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Renowned dance educator professor Pan Zhitao and dean Wang feng went to the affiliated art school for investigation and guidance

Article source:art school affiliated to Shenyang normal university

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Renowned dance educator professor Pan Zhitao and dean Wang feng went to the affiliated art school for investigation and guidance
Reporting time: June 17, 2015
Source of report: art school affiliated to Shenyang normal university
From June 10 to 11, 2015, renowned dance educator professor Pan Zhitao, dean of Beijing institute of science and technology and arts Wang feng, came to the affiliated art school and was warmly welcomed by more than 1,000 teachers and students from the art school!
Teachers and students of Chinese dance major first gave lectures on teaching and learning. the lectures included basic ballet training, technical skills of Chinese classical dance, folk dance Mongolian, Uygur, Tibetan and northeast yangge, Shandong yangge unit training and dance martial arts classes. principals Wang Xiaodong and yin tiewen also reported on the development plan of affiliated art schools and the five-year planning plan of dance teaching department respectively.
Professor pan spoke highly of the teaching report at first, believing that the teaching was rigorous and standardized, and he was happy with the good results achieved by the lower grade students. he was especially impressed by the Xibo boys enrolled free of charge from Xinjiang in our school and gave high praise. At the same time, it also points out that teachers should pay attention to the cultivation of students' individuality and creativity while following the teaching norms. After listening to the report on the overall work of the school and the dance teaching plan, dean Wang feng, while affirming it, also from the perspective of the development trend of similar art schools across the country, stressed the need to give full play to our school's strongest comprehensive strength in the three northeastern provinces art schools and to find a correct position. We should highlight the characteristics of our school and achieve " people without me, people with me, people with me, people with me". At the same time, it is pointed out that the state's policy support for vocational colleges is increasing, and secondary art schools have bright prospects and should be full of confidence.
At the same time as the research and guidance of the two leading experts, a " famous dance educator professor Pan Zhitao's teaching lecture and a guest professor appointment ceremony at Shenyang normal university" were held, and professor Pan Zhitao was hired as a guest professor at Shenyang normal university.
Later, in the report hall of international business school, professor Pan Zhitao gave lectures on Chinese dance to more than 300 teachers and students in the dance teaching department. professor pan shared his own artistic experience with the teachers and students. taking the Olympic games performance and the concert on the road to the revival of large-scale sound and picture epic as examples, he vividly described the characteristics of Chinese national folk dance and the inheritance and future of Chinese national folk dance. In the nearly two-hour lecture, professor gray harmonic vivid language, graceful dancing posture, his inheritance and persistent infection of dance art inspired all teachers and students in the whole hall. the lecture ended with professor Pan Zhitao's exchange and interaction with students and bursts of applause.