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String Bosom Friend--Li Honghan erhu concert of teachers and students held successfully

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String Bosom Friend--Li Honghan erhu concert of teachers and students held successfully
2018-06-17 15:15 Xian Business Network
Xi ' an Business Network (Shang) June 16, 2018 7:30 P.M., Xi ' An Conservatory of Music Hall is packed, by the well-known meticulous painting and bird anna inscribed "string bosom friend" three words especially rhyme. Li Honghan erhu Teachers and students concert by the XI ' an Conservatory of music renowned conductor Gao Wei Stick, the famous flute, pai xiao Performers Gao Chunhua as guide to hear. Famous conductor Congsongpo as an art consultant and joined in the portrait. Musical repertoire Rich performance superb, Li Honghan and his students Shan, Li Yan, Wang Xiaotong, Wu Linjie, Sun Zhe, etc., including solo, ensemble, play and other pieces of music eight, fully demonstrated the Li Honghan more than 10 years of teaching, creation and performance results!
The biggest highlight of the concert is the launch of three debut new works, of which "Chang ' an ancient tune", Erhu and the band "Yao Song" is Li Honghan in recent years new creations. In particular, "Yao song" is Northwest music as the material, beautiful melody into the heart, touching to deep, access to the line of experts and scholars alike! The experts and scholars who come to this concert are: Famous musicians Cho Jianzhong, president of Shaanxi National Orchestra Society, Xu Guangming, famous Suona performer, Chang ' an ancient music expert Gioge, Shanxi Ancient Music and Culture Research Institute deputy Dean Liu Gobing, famous composer Guan Ming, China Music Association Erhu Professional Association vice President, Shaanxi Province Erhu Association president Jinwei, Renowned erhu virtuoso, Xi ' an Conservatory of music, the Director of the Department of Huyan Melvin and the Department of Folk music, such as the bow of the teacher! String Bosom Friend--Li Honghan erhu teacher and student concert of the successful holding, continued the Rouges created by the Qin Pai erhu set performance teaching in one of the fine tradition.
Brief introduction:
Li Honghan, party member, Master of Arts, graduated from the XI ' an Conservatory of music. Xi ' An music institute is currently the ERHU professional teachers, Shaanxi Provincial Folk Orchestra Association, the Chinese Musicians Association erhu member of the Society.
Learning from the Qin, successively division from Professor Zhanghuide, Huyan Melvin Professor, and won the Qin Pai Erhu founder Rouges Professor guidance and teachings. He received a master's degree in literature in 2009. After teaching the rigorous and serious, the guidance of the students at all levels of Instrumental Music Contest award, and was named excellent teachers. Has visited many countries to carry out the Exchange performance, many times successfully held individual solo concerts.