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Pan Zhitao talks about Chinese folk dance lectures

Article source:Guizhou normal university news and culture network

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Pan Zhitao talks about Chinese folk dance lectures
Reporting time: October 28, 2015
Source of report: Guizhou normal university news and culture network
On October 26, at the invitation of the art institute of Guizhou normal university, professor Pan Zhitao, a famous dance performance artist and dance educator, gave a lecture to our school. Taking this opportunity, our institute and the Chinese folk dance center held a signing ceremony at the ethics lecture hall for the teacher training base of the Chinese folk dance grading examination and awarded the guest professor letter of appointment to professor Pan Zhitao. Professor of the Chinese folk dance department of Beijing dance institute, renowned dancer and dance educator professor Pan Zhitao, dean of the art institute professor Wen qingrong, vice secretary and vice president of the party Committee professor ma guanhui, director of the dance discipline Xiao Wei, secretary of the communist youth league sun jiagu, and all teachers and students of the dance school attended the activity. The ceremony was presided over by ma guanhui.
At the meeting, Xiao Wei stressed the necessity and importance of holding this lecture to dance teachers and students. Wen qingrong takes care of Guizhou ethnic folk dance from the perspective of art and culture. Mr. Wu Haiwen, deputy director of the Chinese folk dance center, made a speech from the expert team and popularization of the Chinese folk dance grading examination, hoping to realize " win - win" through the cooperation of the colleges and universities to build practical activities. The Chinese folk dance grading examination teacher training base has been successfully settled in our school, providing a platform for our students to learn and exchange Chinese folk dance, enriching students' school life and dancing grading examination needs, and satisfying the urgent needs of the vast number of students.
After the ceremony, Pan Zhitao began a lecture on " Pan Zhitao talk about Chinese folk dance". Professor pan first talks about the performance of folk dance from the dance works " canchun" and " a yangko dancer" by Yu Xiaoxue, a well-known performing artist of Chinese folk dance. Taking the director of the opening ceremony before the 2008 Beijing Olympics as an example, a large number of video materials were shown to show us the characteristics of our national folk dance, such as nationality, dynamics and liveliness.
During the lecture, the students actively pondered and raised many questions about the inheritance and development of Chinese folk dances. Pan Zhitao answered them one by one with his own teaching experience and highly praised the fine style of study of the students of the art institute.
Finally, ma guanhui expressed his thanks to Pan Zhitao for the audio-visual feast he brought to our teachers and students. he hoped that the students would seriously think about it and feel it. he also suggested that our school's dance teachers and on-site dancers should be down-to-earth and pursue their dream of dancing under the encouragement, inspiration and guidance of Mr. pan Lao in colorful Guizhou, a hot land rich in ethnic and folk culture.
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