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The voice of China plays the role of Dunhuang, the opening ceremony of China's national music heritage series and the voice of famous Chinese musicians

Article source:Dunhuang grand theater

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The voice of China plays the role of Dunhuang, the opening ceremony of China's national music heritage series and the voice of famous Chinese musicians
Time: July 18, 2018 source: Dunhuang grand theater
In midsummer, the ancient city of qiannian and Dunhuang, the hub of silk road, welcomed a grand gathering of national music. On July 17, 2018, it was honored by Shanghai national musical instrument factory 1, which just celebrated its 60th birthday. Sponsored by the Chinese musical instrument association, Dunhuang municipal party Committee propaganda department, Dunhuang international cultural development co., ltd., and Dunhuang literature and art association; The " Dunhuang national music" series of large-scale Chinese national music cultural heritage activities planned and implemented by Beijing Huaxia xuanyin art dissemination center kicked off. This activity includes a series of famous lectures, concerts, band rehearsals and demonstration classes, as well as activities such as the Chinese national chamber orchestra and band competition.
The purpose of the activity is to use Dunhuang and silk road themes as the starting point, and then to explore and construct a self-examination of Chinese national music aesthetic orientation and cultural confidence. Under the new historical conditions, it is discovered that various possibilities of Chinese music can further spread high-quality Chinese music works and cultivate talents for music creation and performance. Contribute to China's national music cause. To this end, the organizing Committee invited experts such as national musicologist professor Qiao Jianzhong, professor Lu Rirong of Xi' an conservatory of music, professor song Fei, vice-president of the Chinese traditional opera institute, vice-president of the Chinese national orchestra institute Wu Yuxia, professor Zhang Qiang of the central conservatory of music, professor Wei Wei of the Chinese conservatory of music, and professor Wu Qiang of the Shanghai conservatory of music to serve as evaluation and performance experts to guide and demonstrate the participants in an all-round way.
On the morning of July 17, the first lecture was given by Mr. Gao dexiang, chairman of Dunhuang scholar Dunhuang culture research association. Mr. Wang's lecture tries to give participants an all-round overview of Dunhuang's ancient history, geographical and natural composition, and cultural and artistic heritage. Deepen the impression of the formation and characteristics of the silk road music art. Furthermore, in the future, with an overview of Dunhuang, I will actually experience the breadth and depth of Dunhuang culture. From " entering" Dunhuang to becoming interested in Dunhuang art, and further inheriting and studying.
The opening ceremony of the Dunhuang national music - Chinese national music cultural heritage series was ceremoniously held at the Dunhuang grand theater on the afternoon of July 17, 2017. Relevant experts, Dunhuang city leaders and participants who participated in the activity were all present. The imposing Dunhuang grand theater is located in the complex of the exhibition hall of Dunhuang cultural Expo, which embodies the atmosphere of this ancient city with thousands of years of wind and rain. What is even more rare is that the top performers invited by this activity from various art universities and troupes across the country will present a " concert of famous musicians of national music" here. This concert of famous music is very limited in terms of performance lineup and works. Zhu jiangbo, Wei Wei Wei, Yan aihua, Gao Wei, Wu Qiang, Zhang Qiang, Wu Yuxia, Zhang yongyin, song Fei and other authoritative performers in the domestic folk music field staged traditional works " zhaojun's debut", " big waves washing sand" and modern and contemporary creation tracks " silk road camel bell", " sword device", " heart sutra", " cuff sword and bronze jiajin", " fire - colored coat girl" and so on. At the same time, the concert was attended by Dunhuang shanghaixin yi national chamber orchestra and China Ruan Xian orchestra, two outstanding performers of national chamber music. Under the guarantee of skilled performance techniques, the performers presented a nearly perfect version of the artistic tension of the works. The vast area and ancient history have created the richness of Chinese music, and the inheritance of traditional patterns has received effective attention. Whether it is theoretical style, academic inheritance or non-heritage protection inheritance, it has entered a relatively stable stage. Under this premise, it is very important to effectively construct a new era of " folk music" system. Traditional music has its own fixed geographical environment and humanistic environment. how to separate these " traditional" features and combine them with the various times has attracted more and more attention of the audience, which is further understood and loved. It is the work of modern and contemporary musicians and is also advocated by this activity. This mode is not to replace the fixed tradition, but to construct a presentation mode with Chinese characteristics on the basis of it, so as to facilitate the traditional music to be accepted by more audiences and have the characteristics of " tradition" when it is separated from its inherent environment. In the next few days, orchestras and individuals from all over the world will also hold music art exhibitions. while offering a music audio-visual feast for thousands of years of Dunhuang, they will also make their own unremitting efforts for the national music cause of the motherland.