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The latest report of artist Rouges in Bo Bao artist net

Article source:Bo Bao Information Network

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The latest report of artist Rouges in Bo Bao artist net
Report date: March 28, 2011 Source: Bo Bao Information Network
Hometown of Hubei June Xian Danjiangkou May 1949 to participate in literary work, 1954 graduated from the Department of Music, Northwest Art Institute.
He served as Vice Dean of Xi ' an Conservatory of music and is currently a postgraduate tutor and adjunct professor of Xian Jiaotong University.
Deputy Director of the National Music Committee of China Musicians ' Association, vice President of China National Orchestra Society, consultant of Shaanxi Musicians Association, President of Shaanxi National Orchestra Society,
Shaanxi Provincial song and Dance Theatre National Symphony Orchestra Art Advisor, Malaysian Academy of arts consultant, etc.
He engaged in art education more than 40, set the teaching performance of the command in a body, training a group of excellent erhu teaching talent and young musicians.
The main thesis has music education in the status of Chinese higher music colleges and universities the standardization and diversification of the national Rhetoric Orchestra construction of the style and techniques of erhu works in Shaanxi province the historical achievements of inheriting and developing national music and its practical significance chang ' an ancient music to the world and specialized baton Rong Erhu art.
His unique style of playing and writing is hailed as the founder of Qin Pai Erhu.
The main works have erhu fan Hu tune the theme of Capriccio xintianyou Joy of the Qin Chuan Qu Yin trio of love butterfly Love Flower quintet Manshui look for national orchestral song and the Wind and sand Chang ' an cooperation celebration overture, such as Acacia.
He commanded the performance of the 20 dozen national orchestral works, was the income of Chinese folk music selected tapes CD Publishing in addition to the yellow Earth and other 10 dozen film and television film Command soundtrack.
He has been invited to visit Japan, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions for lectures and cultural exchanges,
1991 in Paris to guide the recording of China Changan Ancient Music album CD, Paris Charlie, Cowes Academic Awards.
1992 State Council awarded the country has outstanding contribution experts title, the main life story of the Chinese contemporary artists of the famous Dictionary of the World's outstanding Chinese education experts, Cambridge University International Figures autobiography Center American Abi World Cultural celebrity record.