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"Academic Anniversary" Our Academy 65 Anniversary series Academic Forum Sixth: Rouges Music creation and music Education Thought symposium held

Article source:Xi ' an Conservatory of music

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"Academic Anniversary" Our Academy 65 Anniversary series Academic Forum Sixth: Rouges Music creation and music Education Thought symposium held
Time: October 22, 2014 Source: Xi ' an Conservatory of music
October 19, 2014, Professor Rouges's 60-year concert was held at our Art Center concert hall, hosted by Xi ' An Conservatory of Music and culture Department of Shaanxi province. Professor Liu Quan, director of Shaanxi Provincial Culture Hall, attended the concert and awarded Professor Rouges "Shaanxi Province lifelong Art Achievement Award" in recognition of his outstanding contribution to Shaanxi local music. Many well-known performers participated in the performance, the famous conductor, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra art Director Yan Huichang, young conductor Shosu as the conductor. The concert includes the National orchestral Ensemble, the Unison, the solo, the duet, the trio, the Quartet, the Erhu and the orchestra and all the playing forms, which not only show the diachronic of Rouges music creation, but also highlight the synchronic and regional characteristics of the music style across the three-Qin land. This music is Professor Rouges's 60 years of music creation results of a concentrated performance, reflecting his base in Shaanxi local music theme, the creation of "Qin Pai erhu" and "Chang ' an Le faction" of the development process, witnessed his national music creation in the field of outstanding achievements.
Before the concert, held a Rouges research and CD Album ("Chang ' an Le Yun" (CD), "Music Talk to", "Qin Pai erhu Art Research Literary Theory", "Qin Yu 10") signing ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Professor Li Cun, vice director of the Northwest National Music Research Center, and Professor Wang Ping, Secretary of Discipline Inspection, said that our distinguished Professor Cho Jianzhong and composer Jingjianxia attended the signing ceremony. In accordance with the wishes of Professor Rouges, the sale of all the money donated to the college.
The next day, "Lu-Japan-Rong music creation and music education Thought Seminar" held in our hospital. From the mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and other nearly 30 well-known experts and scholars, this paper focuses on the outstanding achievements made by Professor Rouges in the fields of teaching, playing, writing, directing and researching of national instrumental music, especially in the pioneering and groundbreaking role played by "Qin Pai erhu", "Qin Pai folk Music" and "Chang ' an Le faction". The content mainly involves Professor Rouges in the professional teaching, the achievements of music creation and subject construction have fully affirmed Professor Rouges's contribution to the creation and development of "Qin Pai erhu", and positively appraised Professor Rouges's promotion and great influence on the construction of local music culture and the development of Chinese folk music in Shaanxi province. On the occasion of the 65 anniversary of the construction of the XI ' an Conservatory of music, the event "Professor Rouges's 60-year concert" and "Lu-ri rong music creation and music education thought Seminar" is not only a summary of Professor Rouges's colorful and innovative music education life, At the same time, to explore the future of national music teaching to promote the further development of Shaanxi National music to provide new ideas.
The seminar was presided over by Professor Roy of our Institute, and the Secretary for Discipline inspection, Wang Ping, said that the folk music department, the Department of Music, the orchestra, the Northwest National Musical Research Center and other departments involved in the discussion.