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Professor Rouges is invited to be a master of Art direction in our Institute

Article source:Shaanxi Art Vocational College

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Professor Rouges is invited to be a master of Art direction in our Institute
Time: October 30, 2017 Source: Shaanxi Art Vocational College
October 26, our Academy of Instrumental music invited Professor Rouges in our Old Campus Orchestra rehearsal as Art direction master class. The Deputy secretary of the College party committee, Dean Qiangluping, Shilian, deputy director of instrumental music, and all the people's orchestra listened to the Master class.
It is reported that Professor Rouges, vice president of the former XI ' an Conservatory of music, has served as deputy Director of the National Music Committee of the Chinese Musicians ' Association, the honorary president of the Chinese Folk Orchestra Society and the President of the Shaanxi National Orchestra Society, is a famous erhu artist, music educator, composer, conductor. The Instrument department invited Professor Rouges to be a master of art direction, one of the important contents of the academic activities of the Department.
On that day, the students and teachers of our academy played Rouges's works "Chang ' An," as the opening welcome to his arrival. Professor Rouges the development and change of the folk Music Regiment in our institute and gave the full affirmation. Later, Professor Rouges himself directed the orchestra to rehearse his works, "Chang ' An," and for string music parts, plucked music part, tube Music department, percussion section for detailed analysis and meticulous guidance, in the form of artistic expression of flexible and clever to convey information to every audience, he and teachers and students to interact with each other, and points out the shortcomings in the performance process, using small stories to defuse the students ' tense atmosphere when playing, and he also mentioned to use the form of the performance of live music, express the music conveyed real feelings.
Professor Rouges's passion for music and the spirit of serious professionalism infect every teacher and student here. Everyone has said that this art direction master class is not only a wonderful professional guidance course, but also a rich nutrition of the art of spiritual training class. Finally, the folk orchestra teachers and students and Professor Rouges took a photograph.
It is understood that Professor Rouges "Qin Pai erhu, Qin Pai folk music and Changan Le faction" special lectures will be held on November 1 15:50 in our small theater, welcome to attend.