fang, won the lifetime achievement award. coincidentally, the awards of several old artists were the porcelain plate of " Ji Yu tong fu" written by Wang Yijun with chicken as the theme.
" chicken has five virtues: Wen, Wu, Yong, ren and Xin, to express their reverence for the old artist. At the same time, I also want to make some contributions to Tangshan. " said Wang Yijun.
Along with the coming of Tangshan Tao Bo conference, Wang Yijun felt the changes of Tangshan ceramics over the years while the art was maturing. He recalled that at the time of the first exhibition, the proportion of Tangshan art porcelain was very small. nowadays, not only Tangshan bone porcelain is famous at home and abroad, but also art porcelain is full - fledged, which is divided into three parts: sanitary porcelain and Japanese porcelain. He is proud and proud of the changes in the porcelain capital in the north. He said that he had fallen in love with Tangshan.