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Professor Pan Zhitao was invited to give a special lecture to the central ballet

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Professor Pan Zhitao was invited to give a special lecture to the central ballet
Reporting time: October 10, 2015
Source of report: China dance network
On the afternoon of October 8, 2015, the central ballet company invited China's famous folk dance educator, professor Pan Zhitao, an expert enjoying special subsidies from the state Council, to give a special lecture on " starting with Chinese ballet and Chinese folk dance" to the trainees of the training course for young performers of the ballet " red women soldiers".
Beginning with the creation of the " five - inch knife" dance segment in the ballet " red women soldiers", professor pan vividly taught the characteristics of the Chinese national folk dance and the artistic charm of the Chinese ballet from a series of angles such as collection, arrangement, creation and rehearsal of the national folk dance, taking the Olympic performance personally directed by him and the 90th anniversary of the founding of the party as an example. When answering the students' questions, professor pan was not only funny but also demonstrated a wonderful dance on the spot. The applause and laughter of the whole lecture continued. professor pan's enthusiasm for dance art infected and inspired the students. professor pan's spirit of inheriting and developing Chinese national culture greatly impressed the audience on the spot.
Teacher pan gave the students a lively " artistic life" lesson, which showed the wisdom and elegant demeanour of the master. Whether it is Chinese ballet or Chinese folk dance, it takes courage and wisdom to move forward. looking back, it needs more power to think. Since the successful creation of the classic ballet " red women soldiers", the Chinese ba people have been thinking about the development of Chinese ballet. only the national is the world's! Professor pan fully affirmed the artistic achievements of the central ballet for more than 50 years, and placed his students among the people, to have a deep understanding of the traditional Chinese folk culture, to integrate the Chinese folk dance with the creation of Chinese ballet, and to create more classical dance dramas.
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