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Spirit and Enlightenment--Loxiaping and his paintings

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Abstract:From Luoxiaoping's work I saw his sensitivity and talent in painting, should be that a few "thick accumulate thin hair" "tiandaochouqin" of the old saying, unrestrained, feeling and hair, smart savvy is his painting characteristics, he thought that all things have the spirit, the use of the hands of the pen through the painting form, the understanding of the world's deep-seated cognition, Is the spirit of the great freehand brushwork, guarding the soul of that piece of pure land, the pursuit of a tranquil and beautiful spiritual home! Loxiaping The art of painting with a pious state of mind, whether it is the southern Castle Peak Xiu Shui or the northwest of the vigorous and bold and unconstrained are endowed with the passion and inspiration of his creation! In a picture flashing the light of art, full of vigor and passion of the works, swimming and spiritual strokes and colorful colors highlight the vitality of the painting works, imitation of the heart of nature to touch! We can realize that the author is trying to use the lofty conception of Chinese painting, aplomb strokes combined with the use of the color painting and material characteristics, Each takes the director, transmits to the people another kind of eclectic dares to explore the spirit, is the eastern and Western culture art one kind of fusion and the exchange beneficial attempt. Xiao Ping's works have a unique artistic charm style, from his works I can feel his peculiar feelings to the Chinese land, he imitate nature, take its essence, unconventional, the creation of the landscape painting is the scenery of Bashan Shu Water and the great northwest of the passion of the atmosphere, there is no dispirited, only the sun, passing is positive energy! Through Loxiaping's works, I have seen a very rich potential of oil painters in the art world of Sinle cultivation. A rich experience of life will also have a deeper artistic perception. Xiao Ping must be able to do better, art indefinitely. On the path of pursuing the true meaning of art. run, brother. You are not alone!

Sunliren, director of Chinese oil Painting Society

Vice Chairman of Ningxia Association

Deputy Dean of Ningxia Calligraphy and Painting Institute

President of Ningxia Oil Painting Association