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Professor Pan Zhitao teaches the original ecology of Chinese dance

Article source:Chengdu university

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Professor Pan Zhitao teaches the original ecology of Chinese dance
Reporting time: may 26, 2018
Source of report: Chengdu university
Pan Zhitao, a second-level professor and master's tutor, enjoys special subsidies from the state Council and is deputy director of the academic Committee of Beijing dance institute. Director of the expert Committee of the Chinese national folk dance examination center and editor-in-chief of the textbook compilation Committee. Founded in 1985, the " peach and plum cup" dance competition has become the competition in the Chinese dance circle that most embodies the cultivation of talents and the trend of creation. He founded the Chinese folk dance department at Beijing dance institute in 1987 and served as the first chair of the department. He created and organized large-scale dance performances such as the closing ceremony of the Asian games and the opening ceremony of the 7th national games. he was the director of the performance studio before the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Professor Pan Zhitao was briefly selected into the world Chinese literature and art world who is famous.
Keynote address:
Chinese folk is the original ecology of Chinese dance and the source of Chinese folk dance creation. How to develop Chinese dance and tell Chinese stories in succession today when inheriting excellent traditional Chinese culture? From the perspective of " the belt and road initiative", how to make good use of Chinese folk dance resources and cultivate contemporary Chinese dance art talents with international vision and Chinese spirit is the necessary way for the development of contemporary Chinese dance circles.
Professor Pan Zhitao, who was a consultant for the dance " thousand hands Guanyin" and also served as the chief director of the performance before the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, has been a specially invited critic of the five CCTV TV dance competitions in succession. his witty and vivid language and dedication to the inheritance of dance art have infected and inspired all audience friends who love dancing. He has the name of " Chinese folk dance honour". He recounted the characteristics of Chinese folk dance and the " yesterday, today and future" of Chinese folk dance.