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Professor Rouges's 60 anniversary concert and seminar held successfully

Article source: Chinese folk music magazine

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Professor Rouges's 60 anniversary concert and seminar held successfully
Time: October 26, 2014 Source: Chinese folk music magazine
October 2014 19, 20th, Xi ' An Conservatory of Music held a "Professor Rouges 60 years of work Concert" and "Lu-Rong music creation and music Education Ideas Seminar", focused on the 60-year Professor Rouges in performance, education, theory, creativity, command, social activities and other aspects of the fruitful results achieved.
On the evening of October 19, "Professor Rouges's 60-year concert" was held at the Art Center of Xian Conservatory of Music, and the concert of Qin Feng Qin rhyme was memorable and filled with warm feelings of teachers and students. Before the concert began to hold a Rouges research on the collection and "Chang ' an Le Rhyme" (CD), "Music Talk to", "Qin Pai erhu Art Research Literature Theory", "Qin Yu 10--Baton Rong Erhu works selected" signing and selling ceremony.
At the beginning of the concert, in recognition of Professor Rouges's outstanding contribution to the development of Shaanxi and even the national instrumental arts, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture, Liu Quan, representative of Shaanxi provincial government for Professor Rouges awarded the "Shaanxi Province lifelong Artist Achievement Award", which is the highest individual in Shaanxi literary LU is a lifelong commitment to the arts education and creation and cultural popularization of the cause of respect and appreciation.
The concert brings together the classic works of Mr. Rouges in the past 60 years, which are diverse in style, rich in form and beautiful in melody. Both Rouges Professor Qin Pai erhu of the mountain as a "fan Hu," "Shaanxi Opera Theme Capriccio", also has the creation of Music ensemble, ensemble, and other forms of work, such as "Beyond the Love" (Trio), "Xintianyou" (erhu solo), "Qu Yin" (erhu and band), and plucked music ensemble "Miss", "endeavor", As well as the national orchestral Ensemble "Chang ' An Festival" (cooperation with Zhao Jiping), "Celebration Overture" (cooperation with Zhang Dalong), "The sacrificial song of Xuan Zang" and so on. These works not only reflect Professor Rouges's artistic achievements in music creation, but also highlight its historical and heavy show his music style across the three-qin land of regional characteristics, but also embodies his foothold in the Shaanxi local culture, and constantly absorb the essence of local folk music, and creative application of personal intelligence, in the long-term exploration and hard work , and finally created the "Qin Pai erhu" and "Chang ' an Le faction" of the development process.
Professor Rouges has brought together a number of outstanding students, renowned conductor, music director of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra Yan Huichang, and served as the conductor of the concert. Central Conservatory of Music youth Erhu Phoenix Brilliant interpretation of the "xintianyou", Singapore Chinese Orchestra erhu Zhang Bin, Singapore Guzheng Association President Yin Qun, the United States Baltimore Symphony Orchestra cellist Rubei, dulcimer performers, Shaanxi Blue Sea Breeze Investment Management Co., Ltd. Managing director Li Jie premiere of the new quartet by Professor Rouges, "Shaanxi Opera Theme Capriccio," Rouges several Gaotu, Xi ' an Conservatory of music professor Jinwei playing "Qujiang Yin", Huyan Melvin Professor, Niu associate Professor playing a new erhu ensemble "Fan Hu," Zhang Jinwen Associate professor, Marseille, Guochen, Wang Han and other young erhu rookie performance of the "Great Beyond Love" for the audience dedicated a rich style, beautiful melody, quite the time features of the folk music boutique. In the audience's enthusiastic cheers, the 82-Year-old Mr. Lu's vigorous on the podium, personally swing, added a passionate and lively national orchestral "flower".
October 20 all day, "Lu-Rouges music creation and music education thought Seminar" in XI ' an Conservatory of Music fifth, the second floor conference room, from all over the country experts and scholars and Professor several generations of students gathered together.
The seminar was chaired by Roy, the former deputy Dean of Xi ' an Conservatory of music, Professor Wang Ping of the discipline of Xi ' an Conservatory of music, Professor Liu Geosheng of Music Institute of Shandong Normal University, music editor of Shanghai Music Publishing house Fangliping, Professor Li Jianxiong of Wuhan Conservatory of Music Yuefeng, professor of Music College of Nanjing Normal University, professor of Central Conservatory of Music, Liu Changfu, professor of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Lu Xiaolu, professor of Tianjin Conservatory of Music, Lin Cong, professor of Sichuan Conservatory of Music, Liang, professor of Music School of the University of Tainan Art, Euguang, consultant of Taiwan Music Society, Hongcheyan, head of Taiwan's Hsinchu City Youth Orchestra, Professor Yang Guangxin of the PLA Art Institute, Vice President of China Erhu Society, art Director of Oriental Performing Arts Group Perivascular, associate professor of Shenyang Conservatory of Music, Zhang Ming, music Institute of Harbin Normal University, Yangliang, Ningxia Erhu Association, Professor Wang Zhenjie, Tokyo Music University, Japan, Xu Chongxian, director of Chinese Erhu Museum, president of Chinese Traditional Music Society, Cho Jianzhong, composer, and professor Zhang Dalong of Music College of Capital Normal University, made a keynote speech on Professor Rouges's teaching thoughts and music creation. The National nine music colleges and universities, the University of Music, many educators, theorists, composers, Xi ' an Conservatory of music teachers and students, as well as the "People's Music" "Chinese Music," "Chinese Music" magazine and other media hundred people attended.
Professor Rouges's music thought seminar aroused wide concern in the industry, and many scholars wrote to summarize or explore Professor Rouges's art of the 60. The seminar covers three areas. First, the honourable gentleman in the creation, the theory, the performance, teaching and other aspects of the artistic achievements, based on the Qin, land reclamation, cultivation, educating people, a new, and hold up the banner of folk music, and secondly, admire the heart of the man often bosom, broad-minded to moral people, set an example of the benchmark; third, admire Mr. Spare no expense at home and abroad to carry forward music, training talent.
The seminar especially in the "Qin Pai erhu" "Qin Pai Folk Music" "Chang ' an Le faction" played a pioneering, the foundation-laying function was reviewed and summarized, each expert and scholar reviewed the relationship between teachers and students, Chi, and friends, including professional teaching, music creation and subject construction, and Rouges. Fully commend Professor Rouges's contribution to the creation and development of these areas.