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Dunhuang Music Silk Road--the "Dunhuang Music" Chinese Folk music cultural Heritage series activities

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Dunhuang Music Silk Road--the "Dunhuang Music" Chinese Folk music cultural Heritage series activities
Time: July 23, 2018 Source: Qilu Legal Network
Dunhuang, July 23, 2018 electricity-Silk Road Dunhuang, the ancient Hexi corridor on the pearl. Since the Han Dynasty Zhangqian through the central Plains and the western regions of the traffic, through the ages, as a transport hub, Dunhuang is not only a military, economic city, in the cultural and artistic is also the place of Sino-foreign integration. The foreign music form, the musical instrument and the Chinese intrinsic music converge, coexist and develop until the fusion, becomes the Chinese nation Art treasure house the inseparable important constituent. Silk Road theme music, is the countless composers, artists aspire to and favor. For nearly half a century, countless Chinese and foreign composers have put their eyes on the artistic accumulation of this magical land and created a lot of music works of different subjects. It is in this opportunity, from July 16, 2018 to July 22, from the 60 birthday of the Shanghai National Musical Instrument Factory Honor produced, the Chinese Musical Instrument Association, the Dunhuang Municipal party committee propaganda Department, Dunhuang International Cultural Development Co., Ltd., Dunhuang Literature and Art Association, sponsored by Beijing Huaxia Art Communication Center of the whole plan to implement the "Dunhuang music" large-scale Chinese folk music heritage series activities in Dunhuang successfully held.
The 7-day event, rich in content, includes lectures of famous cultural masters, concerts of famous musicians, competitions of national Indoor orchestra, field music, film shooting, etc. from theory to practice. brings together the Central Conservatory of Music, China Conservatory of Music, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, China National Song and dance troupe from hundreds of people all over the country folk music people. The "Dunhuang Cup" Chinese National Chamber Music and Orchestra competition is a very meaningful setting for this event, which aims to promote the development of instrumental solo art in the form of band competitions, and to further expand the music community and create new works with Chinese style. To this end, the General Assembly has invited well-known musicians, educators--Rouges, Wu Yuxia, Seinfeld, Zhang Qiang, Wei, 王建华, Ling, Shang, Zhu Jiangpo, Gao Xiaopeng, High micro, conductor Wang Aikang, Wu Qiang, composer Yang Chunlin and so on to carry on the appraisal and the instruction. After fierce competition, respectively selected special award-Jiangnan Yi erhu Ensemble combination, gold-central conservatory recital Five music Pipa orchestra and other categories of awards and groups.
Teacher, by precept and deed. During the event, some of the experts also presented the "Dunhuang Music" music Concert for the participants and the Dunhuang people. Zhu Jiangpo, associate professor of Central Conservatory of Music, Professor Wei of Chinese Conservatory of Music, professor of Nanjing Art Institute, Shang, senior associate professor of art and media, Beijing Normal University, Professor Wu Qiang of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Professor Zhang Qiang of Central Conservatory of Music, vice president of the Chinese National Orchestra, Wu Yuxia, Chinese Academy of Drama According to the order of performance, respectively, "Zhao Zhaojun" "Silk Road Camel" "Sword Device" "Tide Amoy" "Sleeve sword and copper a Jinge" "Heart Sutra" "Fire Color Dress Girl" and other traditional and creative repertoire. In addition, Shanghai National musical instrument, a factory under the Dunhuang. The National Chamber Music Group of Shanghai, also dedicated to a significant demonstration of the "Dunhuang" tribute to the "Dunhuang" concert, can be described as brilliant.
During the event, Mingsha, a famous scenic spot in Dunhuang, was composed of hundreds of musicians, who took part in the "Desert Chenguang" music film in the Morning light. Activities on the scene, hundreds of people in accordance with guzheng, dulcimer, pipa, Zhongruan, Liuqin, erhu, percussion and other orders, in the General Assembly under the command of the shape of the crescent moon, and behind the Crescent Spring contrast into the Hui, the back leaning against the Mingsha. The members of the orchestra collectively play "The Great Wall of random Thoughts" "Dunhuang charm" with majestic momentum and exquisite strokes of the Chinese national rejuvenation of the firm belief. More than 2000 years ago, the Han Great Wall is still standing in Dunhuang this piece of ancient land, the Chinese nation generations of wage fire, will carry forward this spirit, for this time in Dunhuang music and arts activities left the most beautiful mark.
The traveler is boundless, the art sea rafting cannot leave the motherland rich national culture accumulation. The organizers specially invited experts, scholars and participants to go to Subei County and Aksehasak for field music visits. The local matouqin, Taubushur, Dongbula, and other instrumental music, folk songs and dances for investigation and discussion. Because of the complicated development of Mongolian and Kazak in these two places, the formation of their blood and ethnic groups is special, in this historical condition, the birth of music art form and presentation way, has its unique artistic characteristics. The field investigation has an important guiding role in the future analysis of the ethnic and musical characteristics of the region.
In order to further enhance the theoretical basis of the participants, in order to better guide the future work deduction and understanding, the famous national musician Professor Cho Jianzhong, the famous composer Dr. Wang Danhong, the Dunhuang cultural scholar Gao Dexiang also brought three art lectures for the participants. Professor Cho Jianzhong's "Starry Sky" gave an overview of the art forms of music on the Silk Road; Dr. Wang Danhong's "traditional culture and music creation", through his own creative process, to explore the relationship between its and Chinese traditional music; Mr. Gao Dexiang's "go into Dunhuang" made the participants to the ancient historical vein of Dunhuang, Geographical nature and cultural and artistic heritage have a comprehensive overview of the understanding, and deepen their impression of the Silk Road music art formation and characteristics.
"Dunhuang Music" large-scale Chinese folk music cultural Heritage series activities are a rare national music performances, competitions, field visits, theoretical forum collection of activities. Activities by the participation of experts, Dunhuang propaganda Department, participants of the tacit cooperation and high affirmation. Shanghai Television Art Humanities Channel, Gansu TV, Jiuquan TV and other media are reported on the event. As the original intention of the event, in the party Central Committee "along the way" "National rejuvenation" policy guidelines, to carry forward the traditional Chinese music culture, in the Hundred flowers, Hundred Schools of national music world, "Dunhuang music" large-scale Chinese folk music cultural Heritage series activities for the lofty cause of Chinese folk song, Devote oneself to the strength that should be exhausted.