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Dance educator Pan Zhitao arrives and gives lectures

Article source:Shanxi daily

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Dance educator Pan Zhitao arrives and gives lectures
Reporting time: may 14, 2017
Source of report: Shanxi daily
This newspaper reported that on the morning of may 12, Pan Zhitao, a famous dance educator and founder of the Chinese folk dance discipline and professor of Beijing dance institute, gave a lecture on the theme " talking about Shanxi folk dance into the classroom" at Shanxi university. more than 400 dance lovers attended the lecture.
73 - year - old professor Pan Zhitao talked about his impression of Shanxi folk dance and his thoughts on entering the classroom, especially expressing his sincere appreciation of Shanxi university's teaching materials of " Jin dance and Jin rhyme" folk dance, based on his 50 years of experience in Chinese folk dance education, the establishment of taoli cup dance competition and being an invited expert in CCTV dance competition. He said that under the leadership of professor Zhao linchun, the academic and technical leader of Shanxi province, Shanxi folk dance teaching has made a qualitative leap, transforming itself from the " ugly beauty" style of the original yellow river school dance to the " beautiful" dance. They systematically refined the original Shanxi folk dance, created professional teaching materials, entered the university classroom, and formed a teaching system, thus breaking a new path for the phoenix nirvana of folk dance. This not only has the index value for Shanxi folk dance as a branch discipline construction of Chinese folk dance, but also has important significance for Shanxi to establish cultural confidence and create a beautiful image. ( reporter of this newspaper )