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[ national art fund project expert ] - Guan Ming

Article source:Hu Qin music talents training

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[ national art fund project expert ] - Guan Ming
Hu Qin music talents training January 9
National arts fund project specialist
Guan Ming
Guan Ming ( 1939 — ) was born in Tanghe, Henan province. he is a national first-class composer. he is a member of the Chinese musicians association, a standing director of the Chinese national orchestra association, vice-chairman of the erhu association of the Chinese musicians association, deputy director and orchestra conductor of the creation and research room of Shaanxi song and dance theater, and vice-chairman and Secretary-General of the Shaanxi national orchestra association.
Artistic career
He was admitted to Xi' an conservatory of music in 1958, assigned to Shaanxi orchestra after graduation, and merged with Shaanxi song and dance theater in 1963. The main works are: song " please look at my hometown", instrumental music " photo of female militia", " harvest yangko", " small antelope", " fat delivery road" ( cooperation ), flute concerto " spring" ( cooperation ), Ruan quartet " Yu Guan yin", erhu and orchestra " Xikou sentiment rhyme", erhu solo " Hu Ge", etc. Among them, " on the way to delivering fertilizer" was selected as " erhu music collection" ( people's music publishing house ), and " little antelope" and " spring" were selected as " gaoming flute music collection" ( published by people's music publishing house ).
Winning tracks
In 1983, he participated in the creation of " Tang Chang' an music and dance", among which Zheng song " mo Shang sang", pipa song " spring always in my heart" and dance music " Mao yuan gu" won the Shaanxi province literature and art creation and development award. From 1984 to 1985, he went to Japan and hong kong to perform as the band leader and conductor with the " Tang Chang' an music and dance" troupe. The national orchestral suite " Wang Baochuan" ( cooperation ) won the third prize of Shaanxi province's first art festival. Ruan family quartet " Yu Guan yin" recorded CD in hong kong; Erhu and band " orchid flower" won the third prize of the 3rd national music awards. More than ten performers at home and abroad recorded various tapes, and were selected as teaching materials in national music colleges and universities. they were also included in books such as " national erhu test score collection" and " selection of Chinese ethnic instrumental music" ( edited by Li ling ), eight of the Chinese and foreign music books. Create theme music for TV scenery films such as " soaring nanzheng", " chenggu is a good place", " Xiangxi cave" and the movie " watching the moon on the 15th of the first month".
Published papers
Published papers include " Qin erhu and Yan yue scale", " disorderly play of erhu music creation", " talking from the small flower drum", " erhu master walking from the fertile soil of national music", " orchid flower creation documentary", " pride of national music - Liu Tianhua", " analysis of contemporary erhu music creation", " beginning with the autumn moon in the Han palace", " river water and horse racing" and their inspiration to us, " several issues worthy of attention in erhu music creation", " Chinese erhu Chinese cuisine" and the analysis of " Qin erhu" music creation and so on. Shaanxi TV station and other news media featured their deeds.