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Music talk to 丨 large music cultural interview activities officially launched, 4-bit heavyweight music will come to lecture!

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Music talk to 丨 large music cultural interview activities officially launched, 4-bit heavyweight music will come to lecture!
Time: July 4, 2017 Source: National Music Art
"Chinese folk music must have its own academic history, so it is necessary to record the speech and artistic experience of these experienced people, and give them education and understanding." ”
Music, all the heavyweight figures.
On the afternoon of June 30, 2017, a large music cultural exchange event to inherit and protect the contemporary music's academic thought, artistic sentiment and spiritual course "music Talk to" press conference was held in Beijing. The first batch of "Chinese folk music Dunhuang Culture Hall" music predecessors and many well-known performers, music theorists, composers, musical instruments and "Music Talk to" project planning team together to witness the search for music root, music soul, Yang music spirit of the moment. This event and the current Chinese traditional culture again rise, it is the important embodiment of Chinese cultural self-confidence and cultural self-consciousness that people re call for Chinese culture and convey the need of national aesthetic spirit, which is closely related to China's soft power, and it will have far-reaching significance in the music industry and even Chinese culture circle. Nearly 30 media, including CCTV, Guangming and Xinhua, have reported on the conference.
Mr. Cho Jianzhong, a famous national musician, said in his speech: "The Modern Journey of Chinese national instrumental art from the beginning of the last century to the middle of this century, with the change of system and economic culture of Chinese society, the Art of national instrumental music has stepped into a continuous prosperous period, and in the long history of more than half a century , the practice of a large number of folk music artists is synchronized with this history, they not only witnessed the prosperous times of this folk music, but also integrate their musical life into them, for example, "Music Talk to" the first quarter of the four folk music invited to the elderly, there are more than 60 years of participation and practice, their folk music life, has become the second half of the 20th century to the new century, the epitome of Chinese folk music art. Their experiences and experiences, has long been a great wealth of Chinese national instrumental art, the interview, not only let the contemporary audience understand their personal "past", can also comb out the Chinese national instrumental Art "Past", this is the plan so to "look back" the root cause. Ancient cloud: Think of the past, chasing newcomers, not serious "think to", "Come" Can not "chasing"! Finally, I would like to say that the ultimate objective of the "music" scheme is that we should bear the responsibility of the Chinese cultural heritage. Any culture of a nation, is through the generations of the nation's achievements, but the endless succession of activities, can support the Chinese culture of the building, can highlight the Chinese music spirit! ”
Large-scale music cultural interview Exchange Project "Music" by the Chinese Folk Orchestra Society musical Instrument Reform Production Professional Committee, Tian Bo and Sound International Cultural Communication Organization, Shanghai National Musical Instrument Factory launched jointly, is a document in line with the music cultural heritage "selves" faith, Around the contemporary many music predecessors ' contribution and experience as well as to the music historical development sentiment and the academic achievement, the objective of the interview is to locate the music cultural Exchange Heritage Project, which was launched by senior music over the age of 80 years, with a unique humanistic perspective and heavy academic atmosphere, aiming to promote Chinese traditional culture, Bearing in mind the outstanding contributions to the cause of national music. The project is a quarterly, 4 each season, 4-6 lectures per person, is an important measure of the protection and transmission of folk music and rescue operations. "This is an unprecedented grand plan for Chinese folk music, and it is a cultural treasure trove of people's lifelong intelligence and creation left to posterity," said Liu Geosheng, a famous musical historian, at the press conference. ”
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