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Renowned dance educator professor " Pan Zhitao" successfully concluded public welfare lecture

Article source:dongguan yueju.com.

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Renowned dance educator professor " Pan Zhitao" successfully concluded public welfare lecture
Reporting time: April 6, 2016
Source of report: dongguan yueju.com.
On the afternoon of April 2, 2016, " dongguan Fuhua art and culture communication co., ltd." invited " dance veneration" of Chinese dance circle, renowned dance educator over 70 years old, master's tutor of Beijing dance institute, founder of Chinese folk dance, " taoli cup" dance competition, " overseas taoli cup - international dance competition" founder: professor Pan Zhitao came to Songshan lake youth activity center in dongguan city, Guangdong province to hold public welfare lectures on the themes of " future development of student dance works" and " connotation of overseas taoli cup international dance competition".
The lecture invited dance educators from Guangdong province, including the proud protege of professor " Pan Zhitao" in Guangdong province. The topic of this lecture is " the future development of children dance's works". first, he told the teachers and students on the scene all kinds of problems in children's study of dance and the unreasonable movements in children dance's works. professor pan told the teachers: " dancing is for pleasure, not for suffering. don't turn dancing into another kind of course. at the age of 72, the whole audience's teachers and students admire it with a charming figure. His powerful artistic appeal also shocked all the teachers and students, drawing waves of cheers and applause. Professor pan talked about his youth's study experience and parenting experience, exchanging dancing education experience with teachers and parents. Humorous and witty remarks, rich life experiences, simple and sincere suggestions have made the audience present quite fruitful.
Professor Pan Zhitao used humorous language and fresh examples to tell the teachers and students about the great charm of the dance career that attracted him to strive for and sacrifice all his life. He introduced the development of Chinese national folk dance from " folk - class - stage" based on the review of dance images such as " grand celebration of lions in southern Guangdong" in Guangdong before the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, " yangge of Shanghai purple bamboo tune" and " phoenix dance dragonfly" of yi nationality. he explained the characteristics and connotation of Chinese national folk dance from a historical perspective and the development of " yesterday, today and future" of Chinese national folk dance. he said: " these are concentrated expressions of Chinese national strength and cohesion. I am deeply proud of these dances and national pride arises spontaneously. The shock that the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics brought to the whole world won the opening ceremony of the Olympics only once, that is, the extremely high evaluation in Beijing, " let the teachers and students present here intuitively appreciate the significance of the traditional Chinese culture and art rich in life force from the visual to the auditory, and resonate with each other.
The overseas taoli cup international dance competition was fully planned and launched by professor Pan Zhitao, an older generation of dance artists and founder of the original taoli cup dance competition. while selecting and training new people, more attention was paid to the performance of live works. the ultimate aim was to push Chinese dance to the international stage. When the time is ripe, the organizing Committee will organize outstanding programs to carry out international tours.
The competition has officially started to register. this competition has gathered outstanding dance trainees from various regions in dongguan, with 2,000 contestants. Will officially kick off on June 18 at dongguan dongcheng theater.