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Loxiaiping's artistic life

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Abstract: In more than twenty years, I devoted myself to the study of the essence of the arts and traveled all over the country.

    Zhongqing, who is now a visiting professor at Chengdu University-China-ASEAN Institute of Art, a distinguished painter of Yan Yan Painting Academy, a member of the Chinese Society of Image oil paintings, a member of Chongqing Artists Association, Clatia (Classic Exchange) contracted artist, professional painter. Division from the contemporary famous oil painting artist Mr. Zhang Yanzhao, Young division from the Chinese painting Wang Leisure Shadow, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts Zhongmaolan, Li Baochen, Rehon and other teachers. In the early 80, the military Department of the Air Force Ministry of Culture of Nanjing Military Club music Ministry engaged in art propaganda work. Over the past two years, a number of oil paintings to participate in the national and provincial and municipal professional exhibitions held. oil painting "Fog lock Yangtze River" by Yinchuan Art Museum collection, oil painting "Snow plateau" by the Chinese Contemporary Art museum collection, oil painting "Cxs Plateau" by the Ningxia Library collection.

August 21, 2013 Ningxia Yinchuan TV station for its oil painting "All the way to the West" carried out a special report.
2014 participated in Gan Qingning three provinces exhibition.
June 2015, published by Anhui Fine Arts Publishing House, "Contemporary oil painting" publishes 10 oil painting works.
In January 2016, published by Sichuan Fine Arts Publishing house, the "oil painting industry---is now in progress" published 10 paintings.
August 21, 2013 Ningxia Yinchuan Electric Jian Taiwan had a television special report: "Culture Yinchuan: Inaction and for--on Loxiaping and his oil painting art." Ningxia Daily, Yinchuan Evening News, Yinchuan city Life newspaper has repeatedly weekly more than 40 pieces of his work, and for special reports.
April 18, 2015-April 24 Uban Art Museum held more than 90 paintings of the "Earth Feelings" exhibition of Loxiaping personal oil paintings.
October 12, 2015 at the Chinese Chongqing Art Center held Loxiaping oil painting exhibition "Spirit and Awareness" exhibition 42 oil paintings, September 15, 2016-October 15 in Chongqing, China's Contemporary Art museum held "heart travel Loxiaping oil painting exhibition" 2016.10.22. Beijing song Zhuang (fishing port) Take part in the poetic Chinese oil painting exhibition.
2016.10.28-day Beijing Landscape Art Museum (Lotus). (Chishui) to commemorate the Red Army's Long March 80 celebrations.
2016.10. To participate in the Chinese Association of oil Painting in Chengdu, China Contemporary Art Museum of China hosted: Image of Bashu exhibition.
August 2017 should be CCTV, Hong Kong Association invited to Hong Kong to participate in: Celebrating the 30 anniversary of Hong Kong Grand celebration event.