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award for Chinese calligraphy Lanting award;

Article source:award for Chinese calligraphy Lanting award;

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award for Chinese calligraphy Lanting award;
The value of Wang dingcheng's aesthetic orientation lies in the integration of male strength and Qing Li. especially in his cursive script, he can not only see the extension of potential, but also have the whirl of rhyme. he strives for strength and strength but not delay and inflexible. he strives for change and lyric but not capricious. he points out, uses pen and knot characters so as to make the structure of composition a natural one, and is in harmony with nature. The orientation of Wang dingcheng's calligraphy language is diverse. the two kings are fresh and fluent, su and mi are strong and graceful, and the skills and laws are seen in the floating rocks. Xiao San naturally sees the pleasant and wonderful interest of " getting it by chance". There is no doubt that he has accumulated many years of experience in the language of calligraphy itself. in a sense, his revelation is far better than the work itself.
In the era of " everything inevitably goes vulgar" ( Wang xiaobo language ), Wang dingcheng also got a false name in langde: a member of the Chinese calligrapher's association, standing vice chairman of Shaanxi calligrapher's association, distinguished professor of northwestern university, consultant of the Chinese Wang Xizhi research Jin ting calligraphy association, honorary dean of Shaanxi Jinshi calligraphy and painting institute, researcher of Shaanxi museum of literature and history, member of the provincial Federation of literature and art, etc. The works are collected by the great hall of the people and many museums at home and abroad. Special editions of hundreds of newspapers, magazines and television stations such as " Chinese calligraphy", " great appreciation of fine arts", " Chinese outstanding person", " book method newspaper" and " tuanjie newspaper. overseas edition" of the Chinese people's political consultative conference are recommended.