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9.23 Well-known child educator Dr. Dr. Hang "Rose Princess to develop mind"!

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23 September 2017, 3 pm Famous child educator, translator for children's literature, Ph.D. in education in the United States: Suzhou, Hangzhou, at the Grand Theater of Classical Arts held a conference titled "The General Trend of Children's Education in the New Era - Speaking from raising daughters and grandchildren, "themed lectures.


In 1986, Dr. Suhang won the highest teaching research scholarship of the State University of New York, and in 1992 received a doctorate of comparative education. In 2001, Dr. Su Hang was hired by Peking University, went to China as principal, and pioneered international education. During this ten-year period, Dr. Su Hang graduated from Beijing Zhongguancun International School as a school principal and Beijing Yaozhong International School as its principal. He also served as a certified expert of the International School of the Chinese Ministry of Education and participated jointly with WASC, NEASC, CIS and other well-known international certification bodies More than 10 countries in the world of international school certification.


In this lecture: Dr. Suhang explained and explained the system: the importance of child education, to find the first time suitable for their children's education, 15-year-old is the stage of adolescence, this time to be timely and children Communication, and finally shows that: 5-year-old grandson and grandfather positioning, parents and elders should do is: appropriate assistance to prohibit interference.

Under the patient guidance of Dr. Jerudong, let us have a different view on the general trend of children's education in the new era.