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" overseas plum cup" dance master Pan Zhitao dance lecture Guangdong station

Article source: star entertainment news

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" overseas plum cup" dance master Pan Zhitao dance lecture Guangdong station
Reporting time: December 23, 2016
Source of report: star entertainment news
Recently, famous dancer professor Pan Zhitao came to Jieyang, Chaoshan, to give a special lecture on dance knowledge - " overseas plum cup" choreographer Pan Zhitao to create a lecture on the east Guangdong station. The activities are sponsored by the organizing Committee of the Chinese culture five continents tour and the organizing Committee of the overseas taoli cup international dance competition. they are hosted by Jieyang qinwu Lin culture communication co., ltd. and planned and implemented by the Jieyang original music and dance association.
Pan Zhitao is a professor and master's tutor of Beijing dance institute and deputy director of academic Committee of Beijing dance institute. Director of the expert Committee of the Chinese national folk dance examination center and editor-in-chief of the textbook compilation Committee. Chief director of the performance before the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. Founder of " taoli cup" national dance competition. Enjoy special allowance from the state Council. It is known as " dancing respect" in Chinese folk dances.
According to president Lin xiaoliang, who is in charge of the activity, the main purpose of this lecture is to improve the artistic and aesthetic qualities of dance teachers in Jieyang and even Chaoshan regions and their confidence in developing dance undertakings through face-to-face opportunities and personal experiences with dance masters. This invitation to professor Pan Zhitao to come all the way to Jieyang in spite of his busy schedule is indeed a very difficult task. he started to submit his application to the organizing Committee of the " overseas plum cup" three months ago.
The activity not only attracted teachers of art institutions from Shantou, Chaozhou and Jieyang local regions, but also students from the art system of Jieyang college and the preschool teacher class to be graduated from Jieyang technical school. Also present at the event were Wu Haiwen, executive deputy director of the Chinese folk dance grading examination center; Liu Liwei, director of the organizing Committee of the five continents Chinese culture tour; relevant leaders of Jieyang city's Wen guang Xin bureau; cultural centers; and artistic guests. Professor pan played on-site the dance repertoire in the performance before the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics directed by the director and the folk dance repertoire material video in the large-scale music and dance poem " the road to revival". together with his enthusiastic explanation, he made everyone understand the aesthetic points and creative highlights of each dance. At the scene, professor Pan Zhitao also demonstrated in person how his movements evolved from folk performances to stage performances when he was creating Shandong drum yangko, a teaching material for folk dances, so as to inspire and encourage teachers to try to create them.
After listening for three hours, Mr. Jiang said that 72 - year - old professor Pan Zhitao still insisted on developing and popularizing dance. as a young generation of dance educators, we should learn to improve our own artistic accomplishment and use our own strengths to teach every child around us.